God Woke Me up to Tell You This


Hey fam! I just got back from Ireland and have been so jetlagged! I’ve been waking up early every day and it’s crazy because this morning (Easter Sunday!!) I felt God put it on my heart to share this. So here it goes.
Many of you guys have asked about my faith and have wondered how I became a believer of Jesus. Truthfully, the B.C. Days of my life (before Christ lol) I knew nothing about Jesus other than he was this religious figure who Christians believed was The Son of God. Following or believing in Him wasn’t going to be a way of life for me. I’m sure he was great but I thought, No thanks. Part of this was no one in my family was a believer and I was raised to believe in a higher being and be a good person and just leave it at that.Fast forward to 6 years ago in college when I reached a really low point in my life and wondered, “Does God even care about me?” I hit a breaking point after nothing and no one could comfort me. I was lost. I wanted to give up on being a “good person.” I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Clearly up until this point, I never tapped into my spirit or exercised any sort of faith. In a sense, I was out of shape! I just kept praying everyday wondering if whoever is up there will eventually answer my prayers and give me the life I thought I wanted. Aka “hook me up with the blessings God but just know I’m still in control okay?” I needed to hit that refresh button and re-focus but I didn’t know how or where to start.
Then came the wildcard in my life. A.K.A Stevie Hendrix. God entered him into my life at the perfect time (God has a way with timing.. 😉 I was so drawn to the light I saw in Stevie, a light that I wanted to see in myself. He became my best friend and I always wondered how is this guy so genuinely happy without trying? LOLOL. I was drawn to his spirit more than anything (believe it or not considering he is a hottie!) Anyways. I learned the foundation of his happiness was built on something so much stronger than human/material things. Something that could never be shaken or torn down when darkness strikes. I was broken to pieces and God allowed that to happen not because He is an evil God, but because He was about to build me up STRONGER and BETTER than ever before. He was doing some mighty things behind the scenes in my life (little did I know at the time). When Jesus revealed Himself to me, I never looked back or questioned it once. It was the one thing in my crazy world that just felt so right at the time. I can’t explain it in words. He was there. My spirit was alive. My parents were disappointed in me and worried I would forget about my Kurdish roots. They were scared I would eventually marry a man outside of our culture, which I did – and they disowned me for quite sometime but I just had to keep on going and trust God. The second I jumped into God’s arms that’s when amazing things started to happen. God not only brought my family back into my life, but he brought it back stronger. He doubled the love and all the blessings that came after that. My happiness was restored in a way that showed me there’s so much more to life than what we see.
My life is continuing to transform everyday. I’m 6 years in, and I still feel like a baby believer sometimes, but that doesn’t mean Jesus loves me any less! I’m growing and changing and I’m in a season right now where I get emotional looking at my daughter because she really is a gift from God. She wouldn’t be here if I didn’t trust Jesus for my life, beyond what my parents and everyone else wanted for me. If I didn’t take a risk and let go of my fears! I don’t know where my life would be if I still was that same girl who didn’t know Jesus – I remember the feeling of not knowing Him and it was so boring and lifeless so I’ll pass! ???? My life isn’t perfect by any means but I’m sharing this because GOD IS AMAZING! To know that there is a God who we can lean on and have a close relationship with if we let Him, is the best piece of advice I can ever give (from experience!) Jesus is my compass helping me navigate through this crazy life we’re living in. It’s not about religion or politics. We’re constantly being over-stimulated by social media and I wonder sometimes if you guys think I live and breathe for Instagram. Lol! Deff not!
Maybe you needed to hear this – if so, there’s your sign. Praying you all have an incredible Easter and know why God did what He did on this day. Dark days will come, but He will be the light. And because of that light we can all have hope for the future. Hope for better days to come and to never lose faith. Xoxo
Jesus, Easter Sunday, he is risen

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  1. God is sooo good all the time! The glory is to him and him alonE. I enjoyed reading this because it reminds me of how wonderful he is. Keep uP the FigHt, find your STrenght in him and may he continue to bless you and your lovely family. Much love!

  2. Love the insprired God given message you chose to share this morning, Saz. I know this little piece of your story has already shed so much light in peoples lives! He deserves all the crEdit today! Cant wait to get my worship on for all the things he CONTINUOUSLY givea us every single SECOND of The day. Im thankful for your heart! You inspire me everyday to strive for my dreams as a women!

