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Last night I was laying in bed getting ready to turn out the lights, when I felt it on my heart to tell my husband a few reasons why I love him. I’m convinced that when this happens God is telling me, “Hey Saz, I know you’re busy and all but it’s time to check into reality girl..”  This isn’t the first time I’ve done this or the last time, but it’s been a while since we’ve had a cozy ‘pillow talk’ conversation.
When all of my married friends told us, “After you get married, you’re in for a real treat..”, I never knew what that meant. Were they being sarcastic?
I started reading Gary Chapman’s The 5 Love Languages and it really fed my mind with some great knowledge and actionable wisdom (in ways that really do work). Whether you’re married, dating, or single – it’s a great read. After the first chapter, I was amazed by all of the things I didn’t know about relationships. Trust me, I’ve experienced toxic heart-breaks that taught me what NOT to look for in a man. Life experiences will always teach us a great deal, but it shouldn’t stop there. I love reading books that go beyond the “being in love” phase.
I finished the book in a week. I was fascinated by all of the different love languages, what they meant, and most importantly – figuring out our love languages. Note: They’re not always the same!
Our one year wedding anniversary is coming up and I can’t believe we’re hitting the mark. ONE WHOLE YEAR!!! We’ve already started looking back on some incredible high moments and of course the lows. 😉 My friends and I were talking and we all agreed that sometimes it’s easier to point the finger at your lover, telling them all the things you can’t stand about them versus taking the time to praise them. It takes practice and you get better the more you try it.
A few things I told my husband last night
I love that you’re my best friend…
I love that you’re always coming up with fun date nights..
I love how you serve God and others (he led bible study at our house last week and he did such a great job!)…
You’re the best manager I’ve ever had…
You’re the funniest person I know…
I love that you’ve been an incredible handy-man around the home (I’ll never forget when he built me a closet!!)
relationships, stevie, sazan, love language, advice, marriage, tips, healthy, strong, marriage
I really took my time with my words and I noticed his face lit up more and more with every praise! I meant every word, and it made me feel good to see him feeling good. Not going to lie – I haven’t always been the greatest at this. I grew up in a family where everyone knew they loved each other and didn’t need to say it around the dinner table every night. lol. However, I’ve learned it’s just as important to vocalize love as often as showing it. Plus, words of affirmation are the best! (especially if that’s your love language.. 😉
Stevie and I both agree that we want to water our relationship forever. For us, being in love is just the seed. Seeking wisdom and communicating every step of the way has helped us keep the love alive. 😉 I’m excited to see what we’ll learn next! Year 2, we’re ready for you.
relationships, stevie, sazan, love language, advice, marriage, tips, healthy, strong, marriage
Before I go, I have to share the story behind this black and white photo above. This was from a shoot I did over 3 years ago with my talented photographer friend Michelle. Stevie and I were just dating at the time and I convinced him to be the “fake groom” for this engagement shoot she wanted me to model. I remember thinking that day, “How hilarious would it be if we ACTUALLY got married.” At the time, I didn’t see that being a possibility because of all the cultural barriers and obstacles I was trying not to face. I thought, “I will lose my family. It’s impossible.” Looking back at this photo years later I’m teary when I say, “Wow. We did it.” It symbolizes so much more now than at the time -Stevie holding a champagne bottle and me pretend laughing. LOL! Ironically, we didn’t take any engagement photos (I know! I’m crazy!) so it’s nice to have these photos that were just a fake scenario turn out to be a real fairytale. 

I was thinking about adding a “relationships” category to my blog and sharing more stories/content. What do you think?

