10 Things You Didn’t Know About My Wedding (Some May Shock)


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It’s wedding season (and almost my 1 year anniversary!) so today I felt inspired to share 10 things you didn’t know about my wedding day. For any future brides-to-be out there, sometimes the not-so-perfect things play into that perfect day.
Here’s what you didn’t see in our breathtaking wedding photos. The weather forecast projecting RAIN, the pounds of double-sided tape holding up my dress, a bloated belly, a very sore you-know-what from my Brazilian wax experience, and my personal favorite – a COLD SORE flare up on my upper lip the morning of the wedding. Yep, this totally happened to me on my big day. You’re next assumption might be, “DANG. That’s bad luck.” Truthfully, I’m surprised that I was the calmest I’ve ever been in my entire life on that day. My wedding was perfect. I learned in church several years ago that when great blessings are about to happen in your life, there will always be distractions trying to steal the moment. I remembered this, so even when things started to flare up (literally), rain or shine, I wasn’t going to let the devil rob my joy that day. Steve was my biggest prize waiting for me at the end of that altar! I have chills all over again. You’ll learn a lot from your wedding day so come prepared to not be prepared. LOL Find comfort in some of the things we experienced below. Some might surprise you. 😉
1. A Rainy Forecast  This is what you pay for to have an outside wedding! We didn’t have a plan B…no tent, nothing. I mean since when does it rain in CALIFORNIA??? All we could do was pray for the best. It was gloomy all morning and I remember Steve’s mom praying in the car ride over to our 5pm wedding ceremony for the sun to come out and 10 minutes later the sun came shining out. It was one of my top 5 unreal God moments of all time. ha!
2. Chick-Fil-A WHAT  On the day of my wedding, counting calories was not on the itinerary. My mind, body and soul was  shouting for some Chick-Fil-A nuggets with a large fry and coke! Oh and all the dipping sauces. LOL  I still laugh about it especially when people ask me, “What was your secret on your wedding day?” My answer: Chick-fil-A. 😉
3. Put that phone down! – I don’t think I looked at my phone all day. That was a first. ha! It was so nice not texting people back, posting Instagrams, or checking emails (God forbid!) on my wedding day. I gave my phone to my sister to handle for me. It was nice! I just wanted to take in every single moment from start to the finish. The day goes by SOOOOO fast that you need to cherish every moment that you can hold on to.
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4. The Original Wedding Date was May 9th, Say what? – Stevie and I planned our wedding in 5 weeks as many of you know. When we learned just 1 week before our original Saturday May 9th ceremony that they accidentally double-booked another wedding on the same day of our wedding. I’m surprised we didn’t cancel the whole thing after having to tell all of our guests, the caterer etc. Once again, God showed up. We didn’t want to wait so we felt it was a sign that May 8th was going to be our Lucky Friday. 😉  It also didn’t hurt that we ended up getting a HUGE discount from the vender for giving us such short notice.
the petal workshop, flowers, malibu weddings, wedding, season, inspiration, sazan, stevie, hendrix, marriage, malibu, outdoor weddings, happiness, happy,
5. Flowers? Who Cares?I let my florist handle all of the floral arrangements and details on my wedding day. When he asked me what I wanted I simply said, “I just want it to look PRETTY! :)” He ran with it and all I had to do was give him the vibe I wanted. He killed it! He managed to make it all work in the little and big details. I was mesmerized by our oceanfront wedding location that I knew we could do no wrong with having flowers or no flowers.
wedding, season, inspiration, sazan, stevie, hendrix, marriage, malibu, outdoor weddings, happiness, happy,
6. Have a drink, maybe two. I know that alcohol affects everyone differently. I’m a pretty small girl, so it can affect me quickly. I’ve never been a heavy drinker but I appreciate a glass of wine or champagne to calm the nerves. I wanted to remember every single little detail about the day, so Stevie and I didn’t get “trashed” or wasted. We never overdo it with the drinks and for your wedding day I highly recommend trying this. You can drink any day of the year, but you only have one day that’s your wedding day. 🙂
7. I only had about 40 guests  – There’s something so special about walking down an aisle and not seeing everyone and their mom there. As I was walking down the aisle, I loved almost being able to touch everyone who was there. The people who have been so pivotal in mine and Stevie’s relationship. Fun fact: We had a small ceremony and party with about 40 people and then in the summer we threw a big reception party in Austin at Steve’s parent’s house. It was so nice to have the intimate ceremony first and then the big party later.
8. We didn’t have a DJ – The private residence where we had our wedding had a crazy sound system. It was like that Disney movie, Smart House. ha! We didn’t feel the need to have a DJ when we could have an awesome playlist that we put together playing throughout the night. The music sets the vibe for the whole day- from getting ready, to the ceremony, to the reception. It’s pretty important so keep the playlist organized! You and your significant other know yourselves- so if you decide on a DJ or a band, or if you want to make the playlist yourself – just have fun with it. Stevie is pretty amazing with his music taste, so I let him take the reigns. We played this same playlist at our party reception in Austin. It was honestly perfect…maybe one day I’ll release it on my blog.  😉
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9. We Found Our Caterer the Week Before Our Wedding – We went back and forth on this and finally a week before my wedding Steve’s mom found an awesome Kurdish restaurant not too far from our wedding location. We were only feeding about 40 people so we thought LET’S DO THISSS.  The restaurant is called Nîroj Cuisine in case you’re in the LA area and want to try my heritage food 🙂 Both Stevie and I were so pumped because we loooove Kurdish food (Stevie loves the dolma especially!) It was a nice special touch!
malibu weddings, wedding, season, inspiration, sazan, stevie, hendrix, marriage, malibu, outdoor weddings, happiness, happy,niroj, kurdish, cuisines, kurdish food, dolma, relationships, interracial, love
10. My Parent’s Didn’t Attend My Wedding CeremonyI’ve never publicly shared this until now but many of you know that my parent’s didn’t want to accept that I was marrying Steve, a man outside of my culture. Interracial marriages can be tough when parents’ choose not to accept it and in my case it broke my heart. Weeks before, I was worried that people were going to feel sorry for me or that I would feel sorry for my parents for missing this incredible moment in my life. I kept thinking, how am I going to feel when I see that they didn’t show up? The only thing that filled my heart was seeing how Jesus showed up. I witnessed God blessing me with so many incredible people that day that I will never be able to describe it into words. I was so calm, happy and relaxed all day. There was never a moment when I got sad or felt bad. Part of me was missing but I still felt whole. My focus was on Steve and the decision we made to be free, breaking all the cultural barriers. In case you’re wondering – My 18 year old brother  walked me down the aisle and it was the most precious thing. However, God still knew how badly I wanted Steve to be accepted in my family. Two months after our wedding, I’m happy to say that Stevie was welcomed into my family with a post-wedding celebration we had in San Diego. He was welcomed with open arms, kisses, and lots of dolma from Grandma! I’m convinced now that my mom loves him more than me. haha!! 🙂
So you see, things don’t always have to be perfect on your wedding day. When you’re marrying the man of your dreams – it will be the best day of your life no matter what! 😉 Before I go, I just want to thank each of you, my dear readers, who have been so amazing to me over the years. Thank you for letting me share things that I never imagined I could do. You make me more courageous. Thank you 🙂
P.S Our Engagement storyWhat I Told My Husband Last Night.. + Crazy Story About My Wedding Dress!
Photography: Jon Volk

