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We’re living in a world where it’s easier to quit on relationships instead of practicing new and exciting ways to strengthen them. Why is that? Maybe the solution is putting our phones down for an hour to actually discuss what’s going on. Maybe it’s taking the time on a busy day to simply stop, look your man in the eyes and say – I Love You babe. Maybe it’s both. In a fast-paced technology driven world I too forget to sometimes stop and smell the roses. Before I got married, Stevie and I decided to participate in a pre-marital program to teach us about life and love before we said the magic words of ‘I do’ (the one we did). I’m so glad we decided to do that. The biggest thing I took from that program was understanding that no matter how busy life gets, it’s so crucial to make time for each other.
Every month Stevie and I go out to a nice dinner and talk about our marriage. We compile a list of questions that we both have mutually agreed on to openly rate and discuss. Whether you’re married or not, I totally recommend trying this exercise to strengthen your relationship. You can rate and write your answers on a piece of paper (or a napkin!) by using the 1-10 scale.  For example, how would you rate the quality time we’ve had together this past month? You can even be more specific by asking each other, how would you rate me in bed? The whole purpose of this exercise is to be honest. It isn’t to argue and put each other down. The goal to keep in mind is: How can I be better going into this next month? It’s these life moments continue to tremendously strengthen our marriage. Try it!
Here’s another fun exercise. Surprise emailing your partner a relationships Q&A that he has to answer in 2 sentences or less! Here’s the latest one I did with my Hubby!!
Q: What song makes you think of me right now? Why?
A: Room in here by Anderson Paak. This is a song we’ve been jamming lately together. I noticed you liked it so now I think of you when I hear it.
Q: What is my best feature in your opinion? 😉
A: Your eyes truly captivate me.
Q: Favorite food I’ve recently cooked?
A: FAMOUS Turkey Chilli. I always need seconds and thirds!
Q: What is one thing I can do for you that would bring a big smile to your face?
A:Hmmm, definitely always a sucker for a back scratch. You’re undivided attention is my all time fave though 😉
Q: What annoys you the most about me? (Come on! I can take it!!!)
A: You loud boo. Always yelling across the house.
Q: When do you feel most loved by me?
A: Thats a secret…
Q: What are 3 countries you would like to visit.
A: Iceland, Kurdistan, Japan
Q: What would you say is my favorite thing about you?
A: My sense of humor.
Q: What is one thing I don’t know about you?
A: I can’t think of anything!
Q: What is your favorite memory of us together since I’ve known you?
A: Wedding day… EASY. Well.. and honeymoon.
Q: Where do you see us in 5 years?
A: 2 kids.. Living in a cozy house in Socal :D. Who knows!?
Q: How have you seen me change since we’ve been married?
A: You’ve become a woman 😉
Q: What is your most difficult challenge right now?
A: Continuing to find passion in everyday situations. Living life with determination to accomplish certain things.
Q: Name 5 things on your life list.
A: Have a few kids with you, Maintain a healthy marriage, Love God and Family, Be a good friend, Love people.
Q: What has been the greatest weakness of our marriage?
A: Patience. Learning that we both must be slow to anger with one another. We live in a fast paced world, but in the home we must be slow to anger. LOVE U BOO.
Q: What has been the greatest strength of our marriage?
A: Love. I love you and you love me unconditionally. I never question that. Til’ death lil mama <3
He’s the best. 🙂 A great Q&A sheet to print out and take to your next date-night if you’d like. Enjoy!
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Photo credit: Jon Volk

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  1. Love you guys, what a great example XOXO
    I can’t wait for all of your vlogs and everything else, what a great stalker 😀

  2. Heeey ????????

    I am from Germany and only 23 years, I got married last year and I guess that’s nothing bad since we love each other. Now this blog post of yours will help me so so sooo much <3 thank you <3 I think we young girls need more ladies like you that share their good experiences with us (with the world). You do a great work and are loved by many girls out there. Keep going because what you share with us is more than just helpful for us. Thank you.. Much love <3

  3. Sazan, you absolutely, without a doubt, must answer these exact same questions about him and post it at once! Lol. It would be great to read it from your perspective.

  4. Sazan, I am from România, and I simply adore you girl! ???? you inspire me every day! Kiss yooou ???? Hug you! ????

  5. Some people might find his answers hard to believe. I mean, how perfect is he, and how real? And you must be too from those answers.

    But I can vouch that this kind of marriage exists! Mine is coming on 5 years with two kids so far, and I think as couples go, my hub and I are in a similar blessed place as you two. (Aren’t homeschooled Christian guys the best? ^_^)

    Thanks for sharing hope for marriages and relationships! Can’t wait to try these questions. 🙂

    1. I know right! There are so many people out there that cannot believe there are still great relationships happening out there. I am glad that your relationship is still in a good place. Even if others may not tell you, you are actually a beacon of hope, just like Sazan, for those who still believe in marriage and do not have positive examples around. I am just one year in and it has been good eventhough it has not been easy since we are doing it long distance for a while. A sacrifice that needed to be made to help take care of a loved one who is wheel-chair bound. And it is like Sazan says it’s the life moments- quality time and effort as well as games and q&as (along with visits of course) that keep us going. I have never tried a q&a quite like how Sazan has, so I’m quite excited to try

  6. Yes! Healthy relationships isn’t something that’s talked about often. Thank you for sharing your insight. With God, I’ve been able to have 6 years (and counting) with my awesome hubby. It keeps getting better! Yours will too. xoxo

  7. Sazan,

    This is literally so adorable! I love this exercise and I will definitely be putting this into practice with the boo. As bloggers we are so used to our phones, instagram, and the fashion shows sometimes it is really hard to slow down. This exercise seems like a good way to gauge the progress of your relationship while still having fun!


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