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So as you guys have probably noticed, I am always posting pictures of DW Home’s Richly Scented Candles.
I think I actually have a problem…I’m literally addicted to these candles! I’ll buy them even when I have plenty left at the house because they really are the best richly scented candles I’ve ever burned. I have a stockpile of candles in my storage cabinets to prove it. These candles actually hold sentimental value, though! Keep reading…
When Steve and I were first dating in college, I noticed he had one burning at his place. It smelled sooo good and I was instantly drawn. He amazed me when he told me that he’d gotten the candle at Marshall’s! Say what?? A man with a good sense of smell AND he knows how to bargain shop? I knew right then I had hit the jackpot (both in men and in candles hehe).
Over the years, I’ve tried other candles that are more expensive and even “renowned” (I won’t say any names), but they never did the job as promised. I haven’t found a single brand that I like better than DW Home’s. I think the secret to their candles being so awesome is that they’re soy (so they burn really clean) and last longer. The vanilla bean scent is one of my FAVORITES – it’s exactly what a home should smell like when you walk in. We always get compliments from guests and they’re completely surprised when I tell them how affordable they are.
Anyways, if you follow me on Snapchat (@sazanbarzani), you probably saw when I absolutely freaked out the other week because I discovered that DW Home had an Instagram! I pulled the blogger card and totally reached out because these candles are hard to find in stores and I wanted to share them with you (and get a few freebies for myself ha!) So excited for this GIVEAWAY because I know you will love the candles just as much as I do. I’m giving TWO Sazcribers a chance to win some candles. Each winner will receive THREE beautiful candles for their home! Get that nose ready because it’s about to smell good up in here.
Enter to win 3 DW Home’s Candles below (Remember, two people will win!):
1. Subscribe to my blog HERE. If you’re doing this for the first time, check your email to confirm subscription.
2. Comment below on this post & share which room(s) in your place need major new candles!
***UPDATE: Congratulations to my two winners, Aida Jabbouri and Krystal Valles! You will be contacted today on how to claim your candles 🙂 Many more giveaways to come! Thank you all for participating!***
If you can’t wait and want to see all of the awesome scents – feel free to shop DW Home’s awesome selection here. Below are some of my current favorite scents!
dw home, candle, richly scented candles, richly scented, marshalls, tj maxx, sazan, lifestyle, home, shop, giveaway, summer, soy candles, the best, how to find, shopping, affordable finds, vanilla bean, summer, best scents, fragrances
Since it’s summer, my favorite season, I was thinking about doing a weekly giveaway of current product obsazzions every week. Is this something you guys wanna see? Comment below and let me know! 🙂

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  1. OMG I LOVE CANDLES! The one in my room just finished and i need a new one!! So yes, my bedroom needs new candles! i’ve subscribed to your blog already a few months back! 🙂

  2. Sazan, I love your YT, you’re such a positive person and your videos always make my day. And my living room would need a new candle. Till next time ???? xx

  3. The living room and bedroom are a must for candles. Love putting one on the vanity for late night snuggles with the hubby as well. ????

  4. Love the look of the candles and would love to smell them too ???? My whole house needs a candle upgrade ???? Seriously though ????

  5. I love these candles! Always a good excuse to hit up marshalls. My bathroom needs new candles as my husband knows its the rule when he leaves it ????????????

  6. Literally my favorite candles ever !!! Definitely could use a new one for my bathroom and kitchen. I always buy these when I spot them at marshalls or tj maxx. The bestttt & I just subscribed to your blog. 🙂

  7. I live in a studio so basically I would say my whole studio needs candles !
    I have an extremely developed sense of smell (don’t ask me why..) so I have always been drawn to scented natural candles, encens, essential oils, fragrances, etc. They are my favorite things in the world since I feel like I can really appreciate the smell!

    I’ve been subscribed to your blog for a few months now 🙂

    Love you Saz xx


  8. I live with roomies so I usually use candles in my room, but also our living room is so cozy – red sofas, wood floors, and a fireplace – that candles smell heavenly in there too!

  9. I loooove these candles! At one point the Marshall’s near me had a whole bunch and I bought SIX (one for each scent they had). I’m completely out now and could use some candles for my living room!

  10. Omg!! I would love some of these. I have already spent over $300 on these candles. I cleaned out two different TJ Maxx stores here in Nashville and one in Arkansas on a trip! Hehe. Anyway I am all out of the 4oz. and only have one larger candle left in my storage closet! I need one in my living room please! I am a sazscriber already!!!