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  1. I really love your way of speaking about your relationship with God , i am also a follower of Christ and i can see how he uses you , jesus loves you girl and he sees what you are doing for the gospel ,go on ❤❤❤❤

  2. what a beautiful list. and thank you for being so open and brave about the challenges with cultural differences. I was also fearful of my family’s response to marry someone outside my religion and culture, so I can relate so much. But, like you, my family has welcomed my loving husband with open arms. Good for you for being true to yourself, your heart, and your Stevie. God always finds a way, and family always comes around 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing this sazan. Like you said, things are never perfect but you and only you can decide if you let that ruin your day or not. I love how positive and happy you are and I loved reading this about your wedding. Lots of love from Cancun, México.

    1. I love Cancun! That’s where we honeymooned 🙂 And yes I agree. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone! Xo

      1. I didnt know that! Thats amazing Im glad you loved It! You should come back again soon ☺️ Xx

      1. Sazan you stated you have cold sores: do not kiss your baby on the lips at all! Not even cheeks. Please be very careful!!!!!! From a caring fan who has heard horror stories of parents with cold sores and infants and what can happen. Please!

        1. Not kiss my baby? That’s no fun! I haven’t had an active cold sore in years. I’ll take my chances… can’t live in fear, ya know?

  4. Hello there!!

    Thank you so much for sharing this!! To hear how much you are a woman of God is inspiring. You looked beautiful!! Congrats again, on your special day!! Xoxo

  5. Thank you for sharing this, Sazan! Number 10 really stood out to me. I’m getting married this year and it’s been hard trying to balance my Lebanese culture and my fiance’s Filipino culture without offending any of our families. It is hard for them to accept that I’m marrying outside of my culture, too, no matter how much they love him so I’m trying really hard to tell myself that whatever we decide to do will be beautiful and loved by everyone.

    Thanks, again! I love your videos and your energy <3

    1. Sending you all my positive prayers and healthy vibes that your wedding day will be AWESOME and ur families will come around one day :)))) hugs xoxo

  6. Congratulations on your anniversary 🙂
    Love your videos!
    Forgive me if I sound ignorant, but I don’t understand how your parents wouldn’t want you to marry a man with whom you share the same religion? Being a Christian from the Middle East myself, I don’t really see Christian families ‘forbidding’ multi-racial marriages, I’ve only really seen them be against multi-religious marriages…. Maybe that’s just my community.
    keep doing what your doing, we love you 🙂 xxx

    1. Hi!! My parents are not Christian, I was saved in college 5 years ago and that’s a whole nother blog post girlfriend. Lol!!!

      1. I would LOVE to see a post on this if you ever felt peace about sharing such personal stuff. Love hearing about the beautiful things Jesus has done in your life.

      2. Hahaa oh man sorry I didn’t realise!That makes more sense that it was hard for them to adjust! So glad they’re accepting you two 🙂 Jesus’ love is amazing but your mommas love is something you can’t love life without! Keep doing what you do, we love you! Xxx

  7. The 10th thing about your wedding brok my heart. Im from a kurdish family to and when my oldest sister decided to merry a Swedish guy it nearly broke our family up but like you said after 2 months he was welcome to the family. It can be hard but in the end it’s all about the person and his or her own choices and how they want to live.

  8. I’m sitting here at UNT, (the Union to be exact, it’s a new building now) reading your post and although I don’t know you personally it’s nice to see how far you have gone. From being a student here and now your living in LA married to the man of your dreams. Happy early 1 year anniversary. I’ll be celebrating mine in October. Married life is great! Wish you two a lifetime full of happiness.

