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Get ready because BYOB is back and it’s better than ever. I am SO EXCITED to relaunch this into a monthly series here on my blog. Before you grab the booze! If you’re not familiar with the term “BYOB” – it stands for Be Your Own Boss. I first launched this series on my Youtube channel several years back talking about the digital world, blogging tips, and business strategy. A lot as happened in the past few years of my life. I’ve grown and expanded my world quite a bit so there’s many more topics to share and discuss.


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Whether you’re looking to launch a side business or quit your day job,  I’m going to share some fundamental tips to help you get there. The great news is you are not alone. Small businesses are BIG, providing 55% of all jobs and 66% of all net new jobs in America since the 1970s. (
Instead of looking at the ginormous mountain ahead, along with the doubts and what-ifs, I want you to take this journey step-by-step with me and focus on what is in front of you.
Aside from this series living on my blog, I’m excited to extend it out to a few Facebook LIVE events where we can hang out and I can answer all of your dying questions. I recommend you write down all of your questions and save them for these opportunities! The dates on those Facebook LIVE meet ups will always be shared with you ahead of time so don’t worry. 🙂
Lastly, more than anything, I want to encourage each of you to interact with this series because I’ve created it just for YOU, so please don’t be shy to share your thoughts, questions and concerns. There’s no such thing as a “dumb” question so comment, comment, comment! If you want to connect with me through the hashtag it’s #BYOBSazTips across social media.

About Me

how to, blogging, sazan hendrix, los angeles, bloggers, fashion, style, beauty, chanel, street style, instastyle, beauty, style tips, trends, how to start your own blog, BYOB, be your own boss, series, how to make money, youtuber
Rewind to 2011. I was a junior in college studying Radio, TV, Film and knew for a fact that I wanted to work in television. My vision was set on the fact that I would become a TV host personality. I never for once thought I needed a back up dream. I moved to Los Angeles from Texas to chase this passion and it wasn’t long before I quickly realized “I’m not in Kanas anymore!” It was really hard letting go of the only “dream” I knew, but I believed that God had a purpose for my life and I was on the hunt to find it. I wanted to survive in LA and live a comfortable life, and I knew the only way to get there was to reset, refocus and build something that would flourish. Social media (Instagram) was on the rise at this time so I had a feeling something was there, but I didn’t know what. What I did know about myself was I’ve always been a “people person.” There’s nothing I love more than interacting with others. I remember meeting a group of bloggers at a shopping event and learning so much from these women.I remember meeting a group of bloggers at a shopping event and learning so much from these women. I learned that they were running full-time blogs with decent followings and readership. I was so fascinated and wondered, “How can I get there?” I knew how to blog since I previously interned for a fashion site a few years back in college but this was a different kind of blogging. I had a blog at the time, but it wasn’t one that I updated frequently enough. I went home that night and researched for hours. (Fun fact: There wasn’t tons of research at this time) Being the visual learner that I am, I found myself getting lost in this blogging world and picking up tips, like how they speak to their audience..etc I felt a little spark inside of me that was ready to ignite.


Within 6 months of re-focusing my thought process, rebranding my blog, creating content, strategizing my social media, networking in LA, and pulling a few all-nighters – a small business was born. I remember getting my first paid opportunity with Target for $500 (note: This is actually VERY cheap). But at the time this was HUGE for me. Shortly after that, the collaborations with brands just kept coming in. I felt inspired to bring my Radio,T.V, Film credits back to life through the launch of my Youtube channel. I knew how to edit my own videos and interact in front of the camera so I decided to give it a shot. It was a hit – my blog readers loved it and I was able to connect with them on an even more personal level. After 4 successful years of blogging, I wanted to launch a second business. In December 2016, I finally launched my subscription box business called the Bless Box.  Since the launch we’ve sold out every month and we’re excited to keep going. Right now we’re working on launching our foundation company which is gong to change lives – I know it!
I might be 27 years old, but it’s exciting to say that I was a pioneer. I paved my own trail in a new category of business as a Digital Influencer. It’s been one hell of a journey and I’m just getting started.
Cheers to this new series, one that I wouldn’t have DREAMED of having when I started my own business. We are going to have so much fun together! Please share your thoughts below and what topics you want me to uncover throughout this series.
Love you all!