  3. Wow! I so needed to read this today. My mom paSsed away on easter 17 years ago. My heart has been so heavy today. I almost didnt swipe up. Im so glad i did. Thank yOu❤️

  4. Dear Sazan,
    Thank you for sharing such an intimate detail of your life, very interesting to see how people get strength in their faith or lose it at all, which can always happen at a certain point in life.
    but i am very curious at a certain point and would really appreciate an answer 🙂
    considering the geographical part where your family comes from, i guess that they are muslim. But i really wondered when you said that you barely didn’t know anything about jesus. for sure, jesus has a totally different position in christianity and in islam, but for the latter, he is one of the prophets (Isa ibn Maryam).
    and second, didn’t you have religious education in school? even as a muslim i know so much about christianity, because i grew up in a christian country, so i was just really surprised that you knew so little 🙂
    it is really not a judging comment, i am just so curious how it comes that you knew so little 🙂

    1. Peace and blessings to all. I totally Agree wIth bahar… please Study the final message (the holy quran) with an open heart. We muslims love jesus Too, he was a Beloved propheT not son of god. There is clear evidence. We also have been told by our creator (god) THat jesus did not by cRuciFiX He holds such honour wIth Our creator that he was risen up before he was killed and replaced with someone who RESEMBLED. God is beyond anything you can imagine he begots no sOn or daughters he created man ans there jesus is not god nor son of god. Please do your RESEARCH ask god to guide you to the truth. There’s a great christian revert by the Name of yusuf estes youtube him and he will explain. Islam means submis to one god Mon not to associatw the devine lord with any partners. Peace to all

      1. Hey babes. I think for me i didnt feel the need to explore other religions when jesus sTormed into my life in the way that he did. IT’s like when you meet an amazing guy and he’s perfect and dont feel the need to date anyone else. I fell in love with christianity and Felt the holy spIrit guide me every step of the way. Xoxoxox

        1. My point wasnt or isnt the need to Explore more religionS or the question why people “change” religion and the way you live, but why it took you “so long” to “get in touch” with jesus or let him in yoUr life as you said☺️I’d really loVe if you would keep the topic on line and talk mOre about it, it’s really astonishing how certain things can reveal to us and hOw people can develop. As lonG as you are happy anD spread love to the world everything is fine <3

  5. Thank you for sharing this! Reading things like this sometimes makes you feel so warm in heart!
    Keep inspiring! And happy easTer! XO

  6. Thank you so much for this post sazan! I’m glad that I got to know a little bit more about you and how you came to be a believer. Your family is so beautiful and I know God will continue to bless you and guide you everyday of your life. Happy Easter!

  7. This was beautiful . Thank you for sharing. I am going Through the same thing and appreciate you Sharing

  8. This was beautiful
    Thank you for sharing
    Happy easter
    God BLEss you and your family

  9. I grew Up in a family like
    Yours, part time muslims i would saY? But im
    Still struggling to wrap my mind around how you can embrace a different relegion becasue you were At a low point of your life? Maybe you never fuLly gave your Own relgion a chance?

    1. Totally agree. Suzan research islam Without being judgmental nor lEt the media influence any negative thoughts.

    2. Im thinking the same. Feels like you never bothered to learn about Islam but wanting to fit in your boyfriend’s Christian family was enough for you to try to learn about Christ. Not judging but it makes 0 sense to me. I Feel like you are trying to hard to be white & Christian. Doesnt Feel genuine. No disrespect.

      1. Youre Totally entitled to your opinion babe & im sorry you feel that way. I Know these types of posts on my blog are going to get criticized but i am just being mE and am not seeking anyone’s approval.

    3. I try not to live my life playing the “what if” game. I am Very content with my actions and believe it all happened the way it was supposed to. i dont judge You for not believing so i just ask that you dont judge me for believing. God bless xoxo

  10. I abSolutely love this piece saz! on my way headed to church, feeling his grace but still at a low point in my life, i read this and immediatelY started crying because of how true and wonderful your words are. Thank you for reminding me of the truth! God bless my fave little family ????