  11. As I just bought my first house…I do believe that calls for new candles for every room!! 😀 New house=new candles! And all of the scents sound like they smell SO good!

  12. Hi Sazan!

    You’ve sold me on how lovely these candles are!! I love soy candles and it is so tricky finding a good, clean scent that’s not too weak or too overpowering. I light candles every night in my family room when I wind down from the day and watch a little show or movie at night before bed. I could use some new scents in there, and from that room, they fill up my apartment. 🙂

    Thank you for considering me!

  13. I’m obsessed with candles! I’m getting married soon and would love to have some new candles to spice up my soon-to-be hubby and I’s new home!! Especially for the kitchen and living room to make for a nice cozy feel!

  14. First things first, thank you for the tips!i’m currently going through major changes in my life and need a candle upgrade!i need these bad boys in my room and living room. Im a candle freak and have tried almost all of them except for these! unbelievable right?!

  15. Just moved into a new house so I’d love to have some fresh new candles to burn around the house (especially our sunroom where the puppies will be!). Yay for giveaways!!

  16. I love how quickly candles make a house feel so cozy! I would keep a candle for my bedroom and stick one in my brothers because we all know how smelly guys can be! My mom would love to keep one in the living room as well 🙂 it’s always comforting walking into a room that smells wonderful!

  17. Just subscribed! Love your Instagram feed 🙂 I love candles too! I have a toddler, so my house often smells like a mix of diapers, Clorox bleach and goldfish crackers…I need help to cover up baby smells that are taking over my house! Hoping my place will smell like a flowery meadow with the help of these DW Home Candles ???? Thanks Sazan!

  18. I will move to a new place and I need new candles to start, you know.. new place, new candles, new environment. Kisses Sazan!

  19. These are my favorite! I don’t buy my candles anywhere besides Homegoods, Marshalls or TJ Maxx – you can’t beat their prices. I need new candles for my bathroom – I’m bath-aholic. I also love to have them in entrance area + on my vanity when I’m getting ready. I love using different scents for each area of my home based on the mood I want to be in!

  20. My living room needs new candles – its right next to the kitchen and whenever my mum cooks the smell drifts right into there. Haha.
    Aliyah xxx

  21. I’ve recently moved into a new flat and I need to make it smell like home. I would keep two candles in my bedroom, and one in the living room.
    I have subscribed too 🙂

    Mich x

  22. Omg!!!! I’m in dire need of good scented candles in my home!! I have my little newborn (born May 18th) who… Let’s just say her diaper scent… Ain’t the prettiest ???????? the way you described these candles — definitely sounds like they’re stinky odor removers ????????
    Plus, what better way to enjoy them, than with the family ???? Thank you!!!

  23. I’m in major need of a candle upgrade for my bathroom and bedroom! I love candles but haven’t found a brand that has staying power, I want it to linger throughout my whole house! Vanilla bean is one of my favorite scents when it comes to candles and I might have to hunt this brand down at Marshall’s. 🙂
    Thank you for recommending this line and I can’t wait to smell there scents!❣

  24. I love these candles they’re simply amazing. My daughter and I would love to win your contest she and I watch your videos together and we both enjoy watching sweetie grow.

    Birthday cakes is our favorite (we light it in her room for bath and bed time) when we blow out the candle we always make a wish because it’s “birthday cake!”

    We could put the DW candle anywhere in out home and it would smell amazing. But I think I would put it in my office for when I work from home.

    Thanks! You’re so beautiful inside and out and I love your energy. #snapfam

  25. I love it Saz! I’m a huge fan of candles too <3
    My bedroom need this haha, it is my favorite place where I can relax after a long day of work and this will be perfect! 😉
    Thanks for sharing this, love you <3

  26. Hi Sazan! This is such a great giveaway!!! I think candles are such a perfect way to create a welcoming environment in your home. I just recently turned my “bachelor pad” bedroom into a beautiful place by just using what I had and buying a few new things like a new duvet cover, pillows, and silk flowers. If I won I would use the candles in my room and also in my living room <3 thank you!!!