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    1. Sazan your energy is dope as hell. I think the reason I have enjoyed checking out your platforms is because you seem yourself and show different sides to your personality… even no make up.. lol Not that you need it anyway. Congrats on Bless Box … Max x

  1. Can please talk about sponsors in this series???????? you have the best personality and I love your passion for you blog! Xo -Carleen

  2. Yay! I’m so excited for this series! I launched a small stantionery/illustration company about two years ago hoping to eventually turn it into a full time job. Though it has been slow, I will continue to build it and I know one day will be able to BYOB! I can’t wait for all your tips and I love your story! ????

  3. Hei Sazan! I am from Romania,Europe! I love you! You have it all! God bless u! U are extremely beautiful and simple elegant woman! Everytime i see u, I’m likve “wow”! And Steve,is just as you!
    I am so excited for this BYOB series,OMG!! i wanna have my own foundation company,once. It’s my life dream! Please share stepts into how to open this kind of company,whether I need a huge amount of money,school for this?Or what should I have/own? i am 19 years old,in college,but..that’s my dream job. Love u,with all my heart! <3 We are God's princesses!

  4. It’s so amazing everything you’ve accomplished and at only 27! I’m 31 and hope to follow in your footsteps with independent business success soon!

  5. Hi! This is Rose from Dallas, Texas and I am so proud of you! I’ve watched you grow and I am soo inspired by you! Wishing you more success and I can’t wait for BYOB as a business owner.
    God Bless!

  6. Hi
    It’s awesome to read your story and I am trying to start a side business but don’t know where to start what do I do to actually get started ?

  7. Hi Sazan! Thanks so much for doing this ???? I know it’s gonna be really useful and helpful! Could you please give some tips on how to get more exposure and traffic to your blog. I recently just launched a lifestyle blog and feel like the industry is so competitive. There are so many blogs around and sometimes I wonder if it’s too late? One day I’d like to do this full time as a business and some tips on how to monetize and network would be great too! Thanks again xx

  8. I’m so glad that you are doing this again! I am where you were Sazan!!! I’ve read all the tips, tricks, my blog site is allllmost where it needs to be (needs a few tweeks) I just need a dash of luck to get my first real collaboration. I have reached out to companies, but nothing yet. Still very proud that I put myself out there though!! I don’t have a niche that I could sell one day, which is what I feel like I’m missing. But, do you have to have something to ‘sell’ or is it okay to only be in business for sponsorships from your lifestyle?

  9. You’re such an inspiration! I am so excited to follow along with these series. I know I have such a creative niche I just don’t know how to express it being in college and speaking how competitive this market is. Hopefully this helps xoxo

  10. Omg Saz I was literally watching these just yesterday as I stalked your YouTube! And coincidentally you announced today you’re updating byob omggg I love you

  11. I am truly so excited witness your BYOB series! Even though I don’t personally know you, I look up to you as my mentor. I’ve been on an interesting journey, and I’m finally at the point of starting my business and I know this series will be such a huge help! Congrats to you and I look forward to all of your great insight!

  12. How did you gain your follower base to get known? I love your page and blog and videos, I’m looking to do the same!

  13. Cannot WAIT for this series! Congrats on all of your success thus far <3 You are so incredibly inspirational and I cannot wait to hear all of your tips! I started a blog recently and would love to take it further one day.

  14. Hi Saz!

    I would love to hear more about how you got started in relation to how I (and others) can get started now. Branding in the online world is paramount, but with so many fierce bloggers, designers, & stylists to “compete” with, how can aspring bloggers forge their way into the market in a way that gets us noticed?

    Love this series and am excited for the comeback!

  15. Awesome news! I’ve followed your youtube BYOB series and I can’t wait to learn more from this series. I’m starting a YouTube chanel because of you and you are such an inspiration. Thank you for doing this kind of series and helping new businesses or blogger like me learn how to grow.

  16. Thank you for sharing this! Reading your blog gets me through some tough and confusing moments- because I can relate so closely to it. I’m 23, and just starting my blogging journey. I have come to realize after working a full time job since my sophomore year of college, that a 9 to 5 doesn’t leave me feeling fulfilled, but writing and being my own boss does. I hope to be sharing my BYOB story by the time I’m 27 🙂


  17. So excited for this! I’m a recently married 23-year old graduate social work student and would love any guidance I can get in BYOB. In particular, how do you identify career opportunities that overlap with your skills and how do you make yourself “wanted” in a competetive market? I really want to find an overlap of my passion to work with marginalized individuals and my skills as a resource savyy person…but how, where, and when to start?! Anyways, sorry for the rant! Any advice is welcomed 🙂

  18. I’m super excited about this series! I just started my blog a month ago, and I have an idea of what I am wanting to do with it, it’s just taking that leap of faith and doing it. You are someone I admire and just love how you listen to us your followers. I’m beyond happy for this series.