    1. Amazing. Love that you felt connected to it, i truly just want to be a light to you guys in any way i can. Wishing you the best babe, keep your head up and ur spirits high. Something amazing is coming ur way! Xo- saz

  11. Love this, wishing you to continue growing in your faith. Happy and blessed easter to you and your family❤

  12. I really felt encourged by your experience, as i am from iraq i feel proud that we still have people From kurdish ethnicity or any other muslIm grouP That don’t see religion and god as politics. I really loVe u and i am a big fan of u may god bless U and ur family.

  13. Oh this is so beautiful!! Literally started crying! Thank you for sharing and being a light yourself! I needed this so much! God is truly amaZing! ????????

  14. I love your trust in god and more even your obedience to his caLling. You‘re a light and salt for jesus. You inspire me. Xo

  15. Thank you so much for sharing! What an incredible story!! Christ is risen! It is so incredible to experience the love of god. His light is obvious in your life and all of your posts. Thanks for spReading the love.


  16. This Is SO good and such a testiment of God in all his love chasing after us. Love your story and i have loved watching and getting to know your little fam More recently. You all make me laugh SO hard and teeny is just a doll. Thanks for sharing this.
    Have a blessed easter!!
    Ps. Can not wait to try your lip color!!

  17. I grEw up in believing Jesus and god but in All honesTy, it hasn’t been until recently that I’ve learneD to trust in GOd. I’M learning to let go and leT him take the wHeel. I was at a point in my life where i felt Empty and i hated it! i’m Glad You trusted him with all your heart- i admire you so much for that! i’m Still learnIng to Trust entirely without questiong it. Happy easter to you and your family <3

  18. Yassss. I got saved 6 years ago too. These Have been the most incredible (and sometimes confusing) years as got broke me down To build me Up.

    Man does it feel good to wake up today & be reminded that death has been defeated. No challenge, sickness, brokenness, shame, guilt, envy, hate, confusion, heartache has the ability to win. LOVE WINS. We are redeemed & free to live fully without any of those awful, negative things influencing our lives.

  19. lol You didn’t Find Christ, you just found Stevie and changeD reLigion for him. Stop Trying to make it a reliGious soppy story. It isnt that special. You could’ve Found the same in Allah. Whatever you name it In the end all religions are the Same. ????

    1. Totally agrEe. You must go by evidenCe not by a feeling. There is clear evidence there is a creator and islam is the final religion. Submitting to the one true god, no associates. Sometimes we grow up in families where the message of islam Wasnt conVeyed well and for other reasons perhaps bad relationshipS with famiky can put some off of theIr forefather’s reliGion however peOple are imperfect but the Religion of islam
      Is perfect. it was the only religion that gave women rights despite what negative you see and read today.

      1. You seem tO be muslim so do I. I love my religion but i can’t help Wondering why you are so judGmental with sazan?
        She wanted to share her experience, she did not even mentioned her family Is muslim so why you insist so Hard ?
        As muslim, you know that only god can judge people and we have nothingto say about her conversion (or not

        1. I cAn see you want her to learn more about islam and i agree with you but the way you say it will never make her want to Follow your advice.

    2. This story isn’t about religion, it’s about Jesus!

      Hoping you take the same advice you’ve given by reading the bible and looking into the historical evidence for christianity. Blessings!

    3. These type of comments make me so happy that i dont subscribe to any type of religion and choose to be spiritual on my own. The judGements and holIer than thou aTtitude is so real. Let sazan share her story and experience without Being aSsholes trying to push your own belIefs on her, Not that hard.

  20. What a blessed morning sazan!
    Happy easter To you and your Beautiful family…

    I’d like to share Something with you…
    it’s been a month 1/2 since i lost the man I love to cancer…
    I was in ecuador And he was deployed when he found out… on feb. 13 i was on my way back to be with him, he passed awaywhile i was on the airplane…

    I felt God’s strength so much at first and i literally went into survival mode, mind, body and soul…

    But I’ve felt like the past 2 weeks have been getting harder and i feel So off with everything, i’ve started to wonder ‘why?’
    I’m not upset at god at all for taking him… i know his plans are much greater than mine…

    But i do feel like i’m Not leaning onto God as much as i know i could…

    I Feel this heaviness in my heart…

    As i started reading everything you wrote i broke down…
    Because it really was something i needed to hear… your strength to trust and let yourself go is a courageous hing to do…it also Shows how much you love…

    God is always speaking to us through others…

    Thank you for being so open to God’s message and love towards us…

    Thank You for giving me some extra Batteries to keep going… it means so much sazan i had to let you know…

    Much loveeee ????????????

