Travel Diary: New Zealand Tour with Contiki (VLOG)

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Happy Monday everyone! I am so glad that I finally had some time this weekend to sit down and dive into editing my New Zealand Contiki trip. The Vlog just went up now on my Youtube Channel and I’m loving every minute of it. Have you seen it yet? It was hard narrowing down this video to 10 minutes because of all the amazing footage we shot during our trip. It was mine and Steve’s first time in New Zealand so we had to capture every moment. Duh! 😉 If you’re wondering about this specific tour and how we got to see/do so much over the course of 10 days – it was all through Contiki’s travel program. Last year we did the European Discovery Tour and we loved it. We wanted to do another tour but one that was slower in pace, so we chose ‘Sweet as South’, a Contiki tour that lets you experience the South Island of New Zealand. Breathtaking views are included! 😉 This entire experience was truly a bucket list trip for us. It felt like we were in heaven. Stevie and I want to go back and tour the North Island in the future because we hear it’s just as amazing.  When you watch the video you will see why we left New Zealand with #NoRegrets!

If you are looking to plan a summer trip but don’t know where to start (especially if is an international vacation) – then I  totally recommend booking through a tour company like Contiki. It’s great for young people who want to experience FUN between the ages of 18-35.  I loved being one with nature and leaving completely mind blown by all of the activities we were able to do in New Zealand. For both the Europe and New Zealand trips, I noticed Contiki organizes everything for you so that you can focus on actually enjoying your trip instead of stressing out about what to do/eat/see/etc. We made tons of new friends from around the world on both Contiki tour trips and that’s always a blast. It’s funny when I have to explain to these people why I’m randomly turning my camera on and talking to myself. LOL I do it all for you. 😉  Oh! and as you can see from the video – I loved picking up the fun accents from my new Aussie friends! LOL Have any of you been to New Zealand or want to go?

The video really gives you guys a great view of New Zealand! I was thinking about doing a New Zealand City Guide blog post for things to see/do if you’re ever in the South Island. Let me know your thoughts.

P.S Here’s how I packed for this trip + Our European Trip with Contiki incase you missed it. 😉

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  1. I watched the video and it made me crave wanting to see New Zealand. It’s incredible. All the footage you captured was perfect and you are so hilarious! I love yours and your hubby’s sense of humour. Thanks for sharing.

    Mich xx

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