Happy Holidays and FREEBIE FRIDAY!


Ahhhh November 🙂 The holidays are almost here! I know the holidays can stress some people out, but not me. In my world, it’s the time of the year when the industry finally slows down so cheers to more family time, hot chocolate, and shopping this season! I can’t wait!
For this week’s Freebie Friday, I’ve got a cozy package for one lucky winner! A great cookbook (or coffee table book) from Anthropologie, a super soft blanket for the couch, one of my favorite candles (of course), and my favorite game – Catchphrase! (if you’ve seen my snaps then you know I’m super competitive) I hope whoever wins uses this will bring the family and friends together for a cozy night in this holiday season 🙂
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What You’re Getting:
Cozy plaid blanket from Target
Catchphrase- my favorite game!
The Year of Cozy- recipe book from Anthropologie
DW Home Apple Cider candle (my favorite brand as you guys know!)
As well as a special surprise! (not pictured)
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3. Comment below telling me what you’re looking forward to for the holidays! Maybe a family tradition, a specific holiday, travels, whatever!(**Please also include the best email address in the comment so I can email you if you win this!)
Please follow all my steps to be considered for this giveaway. This is an international giveaway so everyone can enter. 🙂  The winner will be announced in my newsletter email blast on Tuesday, November 15th so please be sure to check your inbox. I always make a note in my phone so it alerts me on that day. 🙂 If you win, I hope you will share your new swag bag of goodies using my hashtag #SazanGiveaways and #SazanInspired! Best of luck!
Have a great weekend!

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  1. I’m looking forward to cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year. I absolutely love cooking, especially Thanksgiving food! I’m also excited to travel! I’m from Southern California, so it’s never really THAT cold, so I’m stoked to be going to the snow!
    Email: yayitsmichelle@gmail.com

  2. Happy Friday Sazan. I’m newly married so every year, I visit my parents for Christmas dinner just for the day. However, this year my husband and I are staying over from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day! I can’t wait to spend more.time with them, curl up on the sofa and watch TV whilst eating non-stop with my family and hubby.

    Michelle x

  3. Happy holidays Sazan!!!! What I’m most excited for is experiencing my daughters first thanksgiving & first Christmas! 🙂 she turns 6 months on the 18th of this month & by Christmas she will be 7 months! Ugh time is going by so fast I can’t believe it!!! I’m so busy with school & work (I graduate in December w/ my Bachelors in criminal justice & minor in psychology) so excited & nervous for 2016 to come to an end!! But maybe with some extra spare time I could try & pick up a few recipes for cooking with the family ;). Hope you have a wonderful day!!!
    Xoxo, Vanessa!

  4. Hi Sazan! I hope you’ve been having a great week 🙂

    This year I’m looking forward to visiting Disneyland on Thanksgiving weekend! We were able to get discounted tickets so we also won’t be broke upon entering the park! Lol. I can’t wait to see the park decked out for holidays.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Sending you lots of love,
    Email: Niki@LoveNiki.com

  5. Thank you Sazan for your sweet generosity!
    I’m looking forward to a break after my long semester! I’m a student in physical therapy school and it’s been a whirlwind of a year so far; packed full of exams, projects and time in the clinic! All that busy time leaves little time to spend with family, friend and most of all my sweet husband! This giveaway is so fun and would be a great addition to the time at home with the people I love! The cookbook would be especially great, as one of my husband and I’s favorite ways to spend time together is by trying new recipes in the kitchen! Thank you again!
    Kelsey Christensen

  6. Hi Sazan! I just discovered you a few months ago and you’ve sincerely become my favorite blogger/youtuber/instagrammer since then! I’m not even joking. These holidays are going to be very different because I recently moved cross country after graduating from college and I won’t be able to spend them with my family 😭 Luckily, I’ve made some amazing friends and we’ll be doing friendsgiving! I’m so excited to cook and also so so scared I’ll burn the stuffing! (The most important part, am I right?) so I’ll have my fingers crossed for that. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends, family, and Sweetie!
    Xo, Shana

  7. December 1st when I can stroll down to the Nurnberg Germany Christmas market and pick out my Christmas tree – after living in Panama Central America for 7 years, looking forward to a REAL LIVE Christmas tree this year! oh and my annual family holiday Christmas photo which includes me and my two cats <3

  8. What I look forward to most during the holidays is spending more quality time with my family. Everyone is happy to see each other and be under one roof it’s really awesome. Also the food is a big part of the holidays I enjoy helping my family cook it is really fun and sitting down and eating together as a family is the best 🙂

  9. All of my favorite things in one package!

    I am looking forward to traveling to LA (for the first time!!!) to visit an old friend, and of course spending lots of time with family and my boyfriend’s sweet family over the holidays.