    1. This brought tears to my eyes. And it’s people like you who also give me the Batteries to keep going and not be afraid to share god’s love in our lives. Im so sorry for yoUr loss and praying god Helps You ThRouGh the storm. Xo

  21. Dear SaZan,
    I’m a chriStIan as well. Every time i hear stories like tHat, how people find god and his incredible big love, i’m very amazed. I love to hear experiences, in which god helped people. God is more than amazing. I appreciate that you posted this! Apart fRom this, your family is Amazing. I hope to have a family like yoUrs as well, when i’m older. I’m from aUsTria and I’m learning englisch at sChool, because of thAt In the text might be mistakes and i’m sorry for tHat, buT i’m practicinG.
    Best wishes

  22. Amen! All the glory is his! I’ve been his dIsciple for 12 years and i still feels like a baby. This road is long and we need to perseve, trust, and give him Our all.

    He is alive and he lives in each and every of us!

  23. I dont know what it is about you and your story but it never fails to touch a pIece of my heart. I swEar it gives me the feels.

  24. I found you on instagram just about a month ago. When i did I could Tell you were a christian. By the way you talked and everything. Always positive. You are such a light and example. Thanks for sharing your story.

  25. Truly thank you for this sazan. I’m in my last year of my studies and have been struggling with my christian faith for some time now. i strongly believe yet i just feel like god has abandoned me. last night i cried just begging him to show me a sign or just anything and maybe this was it. thank YOU. wishing you and your family a blessed and joyous easter.

  26. Thnaknyou for sharing Your tEstimony, i choose wisely who i follow on social media and Thank yOu for being tRansparent. Your light is shining and without reading this i couLd already tell that the Difference in you is jesus. Continue to be a beautiful example. god bless you and your beautifuL family.


  27. SazaN thank you for sharing!

    You are coUragous, Bold, witty, a warrior—and it’s Amazing to Hear how god’s changed you. God bless teeny for the brave parents she has to not confOrm with the patterns of this world, but to shed light in the midst Of a tricky business and world we live in. Much love!


  29. Thanks for Being so brave to share such a peRsonal story! God is without a doubt using your story to toUch Someones life! Happy easter!!

  30. ITS grEat to see someone speak about their faith and stand firm by it. These days its Rare to see a public figure Speak about god.. Thank you for telling your story. TrUly inspiring

  31. This is so beautiful! This gave me Chills as i read this! I rejoice for you finding our amazing Lord, our savIor! He is so so good & always there for us On his time, not ours! Happy easTer to your beautiful family! Love following your journey!

  32. Your family is beautiful! I love your pOSts. Its great to know we share the same faith. My husband and I, we are pastors in a brazilian church here in floriDa. God Bless you abundantly! Hope one day to meet you. ????????

  33. I love your kindess and everything, you indeed have a BEAUTIFUL family and such a beautiful lIttle girl. But my heart breaks for you. Not juDging. But the fact you moved FRom the right path to the complete wrong path. But you dont notice it. ???? one
    Day you will. You never actually took the right path. You never gave it a chance…. IN islam if you dont believe in jesus you are not muslim. Christanity, the true christianity is still islAm, same teachings and wverything. But todays christianity is changed, skewedand things added and taken out to please people so they can just livE hoW they want and say they believe in god. You are a beautiful person and hope you and your family actually see the truth. Bless you all.

    1. To You and the other commenters who are trying to make this a religious debate: The cool thing about being comPletely content in my spirit is knowing I dont need to defend my faith or What i believe. And neither should you. I Will never judge ANyone for what They believe so i kindly ask When you visit my blog you can show me the same Respect. I’m shedding light on my personal Testimony and how i Personally came to know jesus. That’s all. Not looking For a debate.