  9. Sazan,
    You’re seriously such a brave woman. I emailed you previously and you actually emailed me back with such a detailed and thoughtful email that has meant so much to me and I’ll always remember it. It was about how my situation being similar to yours being Iraqi and that I wanted to convert to Christianity.
    If anyone else is reading this just know that Sazan is one of the most thoughtful people! I haven’t met you (hopefully one day!) but your character shines through this post especially knowing how hard it is in our culture to break down those cultural barriers – especially for girls (ugh).
    Anyways thank you so much for this again 🙂

    – A

    1. Hey I remember you! 🙂 So happy I was able to help, that truly is my purpose for having a platform like this. Thanks again for sharing your story with me. Girls gotta stick together!! Xoxo #girlpower

  10. Sazan I always love reading your stories on your blog and this one was very touching especially the last point about marrying outside your culture. I can relate so much as a kurd. My sister (like yourself) married outside of our culture and it was difficult for my mum to come terms with it at first, but my sister now has two adorable little girls that my mum adores and can not live without. It just shows nothing can come between family. Xoxo

  11. Sazam, you’re an amazing person!
    I love the way that you think and honestly, I admire you.
    Kisses from Spain????
    P.S.: Steve and you, are a pretty couple, I hope you to be happy for a long long time!

  12. Sazan! Thank you so much for sharing. My wedding is next week and there are a lot of similarities to yours and I just wanna say thanks for calming me down and helping me see that it’s going to be great no matter what.

    p.s. Help a sista out and post that playlist. 😉

    1. Yay!!! Enjoy every moment! I’m going to have Steve do a blog takeover I’m thinking to share that famous playlist of his? Ha

  13. “When great blessings are about to happen in your life, there will always be distractions trying to steal the moment.” I’ve never heard that but it’s so true! How calming that you knew that beforehand and took it as a sign that this was truly the MOST beautiful blessing about to be bestowed on you.

    Love this open and real post – you and Stevie have such a beautiful love!

    And I totally relate on the crazy weather – ours was outside at the top of a huge hill and right before the reception was about to start (we were all on the trolley so we didn’t notice) but my father-in-law went up to check on everything and the wind was so intense it was blowing over our huge centerpieces, chairs, even tables! In that moment, he stopped and prayed the Hail Mary and he said almost immediately the wind subsided and the rest of the night went flawlessly. Pretty cool how God shows up like that!

    xo Mary-Katherine | http://www.goldhattedlover.com

  14. Sweet Sazan,

    I was a Muslim who came to know The Lord and left my country to seek freedom in the states. Reading your story made me cry. ???? I know that I’ll go through the same situation as you did, but God will meet my family with His overwhelming love. And I really CAN’T wait for those days that are yet to come to be filled with God’s love in my family and my life. God is so GOOD! Thank you for sharing God’s handprints in your life, sister. Blessings!
    Much love,

  15. Oh my gosh we have similarities about our wedding day. On the day, I received a call from my friend/event planner that the centrepieces had not arrived at the venue. I just gave it all to God and said, “I’ve made it to the day. I refuse to worry.” And He literally sorted everything out. The centrepieces were found and my friend even got a deal with the venue and when I arrived with my new hubby at the reception, there were beautiful flowers on the table when we had ordered lanterns. And the lanterns were lined up the staircase leading to our hall. I got a double blessing.

    My parents also did not come to my wedding. It was crazy the weeks leading up to the day, and they made life completely difficult, but as soon as we got back from our honeymoon, they were messaging me and accepting my hubby. So everything worked out for the glory of God.

    Love to read a post that is familiar to my own life. Thanks for sharing.

    Mich xx

  16. Wow, I can’t believe you were so cool without your parents at your wedding. I admire that you look at the bright side, I married a “white” guy and being Mexican, we had to compromise on several traditions for our wedding. In the end, I had more than several things go wrong, but I guess after almost 6 years of marriage and 11 years of knowing each other, I’ve realized that what matters most is what happens after the wedding day! Happy almost anniversary! Xo, Cat

  17. God bless you two. Things always happen for a reason. I have never left a comment before, but I always look at you guys and pray that one day I can share a relationship just as special as yours inshAllah 🙂

    Lots of love,

  18. Wow this brought tears to my eyes! In the beginning how you mentioned, although not everything was going as planned– you enjoyed your day & wouldn’t let the devil rob your happiness. That is so amazing! I am getting married later this year, and I will think of this when things don’t go exactly how I may have originally planned. Sometimes God always has a better plan for us. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Wow! This is awesome! I recently got engaged and I was already stressing out even though my wedding is months away! I was constantly telling myself that God has it all planned and under control, but it was still hard for me to grasp. This post was so beautiful and it was exactly what I needed right now! Thank you for reminding me how powerful God is and that even when things don’t go as planned, He will still give us peace and that is enough for us. Thank you!!