  19. Thank you for this! In such a competitive sphere it’s nice to see there are still people willing to help one another achieve their dreams. This just shows your confidence and excitement to see everyone succede! Love that about you 🙂

  20. I would love if you did a post about how specifically you branded and marketed your blog. I’m still new at this and trying to increase my following. I also don’t really have anyone to help me with photography and I’m fearful that 100% selfies or mirror pics isn’t going to cut it. Any tips for a baby blogger on how to produce great content and market it?!

  21. That is what I need it! I’m 20 years, brazilian and I’m a fashion designer student, but what I want to be is a shoe design. My plants is move to Los Angeles with a friend to study english and launch our business. Would you talk about how was to move to LA? How you get financial suport for launch your business? Because I have a big dream but no money
    I’m so happy for this series!!!
    Lots of love ????????????

  22. Love this series! I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on how to reach out to brands if you are just getting started. Thank girl!

  23. So inspiring, Sazan! So happy for you and everything you have accomplished. I stayers my blog years ago but never kept at it until last year that I decided to give it a real shot. It hasn’t been an easy road and God knows I have tried to quit a couple times, at this point I think I could use all the tips ( real ones ) I could get, specially from someone who has been there and has been able to creat such a successful blog. I’m blogging because I love fashion and it’s fun for me but I’m also hoping I can make a little money on the side so I can continue staying home with my little guy and helping my husband out. Lately I have been so discouraged and almost lost….don’t know how to make it right so it just clicks, yet don’t want to pull the plug just yet.

    Congratulations again and I can’t wait to read all your tips and suggestions!

  24. Ahhh glad you decided to bring BYOB back! I watched some of your videos on Youtube from a couple years ago. I wanted to ask how did you start getting offers to work with brands for money? I feel like I struggle with that a lot and I do not know where to start. Would love it if you can touch up on that. Thanks Sazan! Love you <3

  25. Sazan you inspire me everyday! I follow you religiously for your rich and quality content. Your passion truly shows through your posts which is so important to me. And my question for you is: for an aspiring blogger /instagramer – what is the capital /investment needed -financial wise?This is a question I don’t really see in the digital world, but it’s an important one. Let me say that I am all in for an amazing style but with little investment, which is the situation I find myself in the moment. Personal info: 5th year medical student from Romania, with true love for style. Thank you for the daily dose of positivity! xoxo

  26. Hey Sazan! So glad you are continuing this series!!!
    Here’s a few questions I’ve had off the top of my head:
    *Can you explain about business bank accounts and how to organize your taxes when your an LLC.
    *what’s the proper order? Open an account first and THEN start business. Or start doing your business first and make the account later once you make a certain amount.
    * at what point do you start paying yourself. And at what point do you realize it’s time to hire staff?
    * how do you determine how much your product is worth when you yourself are the product lol.

    Thanks in advance!

  27. So excited for this series to come back! I’ve been thinking about starting my own business on the side & it’s still just an idea in my head but I’m ready for more inspiration! xo

  28. Hey Saz! I love that you’re continuing this series and think that it is so gracious of you to share your journey and how to’s. I have been in the cosmetics industry for 12 years and have wanted to start a blog for years (and by popular demand from my clients). I just finally launched the blog a couple months ago. I recently had one collaboration with Pink Blush Maternity (I am currently expecting a baby boy in May). I would love to partner with more brands for fashion, makeup etc. Do you have any tips with connecting with brands for collabs? Thanks son much love!! Xoxo ❤

  29. LOVE YOU!! And your story! As a fellow lifestyle blogger (much smaller and not nearly as cool as you though) this is going to be so useful!
    I just want to know how i can grow my audience and actually have true/good interaction! I have a decent # of followers on my blog, but not enough that engage! Plus i’m trying to develop my instagram out more – and same issue there, the # looks good, but the # of likes/comments on the pics is not enough!
    I feel like i’m in a rut basically and not sure what to do or how to keep going and not be so bogged down!
    Please share your tips on this stuff!

  30. I would love your tips on great ways to gain a audience! I’m in the process of opening my online shop.. My target market is plus size women, I want to somehow connect with a blog which I’m in the process of launching as well!