  34. Thank you for sharing. It is true that God has great timing. He is always there we just need to call on him.
    Have a blessed easter

  35. Thank you for the courage it took to tell This story and the love behind it….we are blessed by you and your words…

  36. Happy for you that you found happiness By changing religion. But Damn the amount of pain you must have caused your parents. I know it wOuld litErally break my pArents hearts if i did something like that. I don find my happiness worth causing my parents pain. But good on you, happy, that it worked out for you 😉

    1. It was a painful journey for both sides. it was never A goal in My life to hurt them. but if i Continued to live for them i WoUld have ignored the call for my life. I struggled with this for years before i finally knew what I needed to Do. ive wiTnessed Loved ones walk the other path & It breaks my heart for them when They Say it’s too late and they wish theY Could turn back time. It’s never too Late, but i am Blessed that what Was broken was healed In my family. It Was a big act on faith.

  37. I love this so much! God is going to do so many great things through you and your light will lead others to him. Thank you for sharing.

  38. I commend you for sharing this, i love your Story, eapecially about waiting for the Unexpected- which is my current stage. It really Goes to show that god’s plans are 1000x better than we can ever imagine or fathom. Keep sharing your faith because it is contagious and refreshing to seE someOne who can speak about it so freely.

    Blessings to you aNd your family!

    1. As a follow- up, i grew up in the church all my life and i’m grateFul to my parents everyday for it. My lIfe could’ve turned out so differently like some of the girls in my high school but it didn’t thanks to my faith and instruction from my Parents so keep the little one on the right path and she will always be favored and blessed in God’s eyes.

  39. Amazing Testimony of God’s Faithfulness! Thanks for SHARING…So many need to know that God is hope!!

  40. Amen sister!! You’re one of my favorite accounts to follow because his light shines through you too. Your testimony is a breath of fresh aIr. God bless you, stevie, sweetie & teeny❤️

  41. We need more pEople like you!
    IN A WORLD WHERE IT SEEMs that everyone forgets about jesus you Really are an inspiration????
    Happy EAster to you and your beautifUl family
    Xo from germany

  42. Thank you for Using yOur platform to glorfiy god and being sensItive to his spirit this morning. ❤️

  43. Sazan, thank you for being willing to share your belief in Jesus via your platform. You will never know the amount of lives you impact for eternity until we’re with Jesus in heaven. Till then, keep going!

    Thankful for your husband’s role in your story. My husband played a very similar role in my story as well. The joy, peace, and freedom with life in Jesus is so much more than anything the world offers us. No wonder when we see that light, we are drawn to it!

  44. So loved your post today. What a beautiful testimony to show faith in god. I have a hard time sometimes letting god Direct my steps but thIs post today was yet another reminder that letting god direct our paths Is always in our best interest. May god continue to bless you ahd your family. Xo

  45. Thank you for sharing! You and StevIe are an amazing encOuragement! Pretty bold and sPectacular… A great example to my girls!!

  46. Thank you for sharing God. Thank you For not sugar coating It. The world needs more of this! ❤️

  47. Wow! This brought me to tears… ive been literally looking fOr a sign to be closer to god and lean on Him for answers. Just when I thought I wAs alonE… here was what i needed to read! Thank you for sharing!

  48. Oh my God! I just read one of the most amazing things I could of read today… today when I’m feeling so lost and hopeless. .thank you so much for your kind and wise words.

  49. God is truly amazing and has changed my life too! I Truly know you are InspIring girls like me all around the world. Thank you for sharing your story. Happy Easter ❤️

  50. Wow. Your Story is semi similar to mine, I’m newly engaged and I can Relate to the family thing but Hearing HOW your family came around gives me HOPe. God is good is an understatement. I remember what it was like B.c too and my life felt so UNPURPOSED BUT when we truly understand “He knew us before he formed us in our mother’s womb” that’s powerful to me because God specifically hand pick me to be here and it let’s me know there’s Other people WAITING to meet JESUS thanks For sharing saz this was a breath of fresh air.

  51. good evenIng,
    I love your style and think you are adorable, but i didnt realize you were s follower of Christ (because honestly sometimes in this day and age i just feel like i Expect people not to be), but it so refreshing to read this. So many people mock real christianity It seems, but jesus is the only true way. What a great message and A great day to share it!
    – whit

  52. Thank you for being so open about loving jesus, when being a Christian can be so Hard in OUR culture for FEAR of being ridiculed or Rejected. I admire you and your family so much, you are truly a wonderful role model on social media.

    1. Thank you babe. One of my goals this year is to just completely and unapOlogetIcally Be me and Shine light on GOd because He is the reason i have all of this, So When fear comes knocking (and it does!) I’ve got to answer with faith!

