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When FEAR comes knocking are you prepared to answer with FAITH? This was a question I battled with all last week when I discovered a lump on my left breast that left me speechless, worried and flat-out scared to death. It was a slow and waiting process and in classic Sazan fashion (when I don’t know what else to do!), my back was against the wall praying to God for protection.
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All of this came as a surprise because it was shortly after we recorded an interview for our Good Life podcast, where a TGL fam listener joined us for Breast Cancer Awareness to share her story when she discovered her own lump and found out it was cancer at the age of 30. She said, “You’re never too young to give yourself a self breast exam” and it spoke boldly through to me. So that’s what I did when I got home later that day and discovered every woman’s worst nightmare. I’ve never had a medical scare so it definitely filled me up with fear – not going to lie.
In our latest podcast episode of The Good Life with Stevie and Sazan, I’m sharing the story in full and where I’m at in the process. Plus how my patience and faith were so greatly tested teaching me something valuable in the process. We’re also sharing the “Good fight” story/interview that inspired me to check myself. This ia powerful message on FEAR and I feel like everyone needs to stop what they’re doing and listen to it!
Listen to our full episode through Apple Podcasts here
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Remember these 5 ways to deal with fear:
1. FACE IT: With fear it is often easy to run in the opposite direction. We run to whatever will allow us to escape that feeling without actually dealing with it. Facing your fear will allow you to acknowledge that what ever you fear is there, but it doesnt hold power over you.
2. When FEAR knocks, ANSWER with FAITH. – Saz reiterate testimony: I’m human and this week, even as a believer I found myself feeling like that young girl again – crippled by fear. I felt like it was a huge test of faith having to make a choice.
3. CANCEL the NOISE: Avoid playing the what if game and allowing yourself to go to a dark place mentally. Speak POSITIVITY over yourself. Write it on a post-it note if you have to and putting in every corner of your home. Cancelling the noise will allow you to control your mental thoughts.
4. Don’t deal with it ALONE: I knew I had GOD, but I’m also someone who needed a friend this week. I had a girls night and all my girlfriends just helped comfort me. Stevie also spent all day with me and we went shopping which helped so much!
5. One of the last things – if you don’t do any of those things above – simply PRAY. Take if from me, when I say there is a REAL God, who wants to have a relationship with you. He is on your side and if it’s something you can’t say to anyone else- you can say it to him. There is power in prayer.
Hope this encouraged anyone else dealing with fear. Love you!

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  1. Saz, thank you THANK YOUUU for this post and for your Makeup and Motivate Trust Yourself video on youtube!!! I am finishing watching that video and it could not have come at a better time in my life right now. This was such a huge sign from The Lord that He needs me to stop being so afraid and to fully trust in HIM. I am in a season of life where I don’t know what spring semester will look like and that terrifies me, but I know that He is faithful and so so good. Thank. you for being my biggest role model and for using your platform for GOODNESS. You rock and I absolutely looveee getting to see you and your cute fam grow. Keep doing you sistah<3
    lots of love- Kimberly

  2. Wow! Reading this post and listening to your guys’ podcast has truly enlightened me and shaken me up. You say things that sometimes are scary to think of much more say out loud. Your messages bring tears to my eyes s I reflect on my current situation. I feel like you speak to me and for that i’m thankful of what you share. Putting ourselves out there is scary and you do it and I feel like i’m not alone anymore because someone out there is feeling, thinking the same or similar fears and thoughts. If you ever decide on writing a book, or making a journal to help us your followers reflect- I would totally buy it. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

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