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I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes I just crave a good burger. Luckily, I’ve done plenty of research (and #sazaneats!) to say that LA has some fantastic options. Get ready for the most mouthwatering burgers that I’ve rated the best in town.
LA Burger on West Pico – found this little gem just a couple of weeks ago and it’s my current favorite! I get the classic cheeseburger and fries, and it’s so great because they make it fresh right in front of you. It’s a little blue hole-in-the-wall restaurant on Pico – don’t confuse it with LA Burger Bar!
In-N-Out Burger (multiple locations)- Because who doesn’t enjoy a classic?? I like to get the cheeseburger and fries or a grilled cheese animal style if I’m feeling naughty! Getting a Coke to wash it all down is a must.
HopDoddy’s in Santa Monica – I fell in love with this place when I visited Austin, and now they have one in Santa Monica! The Ahi Tuna burger is out of this world, but you really can’t go wrong. Go check it out!
Umami Burger in Santa Monica – If you’re not into eating meat, the Black Bean Burger at Umami is a great option. Anything with guacamole is ok with me!
Apple Pan on West Pico – this place has a super cute 50s diner vibe and serves delicious burgers at the same time. The burger literally melts in your mouth. Delicious and cute for a date night! (The steakburger is my fave)
Irv’s Burgers on Santa Monica Blvd – this little burger stand has been in West Hollywood since the 1950s. Since it’s such a classic place, I stick with the classic cheeseburger- it’s got that hometown taste.
Father’s Office in Santa Monica – I always heard this place was amazing and finally got to try it- they have a great selection of gourmet burgers, and I’m pretty sure they have the bread brought in fresh from the bakery daily!
Capitol Burgers on West Pico – walk right up and order! Then sit at the picnic tables outside and enjoy. If you can’t tell already, I like the classic burger places 🙂
Stout on North Cahuenga – I haven’t gotten to try this place out quite yet, but it sounds amazing. The Morning After burger is probably what I’ll order- rosemary bacon, egg over easy, aged cheddar, chipotle ketchup…yep, happening.
It doesn’t end there, but it’s a great start! What’s your favorite burger place in LA?? Comment below and let me know some new places I should try!

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  1. nyamm …. nyammm….

    Even though the main produce of the place that I live now is basically only rich…

    I’m a diehard fast food fan 🙂

    Burgers and fries … my weakness 😛

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