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Hey guys! It’s Freebie Friday today so I thought I would make it sweet. 😉 One of Steve and I’s favorite things to do on the weekends is get in a workout in the morning, followed by a delicious brunch in the afternoon at one of our favorite spots 🙂 There’s so many places to eat in Los Angeles that it can get confusing sifting through the best eats. If you’re wondering what my favorites are and what in the world I’m giving away this week? – keep reading…

Favorite Brunch Spots

Creme de la Crepe – another one of our new faves. Stevie gets the Crab Cake Benedict, but I like the Fit Crepe with added on jack cheese and avocado 🙂
AOC – they have a beautiful European-feeling patio and the vibe is cozy. Hanger steak and eggs for me please.
Cuvée – perfect outdoor seating, and there’s enough room if you want to bring more than a couple of a friends! We love going here after church sometimes! Stevie and I always get the same thing- Crab Cake Eggs Benedict mmmmm.
République – ok it sounds weird, but you have to get the Mushroom Toast. Comes with scrambled eggs and hollandaise and a whole lotta perfection.
Joan’s on Third – I always feel like I’m in Paris when I go to Joan’s, and the Fried Egg Sandwich is to die for. Be prepared for a busy atmosphere. You’ll never see this place empty!
Prospect Gourmand – we recently discovered this little gem! The food is so good (and it’s decently priced…am I still in LA??)- I get the Smoked Salmon Club BLT y’all *two thumbs up*
BLD on Beverly – this is where I go when I’m craving some homestyle pancakes. Their Ricotta Blueberry Pancakes with maple syrup make me want to go live in a cabin in the mountains.
Nespresso – Their avocado toast EVERY. TIME. The dates and feta cheese on top make it extra special. Mmmm. Get a Moka Latte on the side. Mmmm
The Butcher’s Daughter – ok I haven’t actually been here BUT I’ve peeked inside and the decor is so beautiful, so the food has to be good right? I’ve heard nothing but awesome reviews!
los angeles, la, palm trees, sky, brunch, bloggers who brunch, events, friday, 2016 trends, sazan hendrix
Okay so now for the giveaway! I am giving away 2 tickets to you and a friend to come to the Bloggers Who Brunch LA meet up this Sunday July 31st at the SLS Hotel in West Hollywood. I’m excited to be speaking on the panel with some great people and would love to see some of your faces there.  The event kicks off 12-3pm and guests will enjoy cocktail hour, a 4 course meal, and attend the Q&A panel discussion. (value for this giveaway is $400)

To enter:

1. Simply subscribe to my blog’s newsletter here (if you’re doing this for the first time double check your email to confirm/activate – check spam folder if necessary.)
2. In the comments section below, share with me why you’d love to win this giveaway for you and your friend! Be sure to leave your email also.

Updated: WINNER IS SAMA RUDA! Look out for an email 🙂 thanks everyone for entering! Come back next Friday for another Freebie opportunity 😀

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  1. I would love to win this so my best friend and I can spend some time together before she moves away from me. We both follow Sazan and are obsessed with your posts. I know we’d all get along great and have a great time!

  2. I’d love to come see you speak Sazan! I’m a loyal follower and enjoy keeping up with you everyday on all social media platforms. I was totally about to buy tickets to this event a week ago until I saw the price so when I saw you’re giving away tickets I knew I had to enter!! I’d love to bring my sister because I introduced her to your blog and she loves you as much as me now! ????

    1. youre my favorite blogger!!! And I feel like me and my friend will have a lot of fun at your event 🙂

  3. I would LOVE to go with one of my fav gal pals! She just recently moved out to CA and it’s been so much fun going around town showing her the best LA has to offer! This would be an experience both of us would never forget! Love everything you blog/YouTube about. Truly inspirational! 🙂


  4. Hi Sazan! I’d love to win this giveaway for my cousin Priscilla and I. We’re both big fans of you, your blog, and your YouTube channel. I showed her your video of your Selena makeup tutorial and she has been hooked ever since! Priscilla’s coming to visit me in LA for the weekend and I’d love for her to meet you at this event. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!:) Xo Christina (christinabustosinfo@gmail.com)

  5. This is amazing! I would love to enter by unfortunately I live in Canada. Good luck everyone 🙂 this is great opportunity!