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  1. That is so beautiful! Yes it would be great to start a relationship post. My fiancee was raised Christian but he didn’t seem to practice it. We have been together for 9 years now, and I really want us to be Christian, but I don’t know how to tell him. I see that he wants direction in his life but doesn’t know how to get it or let himself be embraced by god. I was raised Catholic but don’t practice. I feel we need God in our relationship but it’s difficult to get there…

    1. Thank you for sharing your story! I’m glad mine inspired you to do that. I’m sorry you’re going through a tough time. I strongly believe that every obstacle has a purpose! Don’t lose faith and find comfort in knowing that no relationship is perfect. I wish you nothing but the best and will be praying for you and your man! best wishes – keep me posted xo – Saz

  2. I would love to read more relationship posts, it’s always fun and good to learn from others. For instance this post, I don’t think I’ve ever done that, I always tell my husband I love him but I it’s had never thought of something like that. I’m going to do it soon if not tonight! Thanks Sazan!
    Btw, what kind of cultural barriers did you have to go through? I’m fairly new to your YouTube channel and this is the first post I read on your blog.

    1. Thank you so much for supporting me!!! That is so sweet! I will be going into depth with the cultural barrier situation – stay tuned 🙂

      1. Yes please I was just going to ask if you would do a video talking about how you transitioned into your marriage with your different cultural backgrounds — and if there were difficult/awkward situations with religion, etc. my husband & I are coming up on our ONE year anniversary too (May 1st!) and I’m Turkish raised Muslim (but never very religious) and he’s Irish Midwestern Christian heritage. We want to start a family soon and we want our kids to grow up with a good structure. I’m open to being a Christian family but afraid of losing my culture. How do you handle these inner conflicts? Or is there a point where it was just a no brainer for you? Love you, Sazan & thanks for being so positive and awesome❣????????

  3. I love the both of you thogather am so happy for the both of you I hope and pray you stay this happy and we would love it if you could add a relationship category.????????????????????

  4. This is my first time on your blog but I have always been a daily follower on Instagram and snapchat. What first caught my interest is you being a Kurd. I am a Kurd and born and raised in Denmark and I just love the way you are! Your stories just everything! I would love to read about your relationship stories and all about the cultural differences I face everyday as a Kurd in Denmark!!

  5. Wow loved reading this! I think that would be a great idea! I’m studying to become a marriage and family therapist and I loved that book! There’s so much that goes into a relationship, it’s truly amazing

  6. First of all i would like to congratulate you on your blog its totally amazing! Me and my partner have always shared a fruitful loving relationship,and its always a good read to know how other couples manage their lives together. The part where you wrote watering our relationship like a seed,has much depth to it,i actually loved it! ???? With the relationship section i believe you should add the category.

    Me & my partner will both be looking forward to your next blog.
    Best wishes to you and your partner ????

    1. Thank you so much. Yay! I’m excited now and I’m totally going to add the category soon!!! Thanks for supporting us 🙂

  7. I’m so impressed and encouraged by this post. You never come short of keeping it real with your audience and offer something positive. I would love to get more of your insight on relationships! Considering I’ve experienced many cultural barriers growing up, I understand where you’re coming from.

  8. Your relationship is such a beautiful inspiration, and I would love to continue reading your take on relationships in general so I would love you made a “relationships” category. I am def picking up a copy of that book! Love you Sazan, keep inspiring pretty girl!!!

  9. I LOVE this. Yes please add a relationship section. You and your husband have a beautiful bond!

  10. Love this! It’s great to read other’s stories and to know that love can be found in so many ways! Great read!!

  11. I would love to read more blog like this! I’ve recently come out of a relationship that’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through and caused so much pain. However, reading about your relationship inspires me as to what the foundations of a healthy relationship should be and also gives me hope. So thank you and lots of love 🙂 xx

  12. Please do add more blogs like these! Well said and may you guys keep living a happily ever after♥️

  13. Please open a relationship tab. Please don’t be afraid to open up about these cultural barriers we face, coming from a Kurdish girl with a white boyfriend of 4 years, you don’t know how many people you would help being open and honest about it. It gives us girls (and boys) hope. And I understand some things are personal but please don’t just touch on the subjects, please go into detail. What you used to live is what I live now and it would help so much. Please Sazan.
    Love you girl x

  14. Loved this entry. So awesome to see you becoming the role model couple you were always meant to be.
    Can’t wait to read more 🙂

  15. Yes PLEASE do a series!! You two are such an inspiration! #relationshipgoals and I don’t use that hashtag lightly. I totally related to this blogpost. Getting married next year and this is such a good insight. Stay blessed xx

  16. This was such a great post and I agree we should take more time to tell our partners how much we love and appreciate them! And yes please to the regular relationship posts.
    Ps. That fake engagement photo is so cute!