  10. TGIF! Hey Saz! I’m really looking forward to enjoying some family time for the holidays, after years of being all over the place my family will finally be together for thanksgiving this year – YAY! This year we are definitely going to cook up some turkey… and as any Mexican family will be doing, tamales! 😋 How will you and “Rodrigo” spending the holidays?
    Love ya!

  11. I’m so excited about having thanksgiving dinner at my parents house with all my family like we do every year. The other big tradition at my house during Christmas is my parents buying my sister and I matching pajamas for Christmas morning! Those are two of my favorite traditions during the holiday season.

  12. All of my favorite things in one package!

    I am most excited to travel to LA (for the first time!!) to visit an old friend. Also spending time with family and my boyfriend’s sweet family over the holidays.

    Email: sehuston@cinci.rr.com

  13. I’m super excited to go Kenya to visit my relatives, especially my cousin sister (more older sister). Spending the holidays there always reminds me how thankful I should be of all the blessings I have. Also there will be weddings! Haha time to dress up in Indian clothes and dance.

  14. This year, I am looking to Thanksgiving the most. ALL my girlfriends from out of state are actually going to be home at the same time so I’m excited to spend it with them. Also, I’ll be moving into my new home so I’m excited to decorate it during the holidays and start new traditions 🙂

  15. I’m looking forward to traveling back east to see my family this Thanksgiving. Can’t wait to ride bikes to the apple orchard. Plus I’m pregnant so it’s the first time the grandparents and great grandparents get to see the baby bump. Going to be so fun!

  16. The holidays are upon us!!🦃🍾🎄

    My most favorite time of the year although living in Minnesnowda– it snows endlessly. There is something about NOT waking up from your warm bed because it’s sooooo chilly, but opening the shades and everything is covered in white; the sun glistening. It’s knowing your drive time has doubled to see your family because the roads could be icy. You arrive and nothing makes it all the better than mom’s authentic Cambodian food (of course we have to bring the traditional turkey and fixings). I could go on.

    A few other favorite things: putting the tree up with cinnamon scented pine cones, wrapping gifts in cool plaid and matching your boyfriend for family fun😊( he doesn’t always like this part) and beginning the New Year with the ones you ❤️

  17. I’m looking forward to spending time with my family & my love. Everyone is always so busy so it’s a blessing to hit pause & enjoy some quality time with my favorites. I hope your holiday season is wonderful!!

  18. I think the best part of this time of the year is slowing down and really appreciating all that we are blessed with. Also, brainstorming and working on my 3 year old nephews annual Christmas card. My sister and I really get into it and it’s become a fun little project we do together. Cooking and trying out new holiday receipts is another favorite thing of mine around this time of the year.

  19. Hi Sazan!this holiday season I am most looking forward to having some quality family time without the stresses that this semester is bringing! And of course, the beautiful snow and cozy clothes to go with it! I hope you have some exciting things to look forward to for the holidays too!



  20. I’m looking forward to spending the holidays with my family and boyfriend of 4 years! He’s going to propose soon, but the surprise is WHEN!! 😀 I’m so excited to take one step further in our relationship & I realize how thankful I am for him when we get to see each other (long distance relationship). He’s incredible!

  21. Like you, I love the holiday season! I moved out to CA for college while my mom still lives in CO. After college I stayed here and have made my life here so it’s nice to “go home” for the holidays! My mom is always excited to spend time with me and even starts a countdown months in advanced to me arriving. When I was younger, my dad passed away so the holidays are always hard. It’s a time for my mom and I to be together and relive good memories. It feels good to get away and celebrate what the holidays are truly about. 🙂


  22. Hi Saz!! I’m looking forward to getting to spend time with my family (finally) more and also to getting some much needed “me” time. Between going to school and working full time, life can get a little hectic. So definitely looking forward to the holiday season 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful holiday season with your family!


  23. What a lovely Friday freebie. I love the coziness of the holiday season too. Our family tradition is staying indoors when its cold outside wearing our pajamas all day, drinking hot chocolate and watching holiday movies <3

  24. I plant to hopefully spend the holidays with my boyfriend we’ve been together for almost two years and haven’t spent the holidays together, it will be fun from picking the tree to decorating and just being very comfy 🤗🤗🤗 wish us luck
    Email: ana_link@icloud.com

  25. I’m looking forward to seeing family all the way in Illinois after not having seen them for two years! College makes it tough but now that I graduated I’m freeee 🙂

    PS. I don’t have Facebook for personal reasons :/

    PPS. Best email: ahdilahh@yahoo.com

  26. I’m extemly excited to have all my siblings together for the first time in years. We are 6 kids and my parents have 10 grandchildren all together. We are all excited because my sister & her 3 kids are visiting from the UK & We have a week long holiday booked at the beach. I look forward to spending some real family time together, since its hard during the year with everyone living in different cities. This is definitely going to be one of the best holidays yet. Plus husband and I are planning to move abroad next year, we still need to tell the family, so this holiday is going to be bitter sweet. I’m excited for all the little people though. Hope you are planning something amazing for the holiday season.