  20. Dear beautiful Sazan,
    You have inspired me in so many ways. I’ve been following for quite a long time now. And i always wanted to tell you how brave i think you are and also i wanted to thank you for breaking cultural barriers. I can relate to your story. I am a kurdish girl who felt in love with a man that’s not kurdish, for almost three years now. Unfortunately, my parents will never accept him nor my choices. They care more about what people think than about their daughters happiness. So i have chosen for him. The one i truly love and the one who’ll always love me for who i am. I hope parents in our culture change their way of thinking about dating or marrying a man or women outside their own culture. Just like the story you told, my parents wont come to our wedding day ( which will be soon). So i know how heartbroken you’re about this. I feel the same way. Thanks again for sharing your story Sazan. You’re the best!
    Sincerly ♡

    1. Hey, I just read your comment and I actually have the same problem or I had. I met a man who wasn’t kurdish and my family told me that they would never accept him. They were gonna marry me off to a cousin in Kurdistan after I had told them about my secret relationship with my boyfriend. So what I did is leaving them but they are not leaving me alone, I still get threats on post…. did your parents or family just frozen you out or more like sending you threats too? You don’t need to answer if you don’t want but it would really help me to know if only my family are like this :(…. Greetings/a girl in similar situation

      1. My parents were so mad.. they wanted to end my life. I actually left home for 5 months now because i constantly got abused both fysically and mentally. I live on a group were we’re all girls and women with similair situations who dont have a save home. After five months i decided to tell my parents that im never coming back and that i had a relationship for 3 years with the man who truly is a blessing from above. I wanted to tell them that i am going to marry him no matter what. I would like to have their blessing but i have those parents who already get angry at you when a boy looks at you when you walk by. So, they will never accept anything like that. When i was still at home, they wanted me to marry my cousin. Well yeah.. just like your story so i understand what you’re going trough but i want to let you know that you have done the right thing because you have chosen for yourself. Its difficult but totally worth it.
        Before i had the conversation with my parents, the police did and my parents were angry but then acted like if i say sorry and come home.. they would give me a second chance. But everyone knows what would happen if i go back there. My little sister ( who got her legs all around burned ) is also here. Im glad i have her and that she’s also save now. But again, thank you for asking, i really hope everything will be alright and you’ll have a peaceful and happy life with your hubby.


      2. And they are also sending me threats in emails, letters and textmessages.
        I wished they would just frozen me out. That would be better than what they’re doing now. But they’re already extremely mad because i told the truth about our situation at home.

        1. Thanks for your reply and I totally understand you , I had exactly the same problem but in my case they didn,t even let me go to the balcony to take some fresh air. “A good girl was in the kitchen all the day”!!!! And when her brothers come home she was forced to take care of them although they were 30+!!! You see, it,s all about “the power” to insult and humiliate the woman so much. But belive it wasn,t what crushed my heart, what totally broke me in 1000 pieces was that my mum didn,t support me, she was worse than my father and brothers!! Freedom was never about to have a boyfriend or to go the cinema to see a movie with some friends…. No, I just wanted to take some fresh air!! And I do breath everyday and all day today so I never regret my choices. And it makes me so happy to know that you have your sister with you becouse you still have a family member. Tacke care of yourelf and be proud of what you have done. There,s so many girls out there who still are fighting for their lifes… And don,t think of geeting blessing from anoyone as long you know that you have done the right. With love/K

  21. I loved EVERYTHING about your wedding!!! It looks perfect and so do you! Love everything about the dress, make up, hair, and the location!!! I’ve always wanted an outdoor wedding by the beach but since I’m in Chicago, it’s not a feasible option.

    Sahar <3

  22. Thank you SAZAN for sharing this with us! I’M getting married in august, my mom had a big surgery 6 months ago and she’s gonna be here for this precious moment: our wedding day. So I’m glad to hear from you that not everything is perfect. Love you SAZAN! You inspire me every day ❤️ And I follow you from France!

  23. It’s amazing how you much you open up to us, your readers. It’s amazing because so many people deal with your same situation (cultural barriers, family etc), but there’s nobody out there to look upto in that same position because they keep it to themselves, and almost put on a front that their life is perfect. Thing is, reality isn’t perfect. So thank you Sazan for showing us that these not-so-perfect moments happens to everybody and that we should stay calm and embrace them because something good truly is waiting to happen. Love as always xx

  24. Hey !

    Just want to say thank you for showing so much strenght and doing what u truly belive in ,,love seeing your videos and reading your post
    keep em coming !


  25. Seriously cried while reading this post, NO JOKE. Lol. Love all the interesting facts that most people don’t talk about on their wedding day. The part about your family finally welcoming stevie was so sweet. You guys are so cute together! I’ve been rooting for you guys for years 🙂

    Hope you’re enjoying the married life!
    ♥ Jessica

  26. Sazan,
    That was the most beautiful post! Congratulations to you and Stevie on your one year anniversary. I was in tears reading #10 but could not be happier for you two. Your wedding pictures are breathtakingly beautiful. You two are so entertaining and above all are a true inspiration <3

  27. If you weren’t a blogger u would be a great psychologist. You make me feel more at ease through tough times. I know there is nobody perfect but your positivity through the bad times makes you perfect and a big inspiration. Thanks for sharing and I anxiously wait for the day I get to marry my best friend too. God bless you Sazan.