  17. I related to this 120%. You and Stevie remind me so much of my boo and me. We even met in a Texas college, too!! Haaaayyyy! I would love to see more posts like these. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    I’ve been following you for a while, and you’re honestly the ONLY blogger I just can’t get tired of. I’m even following you on instagram & snapchat! Fangirl, much?! ???? Anyway, I never post on these things, but I just wanted to spread some love and tell you to keep it up, girl! You’re an inspiration to many women out there (including me).

    Hugs to you and Stevie from San Antonio! Texas misses you!

  18. Hey Sazan! I’m new here and I love your blog and YouTube! I think a relationship category would be awesome! You and your husband seem so genuine and seem like y’all work like a team! It reminds me of my relationship! My boyfriend and I have been together for 6 years and we’ve been talking about marriage and our future together! It’s very exciting time in our lives and I love reading how other couples are, what does and doesn’t work for them! I’ve been hearing all about that book! I need to get my hands on it! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  19. you and your husband genuinely make my heart warm, you have such an amazing bond and I really do hope it stays that way forever! I love how you’re best friends before anything. the love you have for your husband shows through all over sazan. Masallah

  20. Sazan! Me encanta su relación y como compartes esos tiernos momentos y aprendizaje, sin lugar a dudas mañana le diré a mi hombre por qué lo amo con todo mi corazón. No existe nada mejor que esa expresión de tu alma gemela cuando simplemente abres tu corazón. Espero que su amor siga creciendo y fortaleciéndose.
    Por favor sigue compartiendo tus historias y las de tu loco amor!

  21. You guys are such an amazing ouple!!!! You’re both so funny and so kind!!! Definitely make a relationship category :)))

  22. Beautiful blogpost!

    Loved that you shared the story – I went through the same thing and after 8 years, I’m engaged to my boyfriend after overcoming some amazing obstacles and it feels amazing !

    Continue to water your marriage, it’ll be worth it 🙂


  23. Loved this blog post Sazan! I’ve been married to my husband for almost two years now and it is so easy to point fingers and call out each other’s faults. But respect and praise goes a long ways. I definitely think you should add a relationship category!

  24. What can I say!! That’s an incredible story that you shared with all of us! Love reading those kinds of stories:) I raised like you we did show love in the family by doing things but didn’t saying love you word( I don’t know why) but now I tarted telling my son and husband “love you”. That’s the greatest word ever.im married with my husband already 5 years, where did those days go omg??? Love you Sazan ❤️❤️????????

  25. Hey Saz!
    I really loved the point you made to Stevie last night about how you love him because he is a man that serves God. I think faith and practicing faith within a relationship is often absent in many relationships…including mine. I’m not going to lie. This is something I definitely would love to work on and have us be more in touch with because I know it will make our relationship grow even stronger. I appreciate you sharing your relationship advice. I feel that a lot of bloggers or people in the public eye don’t disclose their personal relationships, but I like that you don’t mind sharing a big part of who you are…which is Stevie’s wife.

    Much love,

  26. Hey Sazan,

    I recently came across your YouTube channel while looking for makeup tutorials and was completely taken by your beautiful, colourful personality. Even though I love makeup and fashion, the videos that I (and my husband actually) enjoy the most, are the Stevie and Sazan ones!

    My heart was so happy when you both shared how you love Jesus! I had been on the hunt for (cool) stylish, Christian fashion bloggers, and very few came up. I would LOVE to read a realationship series on your blog.