  6. Oh man, where do I even start as to why this would be the coolest thing to win. Well to start off I’ve never actually won anything so winning this prize would be dope ???? Secondly You inspired me to start off my own blog two years ago, I admire your work ethic, your relationship and overall the happy personality you exude to others. So I would love to win this prize to not only meet ya but learn new techniques, skills, and have a new overall knowledge of what it’s like in a bloggers everyday lifestyle. I remember when you first posted about this meet, and I’ve always wanted to attend one of these awesome blogger meets but the prize is just out of my budget rn. (college girl probs) haha.

    Thank you for reading ????


  7. Hi Sazan!
    I would love to see you speak about your blogging journey! I myself recently started blogging and I found motivation through you to do so. I have been following you for as long as I can remember! My best friend and I would just be delighted to have an opportunity to meet you!

  8. I would love to go finally meet you because I started following you since you would model for Luna B. Always thought you were a beautiful person inside and out and truly inspirational. It would be awesome to have the opportunity to hear you speak. Either way thanks for being so humble to your following. I love that about you!

  9. I would love to win this number one because my ‘dyke'(that’s what my best friend and I call eachother) needs a day out since she’s been working a lot and commuting 2+ hours for work. Second we both need a cool day out since we’ve both been grammas for a whiiiiiiile! I swear! And third cause I fricken love you and would love to see you speak. And I also wanna see your bangs hahaha I have been wanting to cut mine but I’m a chicken. Blah. I hope you pick me and Oly. Follow me on IG Sazan @ohhhsopeachy ????

  10. I would love to win 2 tickets for my bestfriend and I because we absoulutly adore you and your blog!! We watch all your latest videos on youtube as well. Ive been bestfriend with my bestfriend for 3 years now and we are just one person. We do everything together, I couldn’t be happier with life because of her. Shes like my sister and I wouldn’t imagine a life without her. We are starting college soon so a trip is a definite must before we go back to days and days of school. LOL!! Even if we don’t win it’s super awesome that you are doing something like this!! We love you and can’t wait to see new post on Instagram, YouTube and your blog!! LOVE YOU

  11. Hi Saz!
    I have been following your social media journey since you first started. I love what you stand for and you and your husband are an inspiration to my husband and I. Seriously!I would talk about “my favorite blogger” all the time that even my husband became a follower! He now follows both you and Stevie ???? I would love this opportunity to come see you as we recently moved out to the Los Angeles area from Sacramento and between work and school I haven’t gotten to do much fun adventures and explore LA! Coming to see you would be a dream come true! Thank you for hosting this amazing giveaway!!

    Karen ❤️

  12. I’d love to come because I love watching your videos & love your Instagram and blog. I’ve been watching your videos for a really long time & it would be nice to meet you because you are truly and inspiration to me & meeting you would be a fun experience & my friend is also a really huge fan for bloggers like you!!
    Email: danig3304@yahoo.com

  13. Oh em jay! This would be such an awesome opportunity! I would love to win these tickets for several reasons! 1. Because you’re awesome – love your personality, your faith and how great of a fashion/lifestyle blogger you are and would love to hear you speak about the blogging world some more [already watched your YouTube videos on it ;)]. 2. I’ve been wanting to launch my own blog for about 8 months now (Mostly in the health field since that basically sums up my life too lol – I’m in my 4th yr of pharmacy school) and just have been going back and forth about ideas and how to just DO IT, and think that this event will give me that extra push. 3. Would love to learn from other girls who are also bloggers! 4. It’ll be soo funnnnn to meet you! 🙂 5. If I end up winning, it would be an awesome birthday gift since it’s coming up August 1st 😀 6. I would bring my best friend whose so dear to me, and also like a sister, who also loves your channel! She’s a young mom of 2 and doesn’t get much time to leave the house and I think this would be great for her!
    *praying I win these tickets!*
    Email: lilithovnanian@me.com

  14. I would love to meet you to be honest, I’m 22 and you are truly inspirational and like a role model. I recently moved out to LA from NYC a month ago so I’m really new here and my best friend from childhood lives out here and she’s the one who started tagging me on your Instagram posts and sending me links to your blog so she’s been a fan of your blog and posts even before I! This would be a great experience for the both of us and quite honestly something exciting to do since I’ve moved out here! 🙂
    Email: romabhatt1024@yahoo.com

  15. Hey Saz,
    Happy Friday girlfriend! First and foremost, thank you for doing this giveaway – what an amazing opportunity. It would be an absolute pleasure to some hear you speak and to be able to connect with fellow boss babes. My fingers and toes are crossed!!
    🙂 – Chels

    PS: keep killin’ the game. keep inspiring. keep smiling.


  16. Hi Sazan, you are my absolute FAVORITE blogger! It is noticeable that God is working through you because you use your platforms in such a positive way. You are very influential in all the right ways!My sister and I would love to attend this event and get the opportunity to see you speak. Crossing my fingers & hoping that we win! ????