  28. I completely understand everything you went through, Sazan. My wedding was not perfect either and I would still do it all over again. Some people weren’t okay with me a woman from Argentina, marrying a Mexican man… Silly to me and it still didn’t stop me but the main problem was my parents (especially my dad) were not okay with us not getting married at a church. I thought it was weird since my family is a believer but they don’t go to church, so I thought it wouldn’t be that big of a deal… Well, I was wrong. I had a call from my dad saying he wouldn’t show up if I didn’t get married at a church and me (not a religious person) felt offended in a way. My husband and I, are both Catholics but he still believes and I never did so we talked about it and I told him I was okay if he wanted to add anything religious to the wedding but getting married at a church felt wrong to me. It was like I was being a hypocrite. Anyways, I told my dad that if he felt that way then fine but I was still going to marry my husband with him being there or not. I told him it was my decision and that it was my life, if he wanted to be part of it then fine if not I was still going to be fine without him. Inside it hurted so much but later on my mom talked to him and then he apologized and helped us out with everything. After that it was a bit of a down hill on a lot of things, people not showing up, DJ messing up, cake looking more like a Quinceañera cake, my uncle not filming anything, my dress ripped, people that were supposed to clean the venue didn’t do that, I did all the decorations and all my wedding music, vows, etc… Also, my dad’s truck broke down, my aunt missed part of the ceremony (so she was very sad), people leaving early (so I didn’t do the garter and bouquet thing), I was late to my own wedding, oh! And the biggest one was that I had a HUGE cold sore on my lip???? and I mean HUGE! Like my top lip was all swollen and bloody… Tried so hard to cover it up but yeah… And I had the stomach flu and the flu a few days prior. Anyways, lots of things that went bad but that day when I looked into my husband’s eyes and walking down the aisle, feeling beautiful no matter what, it was all worth it. He was so sweet and understanding. He is my choice in life and I would’ve never let any of those things take that feeling from me. Thank you for sharing your story and letting us know that is true, not everyone’s day is magical and perfect like a fairytale but in reality we can all still feel beautiful and loved. Sometimes life throws at you distractions like you said and we were too focused on each other’s love that it didn’t break us. Thank you, Sazan! xoxo

  29. I agree with the other commenter…#10 really teared me up.
    I am so happy for you and Steve..your wedding video is one of my all time favorite videos on youtube!

  30. Thanks so much for sharing! My wedding day was far from perfect too, but really so perfect at the same time. I walked down the aisle by myself! And while this is far from any one’s dream it was the perfect moment for me to see my husband at the end of the aisle. My dad was and is a verbally abusive man and we decided not to have him at the wedding. And while we still have not had reconciliation – stories like this give me hope. Still praying and thankful for four years with a husband so different from the father I grew up with.

  31. Wow! You see, everything happens for a reason. Now you can be a channel of blessing, hope, and positivity for women going through the same you went through So happy for your husband to be welcomed in your family. ????????????????

  32. Sazan! Your story is amazing and absolutely lovely! I admire you and how you speak so freely of your relationship with God and how he is the center of your and Steves relationship! It caught me by surprise that your parents didn’t accept him at the beggining but God always has a purpose and I’m super glad to know now they love him when I know deep down they always wanted the best for you and to keep the cultural tradition going, but we are the ones whom now should change that up and be free to chose what we seek and love. Huge ADMIRATION FOR THAT GIRL! I’ve been following you for quite a while now and have even introduced my close girlfriends to you and they love you too! Keep your head up and keep showing us your amazing style and all you do, you rock girl!

  33. I recently became one of your followers, I would say a couple of months back, first I found you in youtube with those cool tutorials and I was like “This girl knows some real good tricks, I’m gone do it!” I’ve learned so much about make up. Now I follow you on Snapchat and Steve too, and omg I must say you guys crack me up lol, you both are so funny!!
    I’m getting married in August and reading this beautiful story makes me feel better about being calmed and not to worry for the things that will not be perfect that day, I cannot let those things distract me, and I know that no matter what that will be one of the best days in my life, I can’t wait!!!
    Anyways I just want to say that I enjoy seeing your videos, you are very creative and fun! I want all your outfits and your make up lol.

    Saludos desde Guadalajara, México!!

    Danny Becerra

  34. Hey Saz,
    Thank you so much for sharing this ! You are a very strong woman and I can imagine how hard it must have been for you to overcome your worst fears ! Believe me, I am going through a similar situation in my life. Trust me, your post has given immense strength to follow my heart ! Its funny how people you have never met in person can still inspire you and give you so much strength.

    Lots of Love Saz <3

  35. Hi Sazan- this was such a wonderful post…

    My brother is getting married in a little less than three weeks, and it sure is stressful. You are very right about making sure you enjoy it, no matter the crazy things that get in the way. That’s some advice I truly needed.

    You are a very strong individual, and it’s no secret you and Stevie are meant for each other. Thank you for such a genuine post.

  36. Thank`s for sharing your wedding story! The Last one shocked me a little bit.
    I`m clad your parents finally realize that you are happy and so in love with steve 🙂 I wonder how Steve was feeling about that..? I think you dont need perfect everything on your wedding day to be happy! All that matters is love!
    Hope love and joy to your life together..oh and babies 🙂

  37. Wow Sazan! Thanks for this blogpost! I’m sure it will help a lot of brides-to-be 🙂 xoxo

  38. It feels in all my heart when I read your post about your relationship with your parent and Stevie. I’m so happy for you, just like you I met the man of my life who wasn’t kurdish, badly my family told me that they would never ever accept him even if he would be Muslim….Actually everything they cared about was to show people outside that they “had the control over the women in the family”!!! Well well they don’t talk to me today, but I’m happy today that I followed my heart. I’m sure we’re not the only ones who have been trough these conflicts in cultures and religions. God bless ya ❤

      1. So sorry to hear ????. I don’t know how your life situation is right now but my advice is to never give up and in the end it’s all worth it ❤ There’s moments that we miss and feel alone but with time everything turns to the good ✌????

        1. Awhh thank you so much for your sweet words! I really needed this. May God bless your soul ❤

  39. Love this entry for your openess and relentless positivity. So glad I was able to share this day with you and Steve. 🙂

  40. Wow! I love this post! It’s amazing how God really blesses such special events and how you fought to not let satan get to you. It almost rained on my wedding day (May 17!!) but we were praying soooo hard and the sun came out right before! Love it! Congrats and thanks for your example!