  27. Subscribed & obsessed!!! These candles sound amazing & I could definitely use a few new candles in my living room, kitchen, and bathroom!!! Fingers crossed I get lucky 🙂

  28. I know you said you won’t name any names, but if it rhymes with Riptyque, I completely agree (which is a shame because their Eau fragrances are wonderful). I’ve been on the hunt for some candles that are aromatic enough to fill my favorite spaces, and I think my husbands man cave could use a couple, so that’s where I’d put these if I won. Will def check out Marshalls for some as well. Are they also sold at TJ Maxx?

  29. Hey Sazan!

    Greetings from a huge English fan and fellow dog lover. In fact the reason that I want to win these candles is because of my dog and cats! Having three animals in the house is chaos so I recently bought them a natural calming diffuser to try and calm them down and also to soothe my puppy who has separation anxiety. Big win on the animal front but big lose on the fragrance front! It smells horrific so please Saz I need some fragrance therapy to counteract the animal therapy!!

  30. Sazan!

    I’m obsessed with candles! My living room,
    My dressing room/makeup room and my bathroom would love to have new candles! These look and probably smell amazing! My husband thinks I’m nuts because I’m always trying to find good smelling and long lasting candles… Hehehe
    I am a Sazcriber and a huge Sazfan!
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  31. I would probably keep one or two in my mom’s rooms since she’s always so stressed! And then a few in the living room which is where I usually study, I’ve always found that candles help me relax and focus.. And candles are always so beautiful to light up on a rainy day while cozied up on the couch <3
    P.S great idea for a giveaway! Happily suscribed xo

  32. I’m always in search of great affordable candles. It’s kinda embarrassing how much I’m willing to spend on one! You’ve sold me on DW Home! If I win these one will go in living room – I mean, who wouldn’t want to walk into a great smelling room. Another will go on my patio table because my fiance and I love having dinners and hanging out there. Lastly, the bedroom of course. Candles just add that extra touch of romantical vibe!Good luck everyone but I hope I win 😉

  33. Hi sazan! I love your blog and I love you.

    My bedroom and living room probably, lol, I just love candles so I’m so happy about this giveaway 🙂

  34. Every. Single. Room. I don’t know if it’s just a woman thing but I am obsessed with yummy smelling things! Don’t want my apartment smelling like stinky kitty..

  35. I’m obsessed with candles and these ones are so cute!???? Marshalls and TJ maxx are my all time favorite to shop at so I’ll definitely be on the lookout for these next time I go???? I could use a new candle in my living room!

  36. I would love to use these candles in my kitchen. My husband and I live in a great small apartment in the city, but cook one meal and the whole apartment smells like food. ????

  37. I loveee DW candles! I got my first one at college and haven’t been able to find one since! It was the hickory scent which was just the right amount of feminine with a musky touch. I have a dog who sheds a lot so I would need some candles in my living room and bedroom where she loves to cuddle.

  38. OMG, I’m totally obsessed with candles too!! ???????? I light them up when it gets dark outside in a summer or when I study in autumn, not forgetting the holiday season which is impossible to imagine without the scent of candles! ???? I like to have a few in every room but right now my bedroom needs some! And the idea of summer weekly giveaway is awesome! ????

  39. My bathroom and room need this candles!!!! ???????????? I wanna make
    People jealous of how delicious these candles will smell ☺️????

  40. Let me start of by saying that it is comforting to know that I am not the only one with a candle obsession! I was starting to worry about myself. 🙂 At my house, everyone tends to gather around the kitchen area, so I usually focus on that area when placing candles. The entryway to the house is also a popular spot. Whether I win the giveaway or not, I would love to know where to get these! What is one more candle going to hurt? (Or 6) 🙂

  41. Girl I love you and everything you have to offer in these giveaways because you never steer me wrong. I may sound crazy but everytime I watch your videos I feel like we are soul sister. You’re so positive and Ray of sunshine. I would love to try these candles as I am always on the hunt for great candles and have settled for Bath and body Works as well as Henrik Bendel candles. I love to use them in the kitchen after I cook (I hate the smell of food floating around) and I love them in my living room when my guests walk in and in my bedroom for relaxation. Please hook a sister up! Lol. Xoxo, Emma Roman.

  42. Hey! You have totally sold me on these candles! I’m going to try and find them where I live 🙂
    I’m such a candle person. I need new candles for the bedrooms and bath. Love that you’re doing a weekly giveaway!! You’re awesome!! ????