  17. Sazan has been a huge inspiration for me. I watched her early on and continue to support her. By her confidence and fearless heart she has impacted the way I see myself. Living in a culture that pushes you to be more is extremely stressful. Sazan really impart the whole “simple is beautiful” concept. I would love to have the opportunity to meet her. It’s one of my greatest desires.

  18. You have been such a unique influencer on so many forms of social media, so it would be amazing to watch you speak! You have such a positive outlook on the world which always brings light to each of our lives even though the world is full of so much hate. This would be a fun event to go to with one of my close friends. crohde7@mac.com

  19. Hi Sazan! I would love to win these tickets because it would be nice to see you speak and do your thannng girl! Now unfortunately me and my mom are going through some money/bills issues so I would take my mom for a little getaway, just us two. My mom is literally my best friend! We watch your videos all the time and she is IN LOVE with your dog sweetie! This would mean everything! Praying that I win this love you sazan!

  20. Hey Saz!
    I recently stumbled upon your YouTube channel just a couple of months ago-and subsequently-your Instagram page and I fell in love with your lighthearted and fun videos/pics/way of being! Your story is so inspirational and I don’t know that I’d ever really seen #relationshipgoals until I met you and Stevie! Seriously you two are the cutest and crack me up! I cannot tell you how hard I laughed when you mentioned toe cracking was your pet peeve (which is something I have a bad habit of doing) lol sorry! I also cannot thank you enough for your curly hair tutorials. My curly hair and my deep resentment for it has been something that I have struggled with forever. It may seem superficial but it really did make me so insecure and I feel that that may be something you would understand! You’ve really inspired me to try to make the most of my curls and like you, on select days, I try to cheat them a bit with a curling iron and let them free. I feel like a lion at times, but freeing myself from the shackles of the straightening iron has also proved rewarding! Finally, your guest spot on People Who Inspire shocked me and to hear your story was truly awe-inspiring. Thank you so much for your videos and the positivity that you radiate. I would love to win tickets to this brunch for me and my bestie because I would love to not only push her further into the world of Sazan (haha!) but I believe it would be a really special and unforgettable experience to share.
    Warmest regards,
    Jen G

  21. SAZ! What a fantastic opportunity! Your blog, beautiful family and faith have inspired me for over a year now. I used to work for Jenni Kayne, where I began my journey in fashion and now I have the privilege to work at CAA, my dream company! I am trying to mold all my passions together there, which include fashion, the entertainment industry and business in the commercial endorsement department. Bringing bloggers to CAA with possible representation opportunities has been an initiative as of late. It would be so amazing to be a part of something, like this brunch, to really get a sense of what bloggers life and business looks like in order to understand how to better build their careers.

    You have been at the forefront of my mind in terms of reaching out to gauge interest in representation. I am such a fan and getting a chance to work with you and spend time with you would be a dream come true! Even if i don’t end up going to the brunch, I would love to chat!

    I would bring my best friend/roommate with me to the brunch! She is the smartest, most beautiful, stylish girl I know and just a genuinely good human being. She inspires and supports me everyday and getting the chance to bring her to something like this would be such an incredible surprise!!

    Anyways, sorry for the novel, this is just something that gets me so giddy and excited!

    All the best,


  22. Hola!
    My bestie Jossé and I would love to attend this brunch with you because I already feel like I know you so might as well actually meet you ???? Your content is so real and lighthearted and that’s what we love about you! We have not come across a great opportunity like this one to network with rad bloggers like yourself so this would be uber special for us. So PICK US! PICK US! ❤️
    Fingers and toes crossed!

  23. I would love to win because obviously I would get to meet you. You have such a vivacious spirit. It’ll be a great way to learn more about blogging and networking. I’m fairly new to the area so it would a nice way to meet and make new friends with similar interests.

  24. How exciting!! I would love to meet you in person!! Since i found you on YouTube, I was hooked, so getting to meet you in person would be very cool! I would take my sister because we love to watch your videos together and love to get inspiration from them & we always have a great laugh when we see your videos. ????????

  25. Hey Saz,

    First of all, I’ve been a loyal follower for some time now! I absolutely love everything you stand for. I’m actually a blogger myself, so seeing you would be such a great experience. I’d love to pick your brain and getting to know the Saz I love so much on YouTube and Instagram. This would be a great story to cover on my blog and Instagram and why not cover it on someone I admire so much. I would would bring my best friend because her and I do everything together! My boyfriend asked me the other day, who would you love to meet? I said that is a no-brainer, that girl Sazan I follow on Instagram! (Hah) ….. This would be the ultimate opportunity. #teamsazan all the way.



