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Hi fam! In a world that makes you feel like you HAVE to fit into certain standards to be “beautiful” I’m here to tell you otherwise. Through the years (especially my years in LA) my definition of what I think is “beautiful” has quickly changed and evolved as I’ve lived this little thing called life. I used to wish I could stop time as a fear of “growing up” and “getting old”, but in reality I’ve learned that this is in fact the most beautiful blessing we can have in our life. It’s a blessing to reach another year when tomorrow is not guaranteed. It’s a blessing to live in a moment that becomes a sweet memory you can look back on. My life feels so different than it did 5 years ago and guess what? 10 years ago felt different than those 5 years before that. I guess what I’m getting at is we need to start promoting the beauty of life with age. I’ll be 30 in October and I’m not going to lie – that number used to make me nervous. After I had my sweet Valentina (aka TEENY), I had an eye opening revelation that made me stop focusing on the outer and start embracing the inner. When I started doing this my life suddenly started to get more exciting in a way.

I love that I’m going to walk into my thirties confidently knowing exactly who I am and not wasting anymore years trying to be something I’m not. I love that life gives us the option to adapt and embrace change when it happens and to know that we are in control of our emotions and not letting them get the best of us. I think the reason we fear change is because we have to accept the challenge of being uncomfortable and not in control. I feel like the older I’m getting the more in tune I am now with my mind, body and spirit and actually wanting to take the best care of it for as long as I can. Not for vanity purposes but for ME purposes. It makes this mama feel GOOD when she’s taking care of herself, considering this was not the case in my early twenties. I wish someone told me what I’m about to share below. I feel encouraged to share this and I hope it blesses one of you who needs it:

1. Stop worrying about how others see you: I work in the beauty industry where it’s easy to put yourself under a microscope and pick yourself apart (and I’m sure even in other industries as well), but don’t let yourself get so consumed by others opinions. I think the key to negating what others think or have to say is to stop feeding into it and worrying about what they are saying and start tuning into what God is saying about you. God says that you are “wonderfully and fearfully made.”May sound silly to some, but it’s true!

2. Take care of yourself: I sound like my mom here, but it’s true! No matter what your age, circumstance or current schedule in life – always take time for yourself. I used to work myself to death and forget to eat and as a result I was quickly deteriorating in health and mentally I was not happy. I feel like 30 minutes a day for yourself should be a simple part of your routine – just like the habit of knowing you’ve got to eat every day and brush your teeth. I love breaking up self-care into the three categories: Mind, Body, and Soul. Quiet time in the morning has helped set the tone for a winning day as well as taking better care of my hair, skin and body. I’m not working towards perfection- I’m focusing on the direction of my life and wanting to stay healthy and take care of myself. I do love splurging on skincare because that’s my thing (haha!) so even though I’m embracing age, I’m still obsazzed with all the anti-aging products out there and realizing I don’t have to go bankrupt thanks to drugstore finds. The latest one I’ve tried is Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream and Regenerist Whip Face Moisturizer. Both come in red jars but are very different! If you have normal to dry skin, the Micro-Sculpting Cream is best for you. It adds an extra layer of moisture that lasts throughout the day. If you have oily skin, the Regenerist Whip is your best choice. It helps mattify your face to prevent shine. Both jars address women’s top skin concerns and made with Vitamin B3! Pick yours up at your local retailer!

3. Look in the mirror and learn to love what you see: When you have an insecurity it’s not easy to just accept it off the bat and love yourself (easier said than done.) I think it’s a process we all have to go through in understanding that just like a relationship with another person, we sometimes have to go on a “dating” journey with ourselves to try and get to know who we are and through that process learning how to love and accept ourselves for who we are. It starts with a positive mindset that no matter what, I am going to be kind to myself on this journey. There are good days and bad days in the insecurity department of my life, but I am not going to let those days rule over a negative mindset. Reset your mindset every day. Every day presents a new and exciting opportunity to make better decisions to better ourselves. Don’t forget to be kind to yourself!

4. The older you get, the more you have to look forward to: Remember this on the days when fear of aging starts to creep in. ha! Every day I’m growing older, but I’m also growing more into who God created me to be. It’s like every year a new puzzle piece of life is released and seeing how it fits into the big picture of life is exciting. I have a broader perspective on life than I ever have before and I know this is only going to continue to grow and change.

For anybody struggling with the thought of aging, I hope this post encourages you to see that you are beautiful exactly as you are. Find light in knowing that you are not done growing and evolving as a person and find joy for the many years to come 🙂

Special thank you to Olay for sponsoring this post! xoxo Sazan

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  1. I love this so much, especially the part about seeing yourself as God sees you! We’re all our own worst critics, and sometimes all it takes is spending time in the word to hear how much He loves you & what He thinks of you. This makes all other opinions seem so small. This is what I’m working towards in my life 💛

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