  43. I need candles for my kitchen, bedroom and living room 🙂 I’ve never tried soy candles, but have heard SO many good things!

  44. I have never tried these candles before! I would love a candle either in my room or the living room.

  45. My bedrooms need candles! Love them so much but haven’t been able to find ones that were reasonably priced and long lasting.

  46. I love these candles too! My favorite one is Fresh Cut Gardenia, but I’d love to try other scents. I can always use a candle in my entryway, and restroom, oh and my living room too! Ha 😉

  47. Not sure why it has taken me so long to subscribe! I love watching your videos, they truly are the highlight to my days! I always say that if I could be anyone in the world, I’d choose to be you lol! Anyway, I am in the process of getting my new apartment and would love to be able to have my own, unique scent!
    Xoxo, Lucy

  48. I would love to have those candles, because I love different scents. I would put my candles in my bedroom and my living room cause I love walking into a room that looks and also smells divine!

  49. I have to look for these at Marshall’s next time I go. My living room def needs a new candle. It’s a semi open layout so if I put one in the living room the whole house will get the lovely scent.
    PS – I just subscribed.

  50. My lovey has a great sense of smell too! He always brings me home candals because he knows how much I love them! I’d put these in my living room and bedroom! You are amazing!
    Until next time muah muah!

  51. Just like you Sazan, I love, love candles! I would burn the candles in our main living room where our sweet bulldog Arthur like to hang out! My husband and I normally have a candle on all day every day.☺️

  52. Hi Sazan!
    I am already a big fan of DW Home candles – they are HEAVENLY. I currently burn Peony Petals on my nightstand while I wind down for the night.
    I would love to win this giveaway because I am moving into my first place by myself and I would like some candles right by the front door to make my place smell more inviting and homey. Besos!

  53. Just subscribed! Love special candles and now I am so intrigued about these! The vanilla, coconut, etc yum. Moving to a new home this week and definitely would love to try new scents and amp up the candle game to feel cozy in the living, kitchen, and bedrooms as I start unpacking 100 boxes!


  55. Oh my! I’ve gotta get the peony one! Just got married with peonies everywhere! Would be great to have this candle in our home to help remember the day! ❤️❤️❤️

  56. Hi Sazan!
    Great idea for a giveaway! I live alone in a one-bedroom apartment. Sometimes it can be very lonely and doesn’t feel much like “home.” So I use candles to give my apartment a good lived-in feel, so when you mentioned the Vanilla Bean is exactly what a home should smell like, it really resonated with me. I would love to have some new scents to fill my home (apartment)!
    Looking forward to more GREAT content from you 🙂

  57. I love candles!!! As of right now, I need a new candle in every one of my rooms; I’m moving to a new home which means redecorating and adding a new signature scent to my new home(: I am definitely going to check these candles out! ????

  58. I’m so glad I’m not the only one obsessed with these! The Marshall’s near me always has an amazing stockpile – so clutch! I’m going to have to take your word and try the vanilla bean scent…or maybe I’ll luck out with this giveaway! I would love some new scents for my bedroom. 🙂

  59. Woo hoo to candles! And especially soy candles! I recently went Vegan and in addition am trying to “simplify” all other products I use because everything has all those toxins and chemicals! Soy candles would be an excellent addition, all over my house!! Ps. I love you and Stevie, you guys are hillarious in your videos!❤️

  60. Love these candles! I would put one of them on my coffee table and the other in my master bath! Thank you Saz! 🙂

  61. First off (and unrelated), I cannot wait for your newsletter to officially kick-off. I have a 5-month old little girl so the candles will come in handy in the bedroom for those diaper changes and in the bathroom for a little r&r.

  62. I love love LOVE candles, and I’m totally on the same page in regards to stock piling because you never know when you’re going to need another one! My favorite part about candles are reading the names and inferring the smell. Candles smell so great at the first whiff, but once you light them the scent because way more rich! My favorite room to light candles is in my living room- because there’s nothing better than being wrapped up on the couch, watching Netflix and chilling, with a warm aroma in the air! Super excited to dive in and figure out which scent of DW’s Candles I’ll be “obsazzed” with-hehe! ????


  63. I’m signed up, but haven’t received any newsletters – am I supposed to? I love candles, too! I think I would prefer to have the candles in my bedroom; something tropical! 😀

  64. Loving your blog!
    I love lighting a candle in my bathroom while I shower or take a bath. It’s so relaxing. Also, my bedroom and kitchen I always need a candle to help freshen up the room and make them smell nice!

