I Survived the Couples Blindfold Challenge


I survived the couples blindfold challenge – let me tell you all about.
Stevie and I thought it would be fun to do a couples challenge video LIVE on my Instagram last week. If you missed it, not to worry, we uploaded a copy to my Youtube channel this morning.
Can I just say my husband never ceases to amaze me? I had absolutely no clue that this game was going to turn foul and disgusting!!!!! He is such a troll and I won’t give away any spoilers, but HE’S FULL OF CRAP. Watch and see for yourself. hahahah

How to play: We each picked 7 random items and things around the house (and some outside..grrrr) without telling the other person. The person who guesses the most scents wins! If I won, Stevie had to eat from a jar of pickles (his worst nightmare) and if he won, he got to chop my hair off. I guess you’ll just have to watch and see how it all went down.
Sound off- would you trust your man with a game like this? I want to know how you would react to some of these scents!

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  1. Hahahaa omgg! You guys are hilarious 😂 Stevie was so mean😂😂😂 loooove you Saz! Love you both😍

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