    I know that so many newly weds are facing challenges, and are scared to ask for advice from the people close to them because they’re expected to be in their “honeymoon phase”, but the first few years can be tough, because we’re learning.

    I look forward to reading more of these posts, I know that your God centred marriage is ministering to so many around the world!

    Love, from South Africa!

  27. Yes! I would love to hear more about your beautiful relationship. I am one out of many of your Kurdish followers are your story is so amazing to me. I have been following you for as long as I can remember and to see you so happy makes me happy! Love you, Sazan! I can’t wait to read more.

  28. Wow Sazan this post is incredible. I am a Christian too and I’ve also heard about that book but never read it. My husband and I recently did something like that too-telling each other what we love about each other instead of pointing fingers. It’s so easy to do that.
    Your love story is beautiful. May God continue to bless your marriage and happy almost one year anniversary lool.

    Mich xx

  29. Very good contribution . I Follow your block are one year. It is interesting that I got married at the same time with you . We have with cultural differences married , I am rusian and he German .
    I am looking forward to the wedding day and will read the book also .
    I’m inspired . it’s friday, I cook for him and tell him reasons why I love him .
    Thank you.

  30. Sazan,
    I honestly don’t read your blog consistently, but when I do I love it. It’s nice to come and see what you have posted, it’s almost like getting a little surprise gift. You have such substance and beauty in this post and I really respect you for that. In a time when bloggers and vloggers portray thsi unrealistic image of perfection it’s nice to see someone who talks about flaws too, it makes it easier to connect! You are an incredible role model!
    God bless

  31. YAAASSSSS!!! Relationship category please! This hit home for me and I would love to hear more about how you overcome those cultural differences, family drama etc.. because im going through something similar. Love you Sazan!! P.S. I love your snaps with Stevie, you two are hilarious! God Bless!

  32. I absolutely love your blog and all of your videos! You are beautiful, and your love is so inspiring!

  33. Dear Sazan,
    greetings from faraway Slovakia! A few weeks ago, I randomly found your Youtube chanel, and I’ve really loved your beauty tutorials, but then I came across your blog, and found out, that you are much more, than only a beautiful youtube blogger! I really admire you, for being so brave, and having the courage to reveal your personal life. I’am very in love with my boyfriend, and we are also facing some hard obstacles, but I really believe, that we’ll get over it. I believe in true love and that true love overcomes everything! After reading your post, my faith is even stronger! Thank you for that, Sazan! Would be great, to read more from you about your relationship, about the obstacles, about your family and their reactions… so definitly, please create a relationship section 😉 p.s. I’ve just ordered The 5 love language, can’t wait to read it! So please, continue in what you are doing, you’re a great inspiration, as you see worldwide 😉 May God bless you, your sweet husband Stevie and all your family!
    Love, Magdalena

  34. It’s amazing to follow a blogger who knows and loves God. Sazan you got a great thing going on right here. It’s amazing see you share your faith with others. This post made me cry and gave me hope! Love ya!

  35. Sazan, great post. My boyfriend and I have dated 5 years and there are also cultural and religious barriers for us. I am christian and he is muslim… i wonder how your parents receive yours and Stevie’s relationship? We want to marry, but like you, he fears losing his family.

  36. Hey Saz!

    I just read your blog post on this, and it truly is heart warming. Early congrats on hitting the 1 year mark! You and Stevie are wonderful together! I (& I’m sure many many more) would love to read more about this, so that category on “Relationships” sounds exciting! Good luck and may god bless you both!


  37. You and Stevie are the best, I follow you guys daily and you seam to have a great relationship. Big fan from Scandinavia!

  38. I would love a Relationship series on your blog. I’m currently dealing with a tough situation in my relationship that has left me with a broken heart but I am turning to God for help in healing and trusting my partner again. I would love to know more about having God in your life and how that helps our relationship. God bless your marriage, and love your Mexican adventures on Instagram right now ????