  65. These do smell amazing! Found them at tjmaxx too! Im in need of candles in my room since my brother came home from college that manly smell is stanking up our room! :/

  66. I would love to have new candles so I can place them in my beauty room and room, I’m just recently organizing and putting everything together, I would really appreciate it!!! Love you Sazan xoxo

  67. Im excited to try out these candles! I love candles and im always looking for new ones to try out. Thanks for the recommendation i would most likely be burning this in the bedroom.

  68. Thank you Sazan for this great giveaway!I would love to put the candles in my living room, or my bedroom!Any room really! ???? XO ❤

  69. I love candles! My living room is definitely in need of some new ones…and these would be perfect for it!

  70. The kitchen NEEDS candles! With the strong ethnic east Indian cooking happening everyday that onion scent needs to be replaced!

  71. I have never in my life lit a candle in my room so this would be a totally new experience for me. My boyfriend and I have just moved into a new apartment. Everything is in boxes now so it’s not all that cozy yet…but it would be amazing to give our new home a lovely smell! Thank you Sazan for thinking about you sazzcribers! ????

  72. Hi Sazan!
    I’m moving into an apartment for the first time and would LOVE some candles for my living room, bedroom, and bathroom!
    Thank you 🙂

  73. I love candles but have not had the pleasure to try this brand. Thank you for putting this giveaway together for a chance to maybe smell these candles you so love. I would love to put a candle in my bedroom for when the new baby arrives next month, one in my pre-teens room and one in my entry way so people waking into our house can have a wiff.

  74. I love me a good candle but like you said… They can be pretty pricey! My last investment finished a few months ago and I have been too broke to afford a new one and I got so so so excited when I saw this post on IG! I love using them everywhere but can chose to restrict them to the bedroom during the evenings to help me relax and unwind in general.

  75. I love your blog and love watching the videos of you and Stevie. Such a cute and fun couple! My bathroom and living room need new candles for sure.

  76. I would love to put more candles in my bathroom for relaxing baths and more in my living room and bedroom.

  77. Candles create so much love, light, and warmth! I LOVE EM! these scents sound amazing & not to mention i love the packaging – my living room and bedroom and dining room need some candle love ! Thanks for being so fun and inspiring with your blog <3<3

  78. We’re moving into a one bedroom apartment so there’s not many options for where to put them lol. But I’m desperately looking for something to cozy up the space and I’m a candle addict! (:

  79. Sazan,

    These are my favorite candles!!!!!!!! I always use them in my bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room lol I am obsessed with them. I use them literally everyou where! I even bring one on my trips… Thanks for two opportunity….


  80. I love candles because it brings such an empty place some character and it also brings the room cozy. Anybody who goes to my home thinks it’s very warm and very homey because of the candles. I love all kinds right now I’m into the Hawaiian since it does a have a summer vibe in my home

  81. My office/den needs the candles because that’s where I spend most of my time and I love the scent of candles! I just subscribed, too.
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  82. I’m obsessed with candles and wax warmers, because I love coming inside my room or bathroom, and being able to relax as soon as I turn them on, so I would definitely put ones there!

  83. I am so excited right now, oh my God!!! I always put my candles in my bedroom as they help me unwind after a long and stressful day. I light them and watch some TV which is so good for my soul. It definitely helps me relax which is all I look forward to in a candle. I love you Sazan. You and Stevie are goals af <3

  84. I LOVE your blog. I’m redecorating my bedroom and would kill for some nice candles to add that relaxation to the space. How cool!

  85. Hi Saz! Omg this is such a great opportunity!! Thank you very much for this giveaway, you can’t imagine how much it means to all of us your friends! I just redecorated my room and it looks so pretty and I’ve always loved scents. You can’t imagine how many incense sticks I have and I’ve always searched for good candles but they never did the job as promised 🙁 Did you know that the earliest scented candles were from India and were composed of cinnamon? It would mean the world to me having those candles which have been proved from you, the most beautiful beauty expert <3 keep up the good work girl! Xoxo

  86. Omg I want to try these candles! I always try new candles from Marshalls but I haven’t found the one brand that convinces me 100%. I would love these candles for my room and living room 🙂 fresh scents after work or a hard day is the best — along with some healthy munchies :).


