How to Touch Up Your Roots (BYE DRUGSTORE BOX DYES)


Here’s an easy routine on how to touch up your roots AT HOME! ** NOTE: THIS VIDEO IS NOT SPONSORED by DPHUE. THIS IS PART OF MY HELP ME! SERIES. I invite industry friends to come on my channel and help me with things I’m not good at or want to learn their trick!
And guess what – I’m saying bye to drugstore box dyes! My good friend and Los Angeles celebrity hair colorist Justin Anderson joins the HELP ME! series and is using his root touch-up kit from dpHUE to show me how to properly color my roots in between salon visits. He explained to me that this is better than using the box dyes from the drug stores (oops!) that can do more harm than good and strip your hair color and affect your natural texture overtime. I’ve been doing this now in the comfort of my own home since filming and it’s been really easy. Perfect for busy ladies and all my mamas! He breaks it down and makes it super easy so if you’re hesitant but don’t want to go to the salon every two weeks (like me) to touch up those annoying greys (can u say expensive!?) I highly suggest you try! Seriously anyone can do it and you’re getting salon quality ingredients in your own little DIY dye box!!! Let’s do thisss
Products used:
dpHUE Root Touch-Up Kit in GLOSS+ Warm Brown
USE CODE “sazan” for $10 off!
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And dpHUE’s!
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