  41. It’s amazing when you surrender yourself to the Lord. When you put everything in his hands he will provide and give you what you need. I have to echo the comment mentioned above, “When great blessings are about to happen in your life, there will always be distractions trying to steal the moment.” this is soooooo true. The reason your light shines so bright is because he is working through you daily and that is contagious. You push people to think outside the box and make everyone want to be a better person. Thank you for sharing and i’m so happy your family loves and adores you both. Because what you two have is what dreams are made of. xoxoxoxoxo

  42. Sazan,

    Thank you so much for sharing. I also got married last May (May 23rd) and can’t believe it’s been almost a year. I come from an Italain Catholic family with lots of deep-rooter traditions, especially for weddings. A lot of this was new for my husband, and it was hard to find the balance between what my family expected of me and what my husband and I wanted. Even through all of that, it truly was the best day of my life. I’ll never forget how wonderful it was to see everything come together. God bless, and happy anniversary!


  43. Sazan,

    Your sharing about your wedding surprised and touched me. My parents did not accept my husband (we have been married now almost 3 years) and did not come to my wedding. It broke my heart and still hurts thinking about it. We are also of two different cultures. My photos and pictures were so beautiful and it is hard to look at the photos and know my parents will never be able to be there since the moment passed. We are still in progress – baby steps- but with each visit my parents are warming to my husband. It’s a lot about accepting the woman I’ve become as well, being able to overcome tension in the family in such a personal way. But like you say so well, Jesus came to the wedding in so many beautiful people. Thank you for sharing your love for Jesus. I appreciate your portion of Christ so much. Love from Boston! Xoxo

  44. OMG – I’m prone to cold sores and my biggest fear for my wedding was having one!! Thank god I didn’t LOL. Lovely wedding. You two are rays of sunshine….I hope there is nothing but love, acceptance and family in your future together. 🙂

  45. Sazan,
    Thank you so much for sharing. I also got married last May (May 23rd) and can’t believe it’s been almost a year. I come from an Italian Catholic family with lots of deep-rooted traditions, especially for weddings. A lot of this was new for my husband, and it was hard to find the balance between what my family expected of me and what my husband and I wanted. Even through all of that, it truly was the best day of my life. I’ll never forget how wonderful it was to see everything come together. God bless, and happy anniversary!

  46. This made my heart sing with joy and break in moments when you talked about your parents not being there. You are so well spoken and I can feel your love of God shine out of your words! Truly inspiring! All the best to you and Steve ❤️

  47. This is beautiful Sazan! Absolutely heartfelt! I can’t be happier for the both of you. I follow the both of you and you guys are seriously goals! He gets you and you get him and everyone in this world can clearly see that. I always tell my friends and family that you can truly see the happiness in people’s life through their eyes and your eyes are always smiling. It’s so real and so amazing that I can’t wish for anything less in my life. Every girl and boy deserve to smile through their eyes all the time! No matter what! I wish both of you the very best in the future. 🙂

  48. I love reading things about your wedding day. I am happy for you and stevie and I am glad you followed your heart. I am happy your family accepted your hubby because you two make a wonderful couple. All the best from one Kurdish woman to another strong beautiful Kurdish woman. 🙂

  49. Loved this. I recently got married (November 2015) and I especially loved #6. My husband and I barely drink. We wanted to enjoy this special day and soak it in. At one point, we stepped outside and looked in to the reception and then at each other ..No words were exchanged but the feeling I will never forget.
    #10 brought tears to my eyes. I’m so glad it worked out in the end and he is a part of your family.
    God does do amazing and he for sure proved that on your wedding day.
    Many blessings.

  50. I read your post and it reminded me of a quote I liked.
    ‘God turns you from one feeling to another and teaches you by means of opposites, so that you will have two wings to fly — not one.’

  51. “I learned in church several years ago that when great blessings are about to happen in your life, there will always be distractions trying to steal the moment”.

    This is by far one of the best things I’ve heard in a while and you have no idea how much this helped me. Thank you for sharing your life with so many people. You’re a wonderful person.

  52. It looked as if it was a truly beautiful day in so many ways and that despite some setbacks that your heart was still full (overflowing i’m sure *smile*).

    xo cheers to 100 years of happiness and love!

  53. Thank you for sharing.
    Such a beautiful story, happy everything worked itself out!
    God Bless.

  54. Sazan and Stevie,

    I’ve been married for almost 4 years now to
    the love of my life and reading your post made me reflect back on my wedding day and made me all warm and giddy inside.

    I’m from Estonia and my husband is American so I can absolutely relate to multicultural relationship. I think it’s so beautiful when two different cultures come together as well as families. Though it might have been hard for your family to accept your husband first, I think Jesus saw your full confidence in Him and your faith in Him that I’m not surprised that your family couldn’t stop to notice that Stevie is your person. Jesus is so radiant and even when we think our words and efforts have no result sometimes he shines out of us in his perfect timing. As sad as it was for your family not to be there on that special day, who knows maybe that was a huge step of faith you needed to take and trust that no person, even family can never make you feel so loved on those special moments like Jesus can. I felt the Lord say that he is so delighted with your trust and perseverance.

    Take Care guys!

    – Evelin

  55. Your story is so inspirational and beautiful. No matter the ups and downs you guys were able to persevere through God and that is truly admirable.

  56. If God is for you who can be against you girl! So happy to hear that your parents came around and to see all the amazing things happening for you. You are a light. The best is yet to come.


  57. You guys are such an inspiration. I also got married last year and as a fellow believer i know how important it is to just be positive and make sure that you remember that God always has control over everything. Much love to you both.