  87. I am a subscriber – and my bedroom definitely needs new candles! I need to transport somewhere peaceful…

  88. Work has been stressful and I’d love some relaxing scents in my office and bedroom to unwind at night.

  89. I became a subscriber via e-mail! And I’m moving out in a few months so I’m trying to stockpile candles to fill my new apartment with! 🙂

  90. I definitely need some candles in my bedroom and kitchen! I’ve recently been experimenting with cooking salmon and cannot for the life of me get the fish smell out of the house! I definitely could use some new candles to help mask my cooking mistakes!

  91. “Obsazzed ” and “Sazscribed”! I absolutely love candles and I have tried so many but never have tried these!! My hubby and I have been married just about 5 years and have been together 16 years! When we first got married we always like to spend our nights cozying up together and burning candles while sipping on some wine and watching our fav shows (we still do.) We just got our first house together and would love to fill our new home with candle yummies especially our family room, scent transports you to wonderful memories that you’ve made with loved ones and we would love to make with these beautiful candles. Thanks for running these contests! I think a giveaway every week would be great! ????????

  92. My bedroom and the Kitchen badly need new candles! Thank you so much! I subscribed and am excitedly waiting to win

  93. Awesome giveaway! I’d love a few new candles for my bedroom and bathroom! My chill out spots 🙂

  94. My hubby and I decided to spend all summer in Cali! We packed up our fam of five (our son and our two fur babies) and left this scorching LV summer for the pacific coast! Half way through the our trip we decided to take topanga canyon instead of the freeway home from the beach and by the end of the curvy/ windy/long road I made him pull over because well, I was sick! Haha … We went home and I said to myself ” I NEVER get car sick” , like never ! Road trips are by far my favorite but for some reason even after I threw up on the side of the road to an audience of junior high kids???? the nausea never subsided. I decided Togo to the nearest grocerie store and get a pregnancy test and a bottle of soda water , and well it came back positive!ahhhh family of 6 ????, is this real!! Well now I’m 11 weeks preggo and the only thing that is helping my crazy smell sense are my soy whole food candles and the daily ginger pill! I am addicted to finding soy candles now, they literally save my life from throwing up everyday from the kitchen smells when my hubby is cooking up an Italian storm haha! Oh how I miss food ????????☕️???????????????????? haha. *finger crossed* XO I will definitely be searching for these too, thanks S!

  95. My family is always raging about these candles! I’ve smelled the peony petals before and I fell in love with it ????. Of course, the bathroom is always a must for candles. The bedroom is a great place for candles when you just want to chillax and read a book or watch a movie. Love the candles, love your blog!

  96. This is such a generous and exciting giveaway!! I will be moving into my new apartment next month and would love these candles to fill up my bedroom and kitchen – there is nothing more comforting and cozy than a wonderful scent in your home!

  97. Hi there! When I saw this post, I got so exited. I am also obsessed with candles because I love how they can change the atmosphere of a room instantly. I would put those candles to my bedroom and maybe give one of them to my big sister because she is also obsessed with candles!

  98. Hi sweet Sazan, 2 days ago I packed because we were movie to a new house with my husband and son. What happened that my husband lifted the box em with my candles in it and all fell on the ground. Now my candles all were Brocken. So I would love to have new candles for my new house instead, would be great to decorate them on my beautiful living room table. Thanks for this great giveaway yehhhhh xoxo

  99. Weekly giveaways would be great! I love DW’s Warm Tobacco Pipe scent! I prefer woodsy/earthy/masculine scents in my home (but not pachouli- hello freshman year college hippy days). I find them less harsh on the senses and more inviting, rather than a sweet or floral scent. I have one on my mantel, living room, bathroom, get ready room, bedroom and 5 deep stockpile in my credenza. I guess you could say I am addicted as well. 🙂

  100. This giveaway is amazingggg! Candles are definitely my thing! I would love to win two to place in my living room and bedroom of course!! 🙂

  101. I am not sure what it particularly that draws me (and people like us)to candles, but I think it is more than smell. Candles makes a room feel cozy, a home feel like home.. They are an effortless yet rewarding way of decorating. Like they do for you, Sazan, and other Sazcribers here, they also have a sentimental meaning for me. I got into “collecting” candles when I fell in love for the first time. My SO at the time bought a big candle for me for our first Christmas and then from then on for every special occasion there was always a new candle added to the collection. Unfortunately the relationship ended but the friendship continued and so did the candles..