  27. My husband and I are in the process of buying a house so we are looking forward to having our first Christmas hopefully in the new place!and of course seeing our families as we do every year!

  28. Saz! I’m looking forward to fall fashion (even though the struggle is real for Florida girls and this HEAT), candle-filled homes and family time!! Happy holidays to you, Steve and my girl Sweetie 🙂


  29. Hay Sazaan 😃 i can’t wait hollidays because this year like every other I’m going to wisit my granny in Zagreb 😍 Zagreb is magic city during advent and Christmastime, I love wonder around the city, eat some sausages and drink cooked wine (best part of winter). But on Christmas eve it’s all about family and Jesus, day before Christmas we decorate our Christmas tree(tradition in Croatia), we eat only fish, and in midnight we go to mess. On Christmas day in the morning we open present and enjoy our day togother, but the best part is hot chocolate in the evening by fier place under blanket and talk with whole family. Hope you will come to Croatia one day and see how beautiful country and people are here 😍 God Blass you 😘❤

  30. I am looking forward for Christmas because my family and I have family dinner together and we have game nights with so many board games like Pictionary, which gets a little competitive at times.

  31. omg yes! literally been entering all your giveaways, please let me win one day!
    can’t wait for the colder weather, the leaves to crunch under my boots, seeing my friends and family for the holidays and enjoying some much needed time off from work!

  32. Hi Sazan, happy Friday!! 😊🎄What I’m most excited about for this year’s Christmas season is to be able to spend time with my sister! We’re 11 years apart in age (I’m 22, she’s 10) so we’ve always been in different seasons of our lives that don’t necessarily give us many chances to just talk and have fun together. I finished my undergrad degree this year and I started working full time, but between taking extra classes and studying for standardized exams, extra time is rare. I’m going to be heading off to medical school abroad next year (for four years) so being able to spend time together and with the family is really going to mean a whole lot to me as breaks are short and hard to come by in med school. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Sazan! Love you and God bless!! 😊🎄❤️

  33. I’m most looking forward to “somewhat” cold weather in TX! And family, food and a carefree time to spend together enjoying one another! <3

  34. I’m so looking forward to our first Christmas in our new house, and it will also be our son’s first Christmas! 🙂

  35. My tummy doesn’t love me a whole lot, but it does love my in-laws cooking! I love November because of Thanksgiving specifically because my father-in-law makes the best turkey on earth! Case in point, have you ever had juicy white meat? No! We’ll come on over!

    Seriously, I wish I could have a thanksgiving feast every week.

    Haifa Shalabi ❤

  36. I am looking forward to baking, decorating, blaring Christmas music, drinking hot chocolate, wearing oversized sweaters, and spending quality time with my husband, family, and friends!

  37. I live 3,000 miles away from my family so I look forward to being able to celebrate with them, in the same city and to continue our traditions! Going home to California is always a plus 🙂

  38. Hi Sazan!

    This is my FAV time of year … roll out the decs and Christmas music already! Christmas in the PNW is the best! Most looking forward to creating memories and instilling tradition into the little heart and mind of my main squeeze, my one year old baby boy. He loves to snuggle, so cozying up with him under a blanket by the fire is a sure win for this mama’s heart💛 Baking, Christmas jammies, and sewing on a new patch to represent his past year into his Christmas stocking are just a few things/traditions that I can’t wait to do with him this year. {{HUGS}}
    Jessica Zimmerman

  39. I am so excited for all the food during Thanksgiving! All my get in one kitchen and cook which is a nightmare but its always so much fun!

  40. Hey I’m really looking forward to Christmas! My family actually never celebrated it. But last year I spent it with my boyfriend and his family! I really loved the whole spirit so I’m super excited for the christmas season to come around! 💖 xx

  41. For the first time I will be spending the holidays with my boyfriend whom I have known for six years now. I know him from university and the very first time I met him I knew that there was something special between us. For the past six years we were just friends en we hung out with our mutual friends from university every once or twice a year. This year we met up again just like every other year, but this time something special happened. He admitted that he was in love with me all this time! I could not believe my ears! So this year we will spend the holidays together and we will celebrate the love we have found for eachother. I could not be happier! 😊 On top of that I am going on a ski trip to Finland with him and his family in January ☺️❄️. This cozy package would add so much coziness and fun to the holidays and the trip to Finland! ❤️ Love this season 🎄email: mahsa.shahabi@hotmail.com

  42. I am a working college student and work about 12 hours on holidays, what I look forward to the most is getting off work and walking into the front door and my family welcoming me in with hugs and kisses. Nothing I look forward to more than family time. Especially since they wait to cut the turkey until I get home! 💖

  43. My favorite part of the holidays is getting to see almost all my family again after several months. I’m especially excited to celebrate with the 2 baby boys our family was blessed with this year- it’s their first Christmas 😭💖.

