My Short Haircut! (Video)

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Today I’m SO excited to debut my short haircut with you! Watch on my channel!

As many of you saw on my Insta, I decided to just go for it and chop it all off this past week. Let me just say, after my first wash I noticed I lifted A LOT of weight off my shoulders. 😉 Although it was a spontaneous decision, I’ve actually been dwelling on it since last November. I knew it would be a drastic change so I wanted to have plenty of time to ponder on it! I didn’t want it to end up being one of those indecisive Sazan moments I make and then regret. #SazanProbs

Fun fact: This is the first short haircut I’ve ever had (elementary school when my mom used to cut it doesn’t count). Naturally, I had to document the entire experience and share it with all of you. It’s a moment I never want to forget. It’s a big deal!! I know it’s “just hair”, but it’s my favorite accessory. 😉

haircut, curly hair, tricks, tips, lob hairstyle, bob, hair, lob hairstyle, curly hair, beauty, hair, youtube, tutorial, sazan, barzani, what is fashion, style, how to, tips for styling,

I hope you guys approve of the new look! Comment below and let me know? 🙂 If any of you reading this are on the fence about chopping off your mane, here’s a tip. I think it comes down to knowing your face shape and finding the right style. My hairdresser explained to me how there are tons of short hairstyles out there that can work if you really want to go shorter! It’s all about the technique. I hope my hair transformation inspires your next big change. I know the hardest part after getting a drastic haircut is learning how to style it without spending hours in the bathroom. I’ve got tons of video tutorials on the way as I’m experimenting with new looks that I’ve always wanted to try but resisted, because my hair was so long in the past. Stay tuned + Sazscribe!!

In the video I rocked my natural afro (with touch-ups with my Nume wand) but you also saw it straight at the salon. Which look do you like more? I can’t wait to try beach waves next. 😉

Cheers to a great week!

Special thanks to my go-to hairdresser Lee Rittiner at Sally Hershberger salon in LA for transforming my look! If you’re in the LA area and you want to book an apt email him at


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  1. I love the new cut! It is so perfect on you, you can basically pull anything off <3 cheers to a new cut and a new beginning, xo

  2. I’ve been thinking of cutting my hair the same way for such a long time now, and now that it’s near summer, I think it’s the right time to do the chop, but i’m so scared because this is such a drastic change and i’m so unsure of how this will look on me 🙁
    I guess i’ll have to ponder over this thought a little longer before I actually go ahead and chop it off!
    Love the way it looks on you though 😀
    Love xo

  3. I Love your haircut. I want the same.
    But i want to ask are your hairs thick or thin?
    I’m afraid to cut my hairs..

  4. I love this shape with your bone structure! I know this is a post about your hair but what products are you wearing on your lips? I would love it if you’d do a neutral lip tutorial on your YouTube channel some day!!

  5. Hey Saz! Could you do a tutorial on how to get this style? My hair looks a lot like yours and I’m cutting it almost that short in a couple of weeks.

    Thank you!

  6. I love your hair!!! ???? i have the same hair length, i dont know what products to use! If I straighten my hair after couple of hours its a mess again! Can u recomand any treatments? And what color do u use for your hair?xoxo

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