  26. I recently started my blog and I’m always looking for new opportunity a to reach out and connect with other like minded people! I would love the opportunity! You totally inspire me with your positive attitude and gorgeous style and it would be amazing to meet you and all the other blogger babes attending xxx

  27. Winning this giveaway would mean the absolute world to me I think your such an incredible human being with an amazing blog & YouTube! I enjoy seeing anything you post whether it’s on Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, & now here on your blog! Whenever you post something on Instagram I always make sure my best friend sees it & we always brag about how awesome you are, so meeting you would would make us extremely happy! ????

  28. Hi Sazan! First of all, I have been following you’re blog since back when it was spazmag & before you moved to LA! It has been so inspiring to watch you flourish! You’re optimistic outlook and encouraging words motivated me to start my own blog last year. It would be an invaluable opportunity to attend this event & learn from the best in the business- you! Thank you for helping me set aside my fears to pursue my passion! ????

  29. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Hi Sazan! First of all, I have been following your blog since back when it was spazmag & before you moved to LA! It has been so inspiring to watch you flourish! Your optimistic outlook and encouraging words motivated me to start my own blog last year. It would be an invaluable opportunity to attend this event & learn from the best in the business- you! Thank you for helping me set aside my fears to pursue my passion! ????

  30. Thank you Sazan for this unique opportunity! I would definitely be honored if you were to choose me (and my +1) to attend this amazing event. You are a huge inspiration for many, and I am not an exception! I follow you on Youtube, Instagram and here, on your blog, and I feel a special connection every time I see a new post or video (btw loved your tips for bloggers, keep them coming). Your recent interview where you shared about your journey, love story and most importantly FAITH was SO moving and courageous (I cannot describe in words what you did to me that day). And to come to this event and see you speak live and feel that energy and positivity, would be a life changing opportunity for me, especially, since I have conceptualized two blog ideas for a long time now but I keep finding reason why not to launch them (blushing). I think I need an extra push to go ahead and start them. I believe that this event would be THAT push!
    P.S. Thank you for doing what you are doing!
    Have a blessed day!

    Mary El

  31. Sazan! I would be such a great privilege to meet you. I always enjoy watching your snaps and just absolutely everything you do and post. You’ve shared so much and I honestly feel like I know you (not really, but it’s what it feels like) you’re journey with Stevie and moving into your home, your family and seeing how much sweetie has grown! See I know what’s up ???? But in all truthfulness it would be amazing if I were to meet you. Ive had two of my close friends follow you and Stevie because of how much I admire you. You’re funny and sweet! Keep on bein amazing! God bless! ????????????

  32. Ahhhh – I looked at this event earlier but got kicked in the a** by the price (college student probs). I would absolutely love to win tickets for my friend and I because growing up in a brown family wanting to pursue careers in writing, arts and performance is difficult, even though they’re so supportive, there are still moments where we get the “so what’s your plan/ what are you going to do if this all fails?” questions solely because that’s the generation in which our family grew up. Following your passion, knowing that your family doesn’t completely approve and having the fear of disappointing them makes it so hard to believe in our own dreams. I think going to this event and listening to these women who have accomplished so much in the field that we are interested in would be inspiring – not to mention that I love reading your blog and learning about how you dealt with your family not understanding your decision. Plus, brunch is my fave. As is LA. And this would be the best end to the summer and an amazing opportunity to ask questions and meet amazing people!


  33. Hi Sazan, thank you for this opportunity to attend the bloggers who brunch event in LA. My sister Riana (@badgaalrii) and I (@priyankaliciousss) have been following you for two years now and we are truly inspired by you because you embrace your background and constantly staying true to yourself in the process. Growing up, my sister and I struggled fitting in because of our Indian heritage; however, as time has passed, we have started to develop a sense of self-confidence and self-worth. My sister is active on social media, as she has built her own website and her own brand identity. She has constantly stayed true to her self and her work ethic inspires me every single day. I would love to surprise her with an invitation to have brunch with you! It would be absolutely amazing for us to hear more about your story and as well as be surrounded with women who are seeking to support and uplift each other. Again, thank you so much for this opportunity! Have a great evening 🙂

  34. Saz!! My friend and I would absolutely be elated to meet you! We are always talking about how obsazed we are with you!(not in a creepy way, I promise!) we just love your style, your humor, your adventures and just your overall humbleness! It would be such an honor and a great experience to be able to meet you and get to know you some more! Muah muah!!