  44. Happy Friday Sazan 💕
    You are gorgeous girl! Love watching your YouTube videos.

    My husband and I are always looking forword to this time of the year. Its our favorite time when the weather finally gets cooler (especially down here in the south) and the leaves changing color. It’s so beautiful. I’m looking forward to decorating our house for Christmas (so tempted to start now) and making it all cozy for the holidays. We both come from big families but my family lives out of state so we only get to see them once a year and it’s usually around this time of the year. I do love getting together with everyone for thanksgiving and Christmas, even though it gets super hectic and chaotic at times with so many people but we love it! We love cuddling up with our two little girls and watch holiday movies together while sipping on hot chocolate and listening to the fire cracking from the fireplace and making smores… Just everything about this time of the year is my favorite.🦃☔🎄☃❤💚😁

  45. I’m looking forward to being with my family and making every moment count this holiday season. We are excited to hopefully be home for the holiday season instead of stuck in a hospital (which is where we have been for the last 5 months due to a sick family member). Good luck to us all and thanks saz for doing these giveaways every Friday!
    Email: galatsise@gmail.com

  46. I can’t wait for cozy nights and Christmas lights!!! And watching my babies faces Christmas morning!!!😍🎄aaaaand maybe some mulled wine when they go to bed. Maybe.

  47. Hi Sazan!

    Thank you for this opportunity! I’m looking forward to my sons first holiday season, and starting new traditions with my family. I’m so excited to go picking a Christmas tree with him, introduce him to all my favorite holiday movies and (maybe) introduce him to holiday sweets. He may not know what’s going on now, but I’m sure he’ll begin to love the holidays as much as his dad and I do as he gets older. Thank you again!

    Jasmine from Michigan

  48. Hi Sazan!
    I have been a long time follower of yours and absolutely the content you post, especially your travels! My husband and I are being adventurous and planning a trip to Japan for the holidays! I am so excited! Looking forward to experiencing a new place and culture. Your blog has inspired me to live life to the fullest. Thanksss. 🙂

  49. I always look forward to a hearty thanksgiving feast and hanging out with my family during the holidays! Cozying up by the fireplace and chestnut praline lattes from Starbucks would have to come in a close second LOL

  50. Looking forward to spending time with family and especially spending time with my little baby niece whose first thanksgiving and Christmas is this year!! Also super excited for all the food!!!:)
    Email: Helen.semenishin@gmail.com

  51. Let’s just say November is my FAVORITE month- mainly because my favorite day of the year is actually thanksgiving! So that is what I’m looking forward to the most! I thank God every day for all my countless blessings but nothing like a day dedicated to thanks and being surrounded by all your loved ones as you eat the best home cooked meal of ALL TIME. And let’s not forget all the yummy desserts (because I know my family won’t haha) Let’s be real, thanksgiving is the day when the calories start coming back. Ha! A lit fireplace, being surrounded by family, and great food… what more could you ask for? Esp excited for this giveaway since my birthday is actually Nov 15th (turning 25) and the best way to celebrate would be cozying it up on the couch with my hubby and friends, playing the greatest game of all time (love catch phrase) and adding that book to our new coffee table! Xoxo <3
    Email: ntarraf09@gmail.com

  52. Hey Sazan!
    This is my first time with the freebie friday thing! Why? I really don’t know, cause I’ve been following you forever! And I love every single thing you do On your blog, YouTube, instagram, … You are amazing and I’m always inspired by you! So keep going you’re doing great!

    What I’m looking forward to this season? That’s so hard to answer, I love everything about fall and winter, accept for the rain. The cozy moments in front of the TV with a blanket, a pumpkinspice late and your boyfriend right next to you. Cooking for christmas is something I look forward to every single year! Shopping for christmas gifts to make everybody happy that I love!

    I’m sorry for the spelling mistakes, but I am a BELGIAN FAN!