  39. Hi Saz!!
    Really great reading about your love story,but above all very happy to hear that there’s still young people like u and Stevie that not only share a life together,but also share, and most important,share faith in our Lord!!
    I also really like Gary Chapman’s books, they’ve taught me many things,
    and showed me the way many times…when it comes to your marriage you’re always learning…
    Really enjoy your work as a blogger, and being a christian it’s even more wonderful,may God bless you and your family.
    From Portugal

  40. I’d love to see more relationship posts also, and maybe something from Stevie’s perspective like -when did he know he wanted to marry you, how did he feel /what did he think of the cultural difference in the beggining of the relationship etc. it’s funny the part about growing up with a family who never really expressed emotions, just like mine-it was kind of a given that we all loved and cared for each other. Thanks for this post, beautiful.

  41. Can you say #relationshipgoals?? Post like this definitely give me encouragement to hold out for something great. Needless to say I would love a relationship section on your site! As a 31 yr old single lady it gets discouraging out there in the dating world and I could use some meaningful advice/inspiration from someone in a healthy relationship. You are beautiful inside and out and I’m looking forward to more of your posts! 🙂

  42. PLEASE do add a relationship section Sazan! I loved this post and how heartfelt and sincere it was. People, even just – me talkin’ to my mom every day, don’t take the time to praise and express the good feelings. So often we only express ourselves when we are unhappy with something. I so appreciated you sharing this private moment. And I am SO inspired by your relationship with Stevie, and how humble and centered it seems to be around your faith. I am new to LA and am finding it very challenging to meet sincere down to earth men (and people in general) and your posts and relationship give me hope! Thank you for being so fun and for sharing so much with the world. I don’t even know you but you brighten my day with your laughter and joy and sillyness whenever I see one of your posts. Your “I let my husband do my makeup” video was one of my favorite things in life ever LOl. SO GOOD!!! Keep it up 🙂

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  44. Sazan, you are amazing! I am from Ukraine and found out about you from instagram! I am studying Journalism in University of Art, so you are my inspiration! So please add a new category!!!! I will wait for it so much!))))

  45. Love this post. I can relate to it being not easy to express love because it was not the way i was brought up either. There were no I love yous or kisses on the forehead. I feel because of this my love language is words of affirmation. Anyway i’m glad you found your love and I pray your love last all the tests of time. By the way it is so refreshing to hear and see how passionately you stand for Jesus in the blog world. Praying fr your beautiful family.

  46. Sazan you are such a beautiful person, and have such a warm soul! I have followed you on Instagram and youtube forever now and when I read your blogs it really feels like your in front of me, I read it in your voice and I can just connect with you so much! I truly admire the person you are, I wish nothing but the BEST for you and Steve in all aspects of life!

    P.S. A relationships column would be GREAT, there are lots of newlyweds, brides, couples who are always looking for advice from people they can relate too.

  47. Hey Saz!
    You are so beautiful. Love your relationship. You and Stevie are so darn FUNNY! Im really glade Stevie was accepted into the family. I really truly dont mean anything by this…but have you always been a Christian? I hope you dont take this curiosity the wrong way. Xoxo ????????

  48. I never read blogs, Sazan, but I have to say, stumbling upon yours and finding it to be so fun loving and real is truly a testament to how authentic and compassionate a person you seem to be. I feel like we could be friends, lol. Much love from Dubai! xx

  49. i only just found your blog via Instagram, and I love it. This is such a lovely post, I’m not sure what your background is, but I’ll read up to find out. So glad you fought for love! I would love for you to start a section on Relationships.. we can always learn and be wiser. 🙂
    You both make a very good looking couple!

  50. Happiness is not a destination, it’s the journey. Your journey although challenging, has overcome all barriers. Love your story!

  51. Sazan, that story about the photo is the sweetest! I’m so happy it worked out that way for you guys. I love your relationship and would love to read a relationship category – you two have such a positive and unique experience to share with the world! Xo

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