    My favorite place to burn candles is in my bedroom while reading a book at night (with a glass of wine I might add). One of my favorite passtimes!

  102. I need new candles for our entryway. I love having a beautiful smelling candle lit right as guests walk into my home.

  103. These are calling my name! I definitely need some new candles for my bathroom — i just moved into a house with a jet tub so I need to give it the spa vibe! 🙂 Crossing my fingers for the giveaway!

  104. I would place a candle in my bedroom, kitchen and great room. Love candles. I am already a sazcriber. Thanks for doing the giveaway! Love your blog.

  105. I have an obsessions with candles and haven’t tried these out yet. I definitely would put the candles in my living room. When guest come in I love yummy smelling candles to be the first thing they smell! Thanks for doing all these giveaways!

  106. Love! I seriously could spend all day in the candle isle at Target! The first thing I do when I come home is light all my candles. I always need fresh new scents in my living are and kitchen. I love to have them burning while I cook! xo

  107. Okay let me get in on this action! I would LOVE to put one of these babies in my bathroom, in my living room on the coffee table and on my night stand in my bedroom. Thanks for sharing these, excited to try.

  108. I have always loved candles! Lots of my friends have the battery-operated ones, but nothing compares to REAL burning candles. I always have one burning in my kitchen, and any room in my house could use a new one.

  109. I recently moved out into my own little condo in gorgeous Southern California after going through two years of heartache and trial. But by the grace of God (enter praise hand emoji here), I am moving on and loving my new place. Candles are one of my favorite items of home decor and I love finding a good deal! I would love to win this giveaway to keep my cute little home smelling inviting and delicious 🙂

  110. Hi Saz!
    First I wanna say how excited I am for this giveaway because I have always been absolutely obsessed with smells but also DW’s candles! I usually frequent Marshalls about once or twice every week (or maybe dragged by my dad, he’s obsessed) and usually end up leaving with some clothes along with a new candle or two. I think they have a great array of different smells and brands, however, just as you said I find that the DW brand definitely burns super clean and the scent just seems to last! I would love love love to get some freebies. I would put them in my room, bathroom, and my living room. My room because its always hot even with the air on so that just ends badly. My bathroom… obviously. Last but not least my living room because I love when I have company over and they notice the smell and then it just leads me to talk about my obsession and everyone likes a good conversation about candles right? Maybe that’s just me but that’s ok too! Thanks for the chance Saz, talk to you soon!

  111. Okay so first off let me start by saying, what girl doesn’t love bargain shopping for nice things! I’m actually surprised I wasn’t sazscribed before since I read your blog and follow you on social media actively. (So just by sazscribing I already won! haha!) BUT I would love to add this candle next to my new vanity my college sweetheart DIY’d for me for my birthday yesterday. It would definitely be a yummy smelling addition to my vanity. 🙂

  112. I become seriously ridiculous when I meet a great smelling candle! I’ll definitely be searching for these on my own now, thanks for the information! Every room in my place needs new candles!

  113. Love this giveaway! I would use these in my bedroom and kitchen the most! I love smelling a great candle on a Saturday morning while drinking coffee and browsing blogs.

  114. These are my absolute favorite candles!! I always keep one burning in my bathroom and living room, especially when I have guests over. There’s no better feeling than walking into a home that smells amazing. You immediately feel comfortable and welcomed 🙂 Thank you for sharing this giveaway ????

  115. My bedroom and bathroom need new candles. These are so pretty. Thanks so much.

  116. I’ve never used these candles before but I am obsessed with having candles around the apartment! 🙂 My living room is in need of one 😉 I would LOVE to try the birthday cake one.

  117. The main room that needs it the most is my living room. Its the main room my boyfriend and son hangout in the most and we want it to smell good at all times especially because for some reason my boyfriend loves to put his sweaty Jiu jitsu clothes in that room as soon as we enter the living room, so annoying. I’ve never tried these candles so it would be a fun thing to try.

  118. I would love to try some new candles! In my bedroom next to my bed, and in the kitchen are my 2 favorite places to keep candles!!!

    I think weekly giveaways would be awesome!

  119. I’ve been following you on snapchat and insta, love your personality and style! My living room is need of new candles because it’s where we spend most of our time!