    Big Kiss from Belgium!
    Wish you all the best

    E-mail: michellegielens@gmail.com

  53. You’re so sweet for doing such a thoughtful holiday gift set! I’m a little sad that I’m not going to be traveling back to Wisconsin to see my family for the holidays, but in turn I’m really excited to be hosting Thanskgivung for my boyfriends family at our home for the first time! We are big board gamers as well & somehow I don’t have Catch Phrase yet!
    Email – kmansk3@aol.com

  54. Hey Sazan! What I’m looking forward this holiday is having my mom reunited with her sister after 6 years of not seeing each other. It was never the right timing and she lives so far away (My mom lives in Canada and my aunt lives in Spain) so it was hard for them to make it happen. But God was able to bless my aunt with the funds and now she’ll be celebrating the holidays with us! I’m also excited for the food ahah.

    Wishing you happy holidays to you & your family xo

  55. HI Sazan,

    I’m looking forward to a cozy winter and holiday season with my friends and family. Traditions include cozy movie nights and Christmas dinner with friends and family.

    Ps: thanks for all the great tips. You’re my favorite blogger!


  56. I am looking forward to making more holiday memories with my 3 boys and husband. I grew up in a very traditional Asian home. Thanksgiving and Christmas or any other holidays were not celebrated in my home. Since I got with my husband, 14 years ago, we’ve made thanksgiving and Christmas a tradition for us. I am a lover of cooking and giving to our boys. Their smiles is definitely what I am looking forward to when they open those presents that they’ve been working so hard for!

  57. One good thing about cold weather is cozy blankets! Love the theme! For the holidays I am very much looking forward to being with my family in Canada! Haven’t been home for a while so this is going to be a real treat!

  58. I’m looking to spending quality time with my family. During the fall semester of school, it is hard to stray from my laptop and studies. So even if I do get to spend time with my family, it isn’t very personal and I feel as if I am not always as present as I wish I could be. This is also such an important time for me to begin to reflect on the year I have had and see what I have accomplished and what I wish to accomplish this next year. I’d love to win this giveaway to share it with my family on a cozy night in. Happy Holidays!!!

  59. During the holidays, it’s all about love in our house. From the love we show to each other through our gifts, or the boxes we pack for children we are not likely to meet, the holidays are a time God has given us to bless and be blessed.

  60. Hi Saz! I’m so so excited for the holidays! It’s been a loong year, lol. Its the time of the year I can go back home to just spend time with my family and old friends and unwind. It’s peaceful and relaxing, and I’m so grateful for this time with them! I used to take it all for granted, but not anymore.
    I think it’s great you do this for us every week, and since we don’t say it enough, thank you! 😘
    Email – jumana3694@gmail.com

  61. Hello Sazan!

    TGIF. This holiday season I am looking forward to come quality time with friends and family. I live in NH and cannot wait for days spent snowed in snuggled on the couch with a good book or movie!


  62. Happy Holidays to you, your hubby and family! So excited for the holidays!! It’s been 3 years since my father passed away and at first I hated the holidays but now there’s nothing I love more than to be surrounded by every single loved one. I especially can’t wait for Thanksgiving because we always host and I love cooking with my mom. Since I’m always traveling for work I don’t cook a lot so I definitely have a lot to learn from her.
    Warm wishes!
    Nicole – nsanhamel@yahoo.com

  63. Such a cozy and fall friendly little bundle! I love cooking and I especially love trying new recipes, so I would definitely enjoy the cookbook. These days I’m really into setting up candles and making bubble baths haha 🙂 So the candle would come in super handy too! xx

    (email: nickoladia@yahoo.com)

  64. My favorite thing about the holidays would HAVE to be my family’s Christmas Eve tradition. We have matching pajamas that are a requirement for an evening full of games and wine. Recently, we started doing a round-table gift game similar to white elephant, and your favorite candles are usually featured! Happy (almost) holidays!

  65. I’m looking forward to spending my last Christmas home and waking up on Christmas Day with my siblings before I move out and get married! Can’t wait for the holidays!!! My email is a.dimaggio9@gmail.com

  66. Hi Sazan – this is an awesome giveaway! Makes me want to bake some goodies and hang out by the fire.

    I’m definitely most excited about quality time with my family and friends this Christmas. Everyone who lives away comes back to the city for the holidays and it’s always just a great time to reconnect and enjoy each other’s company. I’m moving away in the New Year, so really wanting to make this Christmas count! Also really excited to see my puppy encounter snow for the first time in her life!


  67. Hey Sazan! This holiday season I’m definitely looking forward to rest, and spend family time with my loved ones. This school semester has been a tough one, so I can’t wait for the holiday joy to come around. Thank you so much for doing these giveaways, hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Email: dulcesalas17@yahoo.com

  68. I adore this time of year, my favourite thing being with my parents around the fire just talking and thinking back on the year. Such a lovely time to create memories:-)

  69. Hey Sazan! This holiday season I’m definitely looking forward to pass my driving licence, celebrate my 21st birthday and just enjoy snow and wear comfy and warm clothes. Thank you so much for doing these giveaways, you are very sweet and generous, hope you have best weekend and holidays.
    Email: dianite95@inbox.lv

  70. I’m excited for Christmas movies, going to get a Christmas tree, decorating the home, and going Christmas shopping! I love Christmas!

