Delicious Green Smoothie Recipe (EASY)

Fitness Food Lifestyle | April 23, 2016


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I’m constantly trying to stay on my healthy game but sometimes it’s hard when you live for delicious food. Living in LA has definetly helped me stay on track – especially now since I have a good-sized kitchen I can play in. One way I’ve consistently been getting in my daily vitamins is with a green smoothie in the morning. When Stevie and I recently visited Rancho Pescadero (remember?) , I had the most delicious green smoothie every morning. It came straight from their garden and I could taste all of the delicious fruits and veggies. I’ve been on the hunt ever since trying to find a similar DIY at home recipe.
I couldn’t remember the exact recipe from the hotel, but I found one online that sounds similar. I whipped one up in my kitchen the other morning and it tasted great. Best of all, it gave me energy. I don’t drink coffee so you know that’s a big deal for me. ha! Shared the recipe is below.
-1.5 cups tropical fruit (mango, banana, pineapple…I like banana!)
-1 cup coconut milk
-1 cup coconut water
-Juice of 1 lime (I like to leave this out, but personal preference)
-2 cups spinach or other leafy greens (you can’t taste them, I promise!)
-1 cup mint leaves (remove the stems. if you want it a little less minty, just do a half cup!)
-Handful of ice or more (use more if your fruit is fresh!)
-Optional: add in a nut butter or chia seeds for a healthy fat 🙂
-Place all ingredients in a blender at high speed and mix until smooth. I love my Vitamix – it gets the job done. Enjoy!
Recipe courtesy of The Simple Kitchen
Are you a green smoothie person? Coffee? What’s your daily fix? I want to know 😀



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