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Summer is almost over, but that doesn’t mean the traveling has to stop! Stevie and I are going out of town today for 2 weeks, but before we go I have to share a fun fact about me when I’m traveling.
One of the toughest things about traveling is condensing my makeup down to JUST one bag. I instantly go into sudden panic mode.
I’m not a diva when I travel, so I for me it’s the thought of forgetting something I might need so I over-pack. I think most girls can relate with me there. After countless trips and endless makeup bags, I learned a stress-free way to pack all my makeup essentials. Here are my tips!
1. Invest in a good cosmetic bag. Whether it’s cheap or a splurge, look for a bag that will keep your makeup organized! Look for one that has a divider with several little compartments! There’s nothing more frustrating than digging around for makeup so find one that’s portable and easy. Here’s the one I have. It hangs! (I’ll link more cute options at the end)
2. Narrow it to 3 lip products (you can do it). Save room where you can. My three are a nude lipstick, pretty lipgloss, and bold lip color of some kind. I’ll also throw in a universal nude or rosy lip-liner to compliment each one incase I need it.
3. Find the perfect eyeshadow palette (that doesn’t have a million colors). I’m a brown/bronze/shimmery kind of girl so a small palette like this has been my go-to for countless trips. I also really love MAC’s Neutral/Warm palette right now. Both are great because you can wear it light or build it up depending on the event.
4. Stick to one foundation. Foundations can take up A LOT of space and it can get messy (especially if it busts in the airplane) so take it easy and go with one you like instead of a million. There are days on my vacay when I skip the foundation and wear concealer only. The best foundation for me is an all day oil-free foundation like this one. I personally love a natural matte finish.
5. Leave the “newbies” at home. Let’s face it, 9 out of 10 times I’ve regretted not having my favorites with me when I do this. If you’re dying to take that new concealer just make sure you “test play” at home before you fly away! This includes skincare and hair products too.
6. Keep makeup brushes in a separate bag for organization purposes. How many times have you gone on a trip and lost your favorite makeup brush? *Raises both hands* I like to keep all my brushes in one place. I prefer a gigantic zip-lock bags that makes it easy to find what I need as I’m putting my makeup on. Less clutter, less digging around!
What are some personal dos or donts you’ve picked up from traveling? Share below!!

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  1. Great tip! I tend to take my whole wardrobe with me on holiday as I can never choose. Especially when I go back to Kurdistan for a few weeks!

  2. How do you prevent palettes from getting broken in the pan? I have that problem a lot when traveling.

  3. Love this! I’m going away next week, so these tips are super helpful. Now to narrow down my outfits…

  4. Great tips! I wish I would have seen this before starting my 3 week vacation! lol, I agree with everything. Definitely need to invest in one of those makeup bags. And for lips I like to pick at least one color of each to have available: pink, red, wine, and nude!

  5. These were very nice tips, what I also do is wrap a small piece of a plastic bag around the opened shampoo or any other liquid and put the cap on, so that it does not spill, because they might spill with that high pressure.
    Check out my beauty tips as well: http://armaneva.wixsite.com/armaneva

  6. GREAT tips! Practical and doable! Now, I really need to buy me another make-up bag because my current one’s too messy already. I’ll try to follow your tips!Thanks Sazan! By the way, I love your color palette and think it would work for me too 🙂

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