  71. What a lovely giveaway! I’m looking forward to having my boyfriend off of work for a few extra days; spending time with our families while cooking together; sharing homemade meals together; telling funny stories; laughing until we get cramps and then lounging in pajamas,because that’s all that fits after eating so much. I adore this time of year because I’m surrounded with love, the coziest thing to possess 💚
    Email: jmm019@gmail.com

  72. This holiday season I’m looking forward to going to Australia to spend Christmas with my fiancé’s family! Also looking forward to the relaxing time without work or school for a month 🙂 Thank you for doing these giveaways, you’re very kind.

  73. Hi Sazan!
    I get so excited for the holidays – both Thanksgiving and Christmas – because it’s the only time of year my siblings are in one place celebrating. There are 5 of us and we all live in different places so I get so overjoyed this time of year. My heart is so full when we’re all together 🙂

  74. I love sitting around with my parents and siblings, playing card games, and telling stories of family memories.

  75. Hi sazan! What I’m most looking forward to this Christmas is moving into my first home! So excited to be in before Christmas.. as it’s my favourite time of year!
    With love, from Ireland

  76. Hi Sazan!
    There are so many things I look forward to for the holidays. Winter clothes, my husband’s birthday, thanksgiving, baking for sure!, crafting and decorating for the holidays, but most of all, I look forward to Christmas because my daughter was born on that day! So it is extra special!! She will turn 3 this year. So now my family comes to my house for the holidays! This year I’m thinking of having an ugly Christmas sweater party!! Best wishes to you this holiday season!! 😘

  77. I’m excited to go back home to Texas for the holidays!!! Even for just a week from school. Currently in Toronto for school and I’m super excited for the snow!!! And the warm drinks and cozy Netflix nights!!! Ahhh and the smell of vanilla and sandalwood candles yummmm ❤️


  78. Hi Sazan,
    I’m excited to go back home over the holidays! I’m away from home due to college, but holidays are always exciting because I get to reconnect with my family!!!! Can’t wait to eat a home cooked dinner!!!!

  79. I’m looking forward to spending time with my family!!!! I’m traveling to Mexico in December and I’ll be spending Christmas with my family! I’m excited for all of the delicious food we will be eating lol!

  80. I, together with my husband and son, for the past 4 yrs have taken over hosting Christmas Day lunch so our parents can sit and relax. Even though it’s Summertime (Sydney) I still prepare a classic Italian lunch, just like my mum used to, pasta (lasagna or tagliolini with ragu), roast pork or beef, with lots of vegetables but I also make a glazed ham and always a summery dessert – pavlova with mangoes is always a favourite! Having spent last Christmas in Europe (magical) I’m looking forward to being with my family and our 7yo puppy! Lot’s of sparkly lights, Christmas music and cocktails!

  81. This year, I’m looking forward to going home for Christmas and New Years, I haven’t been home in 2 years and can’t wait so see my family and friends 🤗 And MOM’s cooking on Christmas Eve, yummy in my tummy!
    Email: Sara.azmy@gmail.com

  82. Hey Saz,
    Thank you for this giveaways they are all awesome, I’m looking forward to cooking dinner this Thanks Giving Day, it will be my first time making dinner for all my big family so I’m very excited!!!

  83. I am looking forward to winter break from the university to go back home and spend some quality time with my family members. I love chai so also looking forward to waking up to a fresh cup every morning. What are your plans for the holiday?

    email: nehaakhadka@gmail.com

  84. Hi Sazan!!!

    I’m loving following along with you on your road trip. The Joshua Tree pics are amazing! I am most looking forward to seeing family this year and eating all the pumpkin pie I can fit into my stomach on Thanksgiving!

    -Kaitlin (kaitlinleeann16@gmail.com)

  85. I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving because I’ll fly out to Montreal to meet my boyfriend where we rented a cozy Airbnb by a lake for a long weekend! We’re in a long distance relationship, me in NY and him in LA so we’re really excited to see each other again and cook our thanksgiving dinner together 🙂

  86. I am looking forward to the holidays so much!! My favorite time of the year! It’s the time of year I get to travel back to Charlotte, NC where my dad lives and his side of the family lives. It is me and my boyfriend’s first Thanksgiving and Christmas together, and I can not wait to shower him with lots of love, getting to spend time with my family, and probably spoil him silly with all the gifts. My heart is going to be exploding with love this year. and I can not wait

  87. I’m looking forward to our annual Festa Dei Sette Pesci (Feast of the Seven Fishes) we have on Christmas Eve! My entire giant Italian family dresses up and we have this big fancy feast and just in joy enachothers company! I love it!