  120. That packaging is beautiful! I’m always looking for candles for our living area. Our home is small enough that the scent carries well from there to most of the other rooms.

  121. I would definitely say that the living room needs candles. I want our friends/family to smell the candles as soon as they walk into the apartment! 🙂

  122. Hi girl! You might need to help this mama out with those smell good candles! I’ve been looking for something to help bring warmth into our new California home. I get homesick A LOT because I just moved here from Iowa with my loving husband and 3 year old son about a year ago. We moved here for my husbands job and I miss my family dearly. Funny part is, it’s the SMELL and noises I miss the most. I can fill you in on the noise part later but I insure you it has a lot to do with laughter. But the smells of my moms house always put me at ease. She too had obsession for candles. I would LOVE to bring a new scent into our home to help create new memories for not only me but so my son can have a memory of how his mamas house always smelt. With that being said, definitely one CANDLE is needed in my living room where all the family time takes place. I would say my Kitchen would be next and lastly… Right by my tub for all those relaxing bubble baths. ???? Eeek, can’t wait to hear the winner.

  123. I love DW candles! Every time I am at Marshalls or TJ Maxx I run over and smell them all – my favorite so far has been the Apple Honey Butter, I got it around the holidays last year and it was that perfect “warm home” smell – so good!

    I have been needing a new candle for our living room so I am all about this!

  124. Omg candles!!!!!! I would love to try these candles! My living room and bathroom are in need of a candle at the moment!! I love you Saz! You are my favorite youtuber I love your style!!

  125. I would use these candles in my bathroom where I have a jacuzzi tub! (honestly I can already myself relaxing in the tub with the bubbles to the top, the lights dim, and the scented candles burning…ugh! I just want to do that right now! :)) I’d also use them in my patio, believe it or not. I have a lot of friends over, and usually we swim in my pool, but after the night starts to settle in, we sit in the gazebo and eat and talk. I would keep the candles burning to brighten up everything! It would be amazing 🙂 I could already imagine the convo we’d be having because all we can concentrate on is how GOOD they smell! ;)) LOVE YA SAZ <3 <3 Thanks for the giveaway opportunity and keep being amazing <3

  126. Hi Sazan!

    You are always so sweet to think of us when pulling your blogger card. 😉 When will there be an option to “smell through the screen”, am I right!? A birthday cake scent, are you kidding me? Sounds so heavenly. I live in a studio apartment in Chicago & would love to add these as an extra special touch to make it more homey (not to mention, my boyfriend’s place could use a fresh aroma, too, lol). P.S. You & Stevie need to visit Chitown sometime, I know you’d both love it!

    xx – Mel

  127. Awww would love pretty smelling candles in just about every room in our home but especially the bedroom…what could be nicer than beautiful scents as we’re relaxing and getting ready for Zzzzzzzz’s.

  128. I kind of have a candle hoarding problem. Oops! But I just believe that you can NEVER have too many candles!! I’m obsessed with all things vanilla. My bedroom needs a major candle overhaul!

  129. Hi! I would put these candles in my bedroom because its where I get the most work done; I’m a nursing student, working, and all of my reading + YouTube browsing 😉

    love you loads Saz!

  130. Omg lucky me! I JUST found your blog, after a whole day of reserching the “How to” on starting one of my own, and found your blog video! I LOVE the style of your blog and am so excited to read more and get inspired! I would put these candles in probably every room of my appartment that Im moving into for college this fall 😀

  131. I’m a total animal lover so naturally I consider candles to be a gift from the gods! I like to furnish every room in my house, mostly my living room, with candles. It’s the greatest compliment for a girl who has two dogs and a cat!

  132. I LOVE candles!! I am so glad my mother in law loves them too so we are always burning them around the house! Our kitchen, bathroom, and living room could use a new candle! 🙂

  133. I’m obssesed with candles! I’m always on a hunt for good candles for my bedroom and living room 🙂

  134. My fiance keeps yelling at me every time I buy new candles, which happens to be very very frequently … oh well! I do need some in my makeup room/dogs bedroom so it doesn’t smell so much like dog!

  135. I’m always looking for new candles as well! My bedroom definitely needs a new one!

  136. Those are pretty looking candles. Here, we use candles as home decors and to feel relaxed. The candles I am using is permanent and it doesnt melt. I am talking about Candeberg LED candles from Amazon. They could be a great Christmas presents for your loved ones.

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