    Ps. Also a youtuber and i been loving to see you channel grow have been following you for some time now. Good luck with everything !


  58. Hi Sazan! You are brave and inspiring. And I’m glad you started this conversation, because it looks like many brides have shared this experience of something unexpected on her wedding day. For my wedding, our hurdle was that my very traditional church refused to marry us because I am a Christian and my husband is Muslim. It was so hard for me to accept at the time, but in the end it was such a minor detail. And now, reading this site, I see how many brides have dealt with such similar issues rooted in tradition and religion. Thank you for being brave and starting the conversation for the rest of us!

  59. Gah! I absolutely love this. I started watching you quite awhile ago, and the first time I heard you talk about Jesus I was thrilled! Love this blog post, and so happy for you and Stevie! God is so good.

  60. Oh my God !! Your article made me cry especially the last point with your parents (Family is the most important thing) .But you and Stevie are so amazing, so funny and you love him and he loves you, it’s the most important . I love you both and I wish you the best 🙂 Sorry for my english but i’m algerian 🙂 By the way if you come in Algeria, you are welcome <3

  61. Sazan I’m soooo happy to learn that your family finally accepted Steve! I was so sad for you when I read that your family was not accepting him when you decided to get married! I remember that I read your article about your wedding and told my self that you were so STRONG and did not show how much this affected you! In fait you m’aide the right decision and did not let the de il show up!!I also find soo cute the article that you wrote about Steve grand father (i think) who married an Armenian woman! And yes I always find that Steve mother is looking a lot like you! And do you know what is said about this? It is sais that when a boy or a girl had a great relationship with his mom or father he inconciously choose a woman or a man who physically or mentally is like his mom or father and these people generally have a successfull relationship with their husband/wives. So miss Hendrix: i wish you a very happy married life and a LOT of love with people that count the most! Thank you for your honnesty about this story and for this beautiful end! ????????????????mouah????

  62. Sazan I’m soooo happy to learn that your family finally accepted Steve! I was so sad for you when I read that your family was not accepting him when you decided to get married! I remember that I read your article about your wedding and told my self that you were so STRONG and did not show how much this affected you! In fait you made the right decision and did not let the devil show up!!I also find soo cute the article that you wrote about Steve grand father (i think) who married an Armenian woman! And yes I always find that Steve mother is looking a lot like you! And do you know what is said about this? It is said that when a boy or a girl had a great relationship with his mom or father he unconsciously choose a woman or a man who physically or mentally is like his mom or father and these people generally have a successfull relationship with their husband/wives. So miss Hendrix: i wish you a very happy married life and a LOT of love with people that count the most! Thank you for your honnesty about this story and for this beautiful end! ????????????????mouah????

  63. Sazan,

    Great read. You haveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to release your wedding playlist. Please post it to your blog section on relationships. Or you can have Stevie do it, less work for you ;). You know how helpful that would be to girls planning their wedding???? Thank you. Please respond 🙂 🙂

  64. I believe that things happen for a reason and I literally clicked on your post ( on blog ) because I feel that God wanted me to read your words! I am getting married to the love of my life on May 7th!Planning has been so stressful and We have faced so many challenges with my fiancé family because they have not been accepting of me. They have said that they will not be coming to our wedding! It breaks my heart because I want my fiancé family to be there and support him. I have cried numerous of times and have felt anger towards them. With that said I agree with what you wrote ” Jesus showed up” and that is all that matters!! Thank you Girl for that reminder! This literally made me cry but a good cry because now I feel I can let all my worries go away. .. May God continue to bless you and your husband

  65. This was such a great read! I’m getting married this September, and need all the tips I can get. Also, I am so happy you were strong enough to go your own way, and that your family finally came around! I am Kurdish myself, but have been fortunate enough not to experience anything like this. Best of luck as a married woman! <3

  66. Hi:-)
    yself grew up in Denmark (Copenhagen ) , and to still have interests in Kurdish men is difficult, since they still stick to old traditions. I have also always been more to the Danish men, first because they are very beautiful , and secondly , they appreciate women.
    Can understand your choice of marriage.
    Have A good future together 🙂

  67. Omg Sazan this is the first time reading your blog it’s absolutely awesome. I follow you on snapchat and Instagram. And you and your husband are a match made in heaven.
    Also you reply to people’s comments that is the sweetest thing ever I hope I can meet you one day when I return to LA XXXXXOOXXXX

  68. ???????????? the entry! Definitely a favorite next 2 the Living Proof and Jennifer Aniston entries. ???????????? Who was the dress by? It’s so pretty!

  69. What a beautiful testimony by giving Him the glory! Stay strong and keep him the center of your marriage! Beautiful!!

  70. Thank you so much Sazan for this amazing post <3 It eased my anxiety & made me feel stronger about my direction in life, facing a similar issue of my parents not accepting & coming from a very foreign family.
    Thank you again <3

  71. Thank you so much Sazan for this amazing post <3 It eased my anxiety & made me feel stronger, facing a similar issue of my parents not accepting due to an slight age gap & coming from a very foreign family. I have e-mailed you before due to your courage & being so strong with everything & these posts have personally helped me so much.
    Thank you again <3

  72. That is one of the most powerful stories I have ever read. You are indeed a very lucky and blessed woman to find a man like your husband, and that your family came to accept and love him at full.
    I hope that one day I can find a woman as sweet and open-hearted as you one day.

    May the blessings of the loving God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and all good in this world be with you both.