  88. Hi Sazan!

    I’m looking forward to our family tradition of enjoying a shrimp ring, appetizers & fondue on Christmas eve in our pyjamas before opening our gifts.

  89. I am looking forward to getting to be in the same town as my boyfriend and family for the holidays. I usally am away from them for most of the year and I always miss them terribly. Seeing family and friends puts me in the holiday spirit and I am counting down the days until I get to spend a month with them instead of the weekends I can make it down!

  90. Sazan!
    What I’m looking forward to most of all this holiday is waking up with my family on Christmas morning and smelling the most delicious breakfast EVER! My dad always wakes up super early (I’m talking like 5am, where he starts the process of making pancakes, waffles, eggs, sausage and his signature hot chocolate–which we sip on while opening gifts). My siblings and I are all in our mid twenties, besides the youngest who is 16 and still lives at home. With 5 of us total, we have all moved out and started our own lives. We haven’t spent a Christmas morning like explained above in a few years!!! But this year it’s happening! I cannot wait to just wake up slowly and love every minute of being together with everyone.

  91. Hello Sazan
    I am soo excited for the holidays because since receiving a heart transplant last year, I have learned that spending time with the family is first. Thanksgiving and Christmas are the perfect excuses to get together and share memories. Plus I love the cold weather, christmas lights and pumpkin lattes.

  92. Hi Saszan!
    I’m really looking forward to the holidays this year because I’m traveling with my family to Cancun over winter break! It’s been a while since we got to go on family vacation and I’m so excited to be able to enjoy our time today together and relax with them! Both me and my sister have been pretty busy with school and rotations and I’m really happy to finally have that break! Hope you have a great holiday season too!! ☺️

  93. I look forward to all the days leading up to the holidays! All the days of watching christmas movies, looking at all the holiday decorations, the smell of leaves and snow, cooking all the pumpkin and peppermint things you can think of, and of course spending time with family.

  94. Hey guys,
    I cannot believe how fast time is flying this year.
    Here in Germany I cannot wait to have this cozy time and all the sparkeling lights around.
    Having big walks with my dog or my boyfriend is always the most amazing feeling and afterwards getting inside, snuggeling up, lighting up the candles and searching for a movie everyone might like.
    I also love to think about what members of my family might like for Christmas and seeing their sparkeling eyes, when a wish comes true is one of the most memorable moments I like to look back the whole year around!
    Being around family and friends and talk about memories and stories from the past is something I also love!

    Hope you all have a magical time and enjoy the Holidays

  95. This thanksgiving I will be looking forward to spending time with my family and munching on delicious holiday treats!

  96. Looking forward to it getting cold enough to snuggle up to a fire in our fireplace. It’s been unusually warm in Dallas!

  97. Hi Sazan!
    Holiday season is here, and Im not ready yet!!
    This years has flown by, and I cant believe Christmas decorations are up already. As a student, is easy to forget the date (I do so often), because you are always so busy and its easy to get caught up in the chaos. The holiday season serves as a reminder of what truly matters: love and laughter shared amongst friends and family.
    So, here I am, daydreaming of the free time I will have to enjoy with my family, instead of doing my essay, because procrastination, right?
    But really, I am so so looking forward to cook turkey the Salvadorean way, to have my aunt teach me more about our food, to have my family sharing stories about how they got here and how they overcame so many obstacles, to have my family reunited, to have my boyfriend bonding through broken spanish with my family, and so much more.
    I have to say that if I win this, Im going to have to play catchphrase with my family and all of us are pretty competitive too 😉
    Thanks for always posting such beautiful blog entries, xo<3

  98. Im looking forward to spending time with my hubby’s family omin georgia, unplugged and eating some home cooked southern food! I love them so much and we live on different coasts so this year will be a treat! Happy holidays!
    Email: melody.wardak@gmail.com
    i dont have a face book 🙈

  99. Hey Sazan! My partner and I have been in a long distance relationship for three years now but we’ve always managed to be together during this amazing time of year! I’m looking forward to spending for the first time a cold white Christmas in Montreal with him and his beautiful family 🍁 ❤

  100. I always love the holidays because the prospect of spending so much quality time with friends and family is always exciting to me. One of my favorite holiday traditions is that me and my fiancé travel to NYC every year for New Year’s Eve (we travel from Houston, Texas) to visit friends from college and ring in the new year with friends, laughter and love. But this year I’m EXTRA excited for New Year’s Eve because me and my fiancé, Liam, are getting married this New Year’s Eve in Austin, Texas! It’s our favorite holiday together and we can’t wait to start our married life together with all of our family and friends on that day! Xoxo – T

