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I have some exciting news to share with you today. When Stevie and I moved to Los Angeles over 4 years ago to chase two separate careers, we never  imagined our dreams would collide and become one. To paint the picture for you: before we got married, I was a hot mess living at my sister’s apartment, and Stevie was a hungry actor living paycheck to paycheck just trying to stay alive in this crazy city. When we joined forces and decided to work on my blog full-time, we were excited about this new venture and the spark it brought out in both of us.
After we got married and saved up enough money, we finally left our two-bedroom apartment and decided to rent a beautiful home in Miracle Mile/Carthay Square. I was so excited when we moved into this house; we even shared the moving in and decorating process with all of you. We’ve had so many special memories in this house (the birth of Bless Box, Sweetie’s home coming, hosting Bible studies..).
Stevie and I are in a new season of life and we recently had “the talk.” We talked about the next 5 years and course where we truly want to “start a life” together. Renting a home in Los Angeles is one thing but BUYING is a whole different story. I was nervous because I thought, “If we buy a home does that mean we’re settling here forever?” I love Los Angeles, but I can’t picture us living in the heart (and traffic!) of it. I thought, “Well what if we move back to Texas and buy a house there?” That didn’t feel right either. All we could do was pray and ask God to lead the way. I asked God to show us signs if LA was really the place we should start looking to buy.
Just 5 months ago we decided to start looking with our realtor friend, Jane. Just looking! 😉 Jane is literally like a second mom to us (our LA mom!), so we felt so blessed to have her as a guide throughout this crazy process. Buying your first home can be really intimidating, especially in the California market. To be honest, I didn’t think we would end up finding a house because my expectations were too high! This was going to be our starter home. Stevie and I wanted it to feel cozy (like Texas!), comfortable, and a safe place/community to raise a family. We have a unique situation because we also work from home, so we need extra office space, a ginormous closet, and some extra room for guests and family members. After looking at countless houses (the good, the bad and the OH EM GEE UGLY!)… we found it. WE FOUND OUR HOUSE!
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We are finally moving in next month and I couldn’t be more excited! We’re moving about 45 minutes away from where we live now – (BYE BYE CRAZY TRAFFIC and billboard signs everywhere) and into the cozy family community of Montrose (just 5 minutes from our house!!) in Glendale.
The story behind why this house felt so right is crazy. Remember when I said I was asking God to show me signs? Well wait until you hear the entire story. It’s too long to type so I’m going to Vlog it on my channel very soon! Key word: #REST
Sooo. There’s also a significant part 2 to this story coming soon and the house plays a huge part. Any guesses? Before I go, I just want to say thank you for always being so incredibly supportive and being the best online community a girl could ask for! Hashtag #BLESSED.
Love you.. Stay tuned!



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