  73. Hi Sazan,

    I absolutely enjoyed reading your 10 things and would love to see a post on the complications of intercultural relationships. Did you live with Stevie before marriage and how did you convince your parents? I’m having some issues with convincing my parents of my relationship.

  74. This was actually so interesting to read! I am a strong atheist and don’t really agree with any religion, as is my boyfriend, but it’s still so inspiring to read that your family have been able to (eventually) accept Steve. My boyfriend is Caucasian and my family are Indian (and believe in Sikhism) and though my parents have no issue with him, it’s still difficult for extended family members (aunties and uncles) to accept him, because he looks different. Not that you’re the ambassador for all mixed-race couples but watching your videos, it’s easy to see how much you adore each other and I love that! Whilst I don’t agree with your beliefs, it’s great to show that people can be together regardless of their faith or colour! You both looked stunning on your wedding day too! Much love.

  75. Hello, I absolutely LOVE your wedding venue. How can I get in touch with them about a future event?

  76. This next brings us towards the question products exactly is biotin and its role in baldness or propagation. But since Biotin is not FDA-approved-you are trying Biotin at your own risk.
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  77. Dear Sazan,

    like you Iam also a kurdish girl. When my parents found out about my boyfriend they made me decide between them and my love. In the end I took the risk and decided for him. But now I feel like it a the wrong decision. You know in our cultur it is even worse if you do not marry. And now after 3 years my boyfriend still does not seem to care about the fact. Also many other obstacles occur and I do not feel happy and secure about our relationship anymore. It is getting worse everyday. And now after 3 years I saw my fathers face for the first time again in secret from far away. I am shocked to see how the time flies by and feel more and more depressed and sad. I am so happy for you and your luck and felt like sharing my deepest thoughts with you. Thank you for sharing your story and giving me hope even if there is none. Xoxo Mina

  78. What a beautiful blog Sazan!
    “No weapon formed against you shall prosper!” That is exactly what I just read! Isn’t God’s covering great? We serve a mighty God????
    As I read your post You instantly brought me back to so many memories on my wedding day 8 years ago. My parents were also at that moment against our marriage due to religion????. But God…… Boy does God show up & show out when you truly trust Him! He too covered us that day.

    I praise God for you Sazan & the inspiration in which Jesus has given you to display His blessings so gracefully. Thank you for sharing your heart & allowing the details of the Love of Christ to shine.
    With love,

  79. I’m a Lebanese-American of Muslim faith. My fiancé is half Mexican, and half mixed all kinds European stuff (white). We also met in broadcasting school back in 2007. (Dated for a year, then life happened, and God willing we found out way to each other again 5 years later). Some people call us liberated because we don’t follow the “stereo types” that come with our back rounds. I beg to differ. I believe we are greater followers of faith because we use our religions to unify our relationship, families, and friends. We find similarities in our Faith’s to bring us together instead of segregating us, which is what I believe God intended religion to be used for. I don’t mean to make it sound glamorous though, we did face MANY cultural and religious differences from both sides. Again, we used our Faith’s for unification. We never felt the need to convert or push each other to, or against, any “religion”. We are firm believers in following what makes you closer to God, faith, and just being a good person to the best of your ability overall! Some people may shake their heads at us, but I think we’re the ones that have it all figured out. Best wishes on your journey! Thanks for sharing!

  80. I just have the best time reading your blogs ???? love it
    I wish u a happy life, your writings and experiences gives me motivation and happiness to live the moment and to forget about the bad things that could be happening around ???? and have fun with what we got in hand even if it’s not perfect ????
    Lots of love

  81. Sazan,
    You are such a beautiful person inside and out. I only found out about you recently from a lovely friend of mine and you are just so inspiring. I am going through something similar to what you went through with my family not accepting me dating outside of my culture. But I know that I’ve met the man I’m going to marry, and I have the strength within me to overcome whatever cultural barriers may come in our way. I know that, like what you went through, my family will come around eventually. Be it sooner or later, I have the power to know I’m making the right decision and you have inspired me in more ways than you know. Thank you!!! You are inspiring in so many ways.

  82. I love it when you incorporate your faith and values into your posts. It is so nice to see someone with such a platform that isn’t afraid to share Godly words and choices!

  83. Hi Sazan
    It is sad that you and so many other Kurdish women from have dealt with those cultural/religious restrictions. If I could just add my two cents, I am of Kurdish heritage and my parents happily accepted my husband being from both Christian Orthodox heritage however my husband’s family have shown ignorance and rejection of my perceived religiosity – they blindly assume which God I pray to based on the geographical region my folks are from. They are no less misguided than some of our people simply because they deliver their assumptions with a smile and a whisper.
    Our culture is vocal and passionate – when we cry, we howl. When we hug, we squeeze until it hurts a little. We don’t learn our history on ancestry.com, we have an oral tradition. At least your folks TELL you why they reject, in some other cultures the parents don’t even explain and play mind games with inlaws instead! I know around twenty Kurds who have accepting families of their partners from other ethnicities. Please Sazan, shine a light on Kurdish values, you have a great platform and young audience. Love in Peace X

  84. This was such a beautiful list, and I’m glad that you shared it with us! It’s been incredible watching you guys grow! I love Teeny and CONGRATULATIONS ON THE SECOND BABY!!! Your family is beautiful!! Thank you Saz, Stevie, Teeny, and Mini Saz (I have a feeling it’s gonna be a girl, which means a little crazy Saz!) for being true to yourself!!!! I watch your channel, Cody & Lexy’s, and Kristin’s! You guys are so amazing! You’re just the best! Take care!!

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