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You guys know I’m always trying new products in my skincare routine; I have my all-time faves of course but as technology advances, brands are coming out with amazing products. I can’t just stay in the dark right?! So I’m here to tell you guys about Vichy’s  new exciting launch- the LiftActiv Peptide-C anti aging moisturizer.

Over the past two years, I’ve really started to pay attention to ingredients in both my  food AND my skincare products. I love that Vichy’s LiftActiv Peptide-C has three ingredients that I look for in my skincare routine: Peptides, Vitamin C, and mineral-rich water. It’s a triple threat, all in one product. And that makes things a little easier especially since I’m a busy working mama and my skin is constantly bombarded with the daily aggressors of life!

Here are a few of the amazing benefits of Vichy’s LiftActivPeptide-C:

  1. It’s formulated to fight collagen loss- I’m sure you’ve seen collagen products everywhere in your local health food store over the past couple of years right? Collagen is a building block of skin and peptides are essential nutrients that help build  up collagen  and support the skin’s needs to preserve its youthful appearance. Every year, the collagen in our skin naturally decreases due to aging and exposure to aggressors. When you lose collagen in your skin, your skin loses elasticity. But all is not lost! That’s what this product is for, to help prevent signs of collagen loss!
  2. It’s formulated with first of its kind plant-origin Phyto Peptides and Vitamin C to and keep your skin nice and supple, AND it’s paraben-free.
  3. It helps fight the daily aggressors that cause skin aging. LiftActiv Peptide-C also includes Vichy’s proprietary Mineralizing Water, a potent thermal water rich in 15 minerals and clinically proven to fortify and regenerate the skin against the exposore factors that cause skin aging, like pollution, stress, UV exposure, poor diet, and more. Did you know that these internal and external aggressors account for 80% of skin aging?

Wanna try it?? Use my promo code to geta 20% discount! PROMO CODE: SAZAN19

Thanks so much for reading, and let me know in the comments below if you try it out and what you think! And thank you Vichy for sponsoring this post 🙂

Until next time…

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  1. Your post was really helpful. I love that you preach the gospel of collagen retention and rebuilding for anti-aging effects. We skincare dudes can’t say that enough!

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