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How we doin’ fam? 2020 has been quite the ride, let’s just get that out there right now! Not gonna lie, it’s  taken me through quite the rollercoaster of emotions. From moving   to Texas, to house hunting and being displaced (for almost an entire year), to COVID-19 quarantine and all that came along with it, like 7 people in a small house, Teeny’s  daycare closing, trying to get work done and keep our marriage alive (kidding, kind of lol!). It’s been a lot! I’m so grateful that my family is safe and healthy, and that we have work to do, but needless to say, it’s just been a crazy year. When life is stressful, I like    to find things that I CAN control, in the midst of everything that I can’t. One thing I love  to keep up with, along with nutrition and exercise, is my skincare routine. This post is sponsored by Vichy, and I’m so excited to tell you guys a few things about one of my favorite skincare staples, Vitamin C. Vichy recently came out with their LiftActiv Peptide-C Anti Aging Ampoule Serum and it’s honestly the perfect thing for when life is a little stressful! So, let’s do thissss.

PS: if you decide you wanna try the Ampoule serum, use my promo code SAZAN2020 to get 15% off and free shipping on!!

Why do I need Vitamin C in my skincare routine?

The great thing about using a Vitamin C product in your skincare routine is it has antioxidant properties that help neutralize free radicals and regenerate damaged cells- basically it can help reduce fine lines, wrinkles, lessen or prevent sun damage… basically all the good things! Vichy’s new LiftActiv Peptide-C Anti Aging Ampoule  Serum is your anti-wrinkle superdose. It has been clinically proven to hydrate and brighten the skin in 10 days, reduce wrinkles and resurface the skin in one month, so those are some quick results and I’m all about that. It also targets collagen loss and firmness of the skin (AKA is your face feeling a little saggy/sad like it needs a boost? This is for you).

Some Crazy Facts

Did you know Vitamin C is actually extremely sensitive and only has a shelf life of up to four months? And that’s only if it’s under perfect conditions! What I LOVE about the  new Vichy Ampoule Serum is it’s safely packaged in an amber glass tube, protecting it from oxidation, contamination and degradation of the formula, while measuring out your dermatologist recommended daily dose (each vial of serum is used half in the morning, half at night). Once opened, this formula is fresh for 48 hours, so if you get more than two uses out of the vial, it will last!

The new Ampoule serum formula is super simple with under 10 ingredients, but is also super impactful- just what I need. Ingredients include these Anti-Aging Actives:

  • Phyto Peptides to firm the skin & fight collagen loss
  • 10% Pure Vitamin C to brighten & firm the skin
  • Natural Origin Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate & plump
  • Vichy’s 15 mineral-rich Volcanic Water to strengthen the skin barrier & protect it against damage caused by the exposome
  • Also Fragrance-free and Paraben-free!

This looks fancy- how do I use it?!

It’s SUPER easy to use, I promise! Remember, there are so many little bottles because they are being protected for individual usage so that the Vitamin C doesn’t oxidize 🙂 This way, every time you open one, you have the freshest, most potent formula! And if you’re a visual person, my video on how to open and use here!

To open:

  1. Tap the top to make sure the formula goes to the bottom.
  2. Wrap a tissue to cover the neck & break and snap open with both hands.
  3. Twist off & save reusable cap. Then cap the applicator onto the open ampoule.

To use:

  1. All you have to do after that is to shake downwards & squeeze applicator to dispense 1⁄2 of the formula.
  2. Apply to your lovely face and give it some love (don’t forget your neck & décolleté!)
  3. Close the applicator with the reusable cap to keep formula fresh for 48 hours!
  4. Repeat with the remaining formula in the evening before bed. One ampoule serum is designed for morning & evening application 🙂

And remember, if you decide to try the Ampoule serum, use my promo code SAZAN2020 to get 15% off and free shipping 🙂

Love you guys!! Until next time…

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