  101. I always look forward to the holiday season! My favorite holiday is Christmas (maybe partly because it’s my birthday) because even though I have a very divided family, we still find a way to get together on this day. We have tried so many different traditions over the years- the whole family to ihop in the morning for a birthday breakfast, gathering at my mom’s to open gifts, to more intimate version of those where it was just my mom, me and my best friend. A few years ago we settled on just me, my mom, and my nephew getting together to spend the whole day with my dad at his place where I grew up. We just have a lazy pijama day of having Christmas movies in the background while eating a simple breakfast, hot chocolate, exchanging gifts, lounging as my dad makes us a delicious Italian ravioli dinner late afternoon. This is usually followed by a birthday cake with a funny story of how someone forgot about the birthday cake and they had to scramble last second on Christmas Eve to get one. We’ve moved this new formed tradition to my place last year, a different setting but still the same feel. This one day I love because we actually come together and spend time to appreciate one another, even if it’s just one day in the year that everyone can put a pause on our busy lives. If I win, I’ll snuggle under the blanket with my nephew, scent my condo with Apple Cidar candle as we gather around my coffee table that will hold the cozy cookbook to play catchphrase. Of course, not to mention I may convince dad to cook a recipe out of that book while he enjoys the delicious holiday sangria I’ll be making off of your blog post!

    Email: jennamorati@gmail.com

  102. I’m looking forward to spending time with friends and family! I have a ton of family flying in and this is my last Christmas at home before moving across the country to California – so I’m going to treasure every last moment!
    Email: iheartbacn at gmail.com

  103. I am so excited to see family that I haven’t seen in a while and help in the kitchen with my mom and all my aunts!

  104. Hi Sazan!

    I’m most excited about getting together with my best friends from high school (we graduated 3 years ago) and have our annual Secret Santa Xmas Dinner! It’s always fun to see them, because many of them study abroad, so we only see each other twice a year or so! It’d be fun to get the recipe book, to see what kind of fun stuff we can make for the dinner!

    email: irenebledezma@gmail.com

  105. It’s my favourite time of the year! Love spending time with family & visiting relatives. It’s the one year we can all be together (we are one big Kurdish family lol) we always watch the old classics on tv & just eating a lot of home made food & cakes
    My email sasan_89@hotmail.co.uk

  106. I look forward to spending Thanksgiving and Christmas with my husband. He has usually been deployed with the army and unable to be with me for the holidays. This is a rare treat that he will be home this year. Yipee.
    Email: lg98jv11@gmail.com

  107. I am looking forward to cold weather, hot chocolate, great food and catching up with family I have not seen in a while!

  108. I am planning to visit Istanbul with my husband! And, do all my winter-shopping there! My husband and I love food, and Turkey is very well-known for its delicious food recipes. Can’t wait to try their delicious fish! love you gorgeous Saz and say Hi to your Husband! Email Adress: farhad.juan@gmail.com

  109. Holidays always feel special and it’s memorable to spend with family and friends. This year I am excited to decorate my place, invite my friends and have fun and sing carols , cuddle on the couch , share thoughts and memories and feel just amazing .I thank God for giving me friends that have become my family away from home. Wishing you all a great holiday spirit this year – Jessy (jessyjde@gmail.com)

  110. Hi Sazan,
    Hate to be a buzzkill but this year, I am most looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with my family with it potentially being the last one with my grandmother. We’re a huge middle eastern family and there is maybe even a chance we don’t end up celebrating if anything goes wrong. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it’s the time of year my youth group students from church and I give back to the community. This Sunday I will be turning 21 and we have all decided to go hand out care packages to the homeless. With all the chaos going on in the country right now, it’s definitely the right thing to do and we all look forward to it every year. Well anyways, I wish you and your husband a wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday season. God Bless you on your amazing journey!

  111. I look forward to most, is to spend time with my loved ones, eat beautiful food, indulge in great conversation and yummy treats;) , catching up with everyone’s busy lives, it’s a time of the year we all make a grand effort to fully be there, put away cell phones after a few selfies and engage…. Play games and just be in each others presence…life is short, and every moment counts, I can’t wait to make more memories with all the most precious people in my life… I wish you a beautiful holiday with your loved ones, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for this beautiful giveaway… XO

  112. Definitely looking forward to spending time with my family, starting a new tradition of decorating the Christmas tree as a whole family (cousins and all) after indulging in an awesome food, because girl, I’m Mexican &&& we love to eat. Also, just recognizing how blessed we are to be able to come together as one to celebrate having each other.

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