  35. Omgeeee! This would be such a blessing of an experience to win! I have been obsazessed with your blog and vlogs from day one! Learning about new things and tutorials from you and other bloggers that I follow inspires me and changes to my life, my husband has even noticed lol. Blogs such as yours, no joke have been a game changers, hands down. Thank you for opening your life and sharing some awesome content!maybe one day I will have have the courage to start my own…

  36. Hello Sazan!
    My name is Stephanie Gregory and my besties name is Mirah Jabbar and we would absolutely love to join you this Sunday for your bloggers lunch so we can listen to you speak and get inspired. A little bit about us so you know is that we both love fashion, food, life, beauty and God. We are also both in college and live in Orange County! We were so bummed we couldn’t run into you when you were in Laguna with Stevie! Most importantly, ever since I stumbled across your instragm she and I have been nothing but obsessed with everything you speak on and been so inspired by your motivation and persistence to do what you love and for it being done in such a beautiful way. Thank you for inspiring so many women who come across you especially my bestie and I. If you want to check out who we are in order to learn a little bit more about us our instagrams are, Mine (@stephaniegregoryy) and my besties (@mirahjabbar) Good luck to those who get picked, it sounds like fun! 🙂

  37. Sazan!
    I just so happened to be in LA for the weekend so I was SO happy to see that this giveaway on your IG. I live in Texas so it’s really cool to see another Texas girl doing unconventional and creative work that you’re doing. It’s extremely inspirational, since I’ve been very interested in blogging. I also thought it was cool to realize that I was in the same organization Aggie Belles at A&M with your sister-in-law(Brittany). I love how you all work together and I love following you & Stevie’s Shenanigans on snap haha! It’d be such a great opportunity to hear you speak at this event. Either way, keep doing what your doing because you are such a great person! Thanks for the opportunity to win this! It would make my weekend in LA that much better! Stay Awesome, Sazan!

  38. I’d ❤️ To win because my Bestie and I are celebrating our 40th Birthdays (and dreadddiiinnngggg it!!!) and need the tips and tricks to look and feel young again! These old women adore you Saz and want to feel energized by your youth! Muah, Abs

  39. I don’t even know where to start!
    Dear Sazan,
    First and for most your adorable and I LOVE your blog and how your so sincere in your YouTube videos. BYOB videos are my favorite and seriously so helpful! I love when you sing to Nancy Ajram in your snaps (huge fan of nancy over here ???????? ) If you were to pick me for this giveaway, I would take my sister Sara since it’s her birthday on the 31st and I seriously haven’t gotten the chance to plan anything for her since I been at work everyday of this week. I’m super close to my sister and we’re just a couple years apart but she’s moving away for school in 2 weeks so I wanna to do something special for her. Anyways, love love loveeee your blog and Instagram and your such an inspiration! P.S. this might be a little creepy lol but the last two times I got my hair done, I’ve shown my hair stylist like a selfie of yours as hair inspo because your hair is always on point and I can relate to the middle eastern hair maintance. I seriously could keep going on but this already long lol????

  40. Sazan, I’d like to win this, because I think you and your story is very inspiring. Your personality and vibe just gives a positive feel! We need more of that lately, especially with everything going around the world. This would be an amazing experience to have 🙂


  41. Hi Sazan! ????????

    I found you on YouTube not even a year ago. I started following you because you are real, down to earth and are true to your word. Ok, and to be honest I have crazy, wavy, frizzy hair and you helped me control that hot mess! That was my first video I ever watched! ????

    My best friend Vanessa and I started a blog about 6 months ago and I’m not so sure we know what we’re doing… Sometimes even thinking. Everyone one that we know has an opinion and we truly just want to keep it unique like us but value their opinions. Vanessa and I want to make this a career and in fact, we both were going to come to your event tomorrow and I know everyone probably says that, but I can show you all the text messages we went through and the research we did to see if it was worth it. We were soooo pumped. Unfortunately we both knew we couldn’t do it financially at this time. So I feel like it’s meant to be. Your post was the first thing I saw this morning!

    When it really comes down to it, we want our role models to help guide us and show us what we need to do. It doesn’t happen that often when the lifestyle blogger you just adore and you want to do just what she does has this free give away. That’s like God saying, look Larinda… GO! Plus, if I get what I got out of your first live chat, We’re set!

    I know it’s probably hard to choose between all these amazing people but I believe God knows best and I’m so excited to see your choice!! Good Luck Hun on everything!!

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