  31. Yay! So thrilled this series is back!!!
    Kind of unrelated to the byob, but could you give tips and tricks to taking/posing for photos. I feel so awkward and weird trying to pose and figure out how to get blog worthy pics 🙂
    thanks!!! 🙂

  32. Hi Sazan! I’ve been wanting to start my own blog on the side for a very long time, but it would be more serious and about personal struggles. I don’t think I’d make any money unless I really give up my current job, but being an Asian girl in the DFW area, I don’t think I’d stand out. I don’t think the DFW area is quite up to speed to the fashion industry compared to LA and NY. You inspire me and so many girls to do what makes you happy, but my hesitation is my lack of confidence. Being adopted and not knowing my history is a struggle. I think my blog would be about self-worth, health/exercise, religion, and cheap, chic fashion (all I shop is bargains/thrift store/sales). I’m not good at doing makeup and I’ve never tried because I like the more natural look, but I know that is what is popular on most social media platforms. Trying to put yourself out there when you don’t even feel comfortable day-to-day in your own skin is a fear I need to overcome. I know you’ve had to overcome your struggles, but you have a unique, exquisite beauty and confidence that people gravitate to and I don’t think I do. I’m not a negative person, but I feel like my voice could touch someone who also struggles feeling accepted in Western society. Do you have any advice on how I can start creating my own website without spending money? Is it worth doing it on WordPress because I know someone else is still getting paid for your own work or should I pay for my own domain name? I wish I had a platform to voice my opinion because I have so much to say, but it’s hard to be vulnerable.

    P.S.- I’m looking forward to your BYOB Blog Series.


  33. It would bee great if you could share tips for any content-based websites and platforms. Even though you are a style and beauty blogger, I feel like a lot of your lessons can be transcended and be useful to anyone trying to start something online and gain a following, be it style & beauty or anything else!
    PS: The Bless Box was pure genius!:)

  34. I love this! AHH!!! I’m so SO excited for this series to come back. Your previous videos have been so helpful. I think a really great topic would be the basics of SEO. This is something I really struggle with because it’s very confusing. There’s a lot of information out there but it’s very difficult to understand. LOVE YOU!

  35. So excited that you’re starting this series again! I watched your first series on Youtube religiously- I made sure to do all my research before starting my blog! I would love if you could talk about tips for growing your network + your audience… besides the tips that everyone shares like “have good content” and “be active.” Love your blog so much!!

  36. Your story is inspiring. Looking forward to this series. Do you mind me asking approximately how many followers you had before your first paid sponsorship?

  37. Can you talk about how you started reaching out to companies to work with your brand? I feel intimidated and sometimes nervous to do especially since I have a small following. In that case, is it a good idea to send over a media kit with those “small” numbers? or best to just leave out stats all together in this case?

  38. Wow, very inspiring. I can only imagine how many doors God has opened for you. I am very happy for you and all the success you have gained through being a business owner. Living life on your terms. I can only hope and pray that one day maybe the same can happen to me. God bless.

  39. Hi Sazan! You are just the cutest thing! I too am a broadcaster. I’m working on air in LA, but trying to launch my side-hustle (to hopefully turn into my real hustle) blog this year. What advice would you give to start with on Instagram? Cute OOTD posts? Or something more?

  40. Sazan,

    How would you suggest beginning on the east coast? I live in Northern Virginia and It seems like most of these beauty bloggers are on the west coast, it makes sense because the majority of influencers are there, but even though I was born in Los Angeles, I LOVE Virginia. Any tips?

    I have a couple more questions 🙂
    – were you active on all social media when you began your blog? I don’t have any social media! I found you on youtube!

    – is it tough to come up with new content?

    – What mile stone did you cross that lead people / companies to reach out to you for collaborations or sponsorship?

    I came across your youtube channel and blog 2 months ago and have been OBSESSED. I can honestly say you climbed to #1 on my list. I love how genuine and passionate and HAPPY you are!

    Thanks for the inspiration! It really means a lot 🙂

  41. I’m so late reading this, but I am so glad you’re bringing back the BYOB!! The timing couldn’t be more perfect and I love that you mentioned feeling a spark ignite.. I always feel like when I feel that physical feeling of inspiration and creativity, (like that sudden feeling of chills and giddiness) it’s the holy spirit in us jumping up and down in excitement for us and what He has in store for us if we just have faith in Him and in ourselves! It’s equally as scary as it is hopeful! Hope this made sense?? anyway, just wanted to say you’ve touched my life more than you could know. I’m working hard at launching my own blog, youtube etc and totally use you as inspiration! Can’t wait to call you a “fellow blogger” very very soon! <3

  42. Hi Sazan,

    I just wondering what camera you use for your photos?? Also do you edit with software after?


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