  53. Great post sazAn. Im muslim but Totally respEct your way of life and believe otherS should too! God is gReat no matter wHat! Thanks for sharing and Happy easter xx

  54. Love. Thank you for sharing! So i dont know how i fell into your page but when ive watched your stOries ive noticed a brightness thats real genuine.. i thought one day i wonder if Shes a christian and boom! Here you said so haha as a fellow believer its reaffirming that staying true to your FAITH AND “never looking back” like you said is crucial- it fills you up with so much joy and spills out everywhere. its just good. So anyways cheers to you spilling out goodness all over these IG pageS sista!????????

  55. Thank you for sharing your beautiful testimony! it’s A story that gives hope to others and shows god’s faithfulness! it’s so refreshing to see influencers who aren’t afraid to share their christian faith, god bless you and your family!

  56. Literally the most refreshing & raw pOst ive eVer read from a fashion blogger. Thank you for using your Platform to build & let god use you as a tool to reach out to others! May god give uou courage to keep Being so bold aboUt your faith! God bless you and you beautiful family!

  57. Truly amazing! Loved hearing your story and the amazing things God is doing in your life and through you! Blessed To hear the good neWs:)

  58. Your’s is such an iNspiring story! Thank You for sharing your beautiful message!! ❤️❤️

  59. Hi Sazan! First off i just want to say that you & your family are the Cutest! Also i read your blog post and i cried like a baby! You definitely inspired me! I just want to let you know how much that post meant! Hope you had a blessed easTer! Love Natalie

  60. Hi,I loved your message or testimony you GAVE.I think that’s so great you speaking about JESUS.We don’t hear enough about God ANYMORE.Thank.

  61. “Dark days will come, but He will be the light. And because of that light we can all have hope for the future. “

    I could not find words to describe my situation and my feelings … and you just gave them to me.

    Thank U ❤️

  62. Oh Sazan! I Felt so emotional reading your post and i can see myself years aGo and how God worked in my lIfe in a similar way!!! I can see His faithfulness In your life and im Sure this post wIll blEss many people and God’s love wilL work in their lIFe. Im so happy to following yoU! This post reminded me that god is never late and he wIll never Fail!

  63. I absolutely love to hear People’s personal Stories about their conversions. GOd is so good!!! Hope you have a Beautiful easter! Xoxo

  64. This is the first blog of Yours i’ve read and it was beauTiful! God works in mysterious ways and i needed to reAd this. The Lord Says when we are weak and broken is when we will be our strongest and that’s Proven true in your story. Thank you for sharing! Xo

  65. Sazan – thank you for listening to God and takinG the time to wRite this. I am encouraged by your words, the tIming of it, Your Love story w Jesus and YOU in general. Ive been following jesus as an adult for 18 years now, and His lAvish love conTinues to surpRise me. Keep Delighting in him first and he will Keep directing you – hugs from California – Kate

  66. Sazan I absolutely loved your blog post. It spoke to my soul , honestly ❤???? God is just so good and you said it so perfectly! I struggle sometimes to let God take the steering wheel and I totally related to what you said.. it’s inspired me to keep trusting my faith and placing Jesus in the thrown of my heart. I hope everyone that reads your post will be moved like I was. Happy Easter 🙂

  67. Dear Sazan, idk why but i get the feeling that you are really Trying hard to be this person. You believe in your own strenght and are happy you met Your husband. He seems like a true believer. You dont.

    These are just my observations. I might be wrobg.

  68. I Was raised as a christian but never truly knowing God Until
    I made that decisionto follow chrst the best decision eveR. Thanks for sharing your storY

  69. You are so inspiring! GlOry to god for raising up someone like You to share your testimony with so much boldness and courage. he has greater plans for you!

  70. Hi Sazan,

    I love your story, I found Christ when my mum was given months to live. Doctors told her she had 3 months to live, after 3 years she passed away. God gave her the opportunity to find him and have a relationship with him and save her soul. Through this I also found Jesus. So many miracles he has done in my life I wouldn’t even have time to go through them all. However, the day my mum passed she kept telling us to get out of her room and I didn’t understand what was happening I was 15 my sis ran to our bedroom (she was 22) and started praying and I asked her what’s happening and with tears in her eyes she looked at me and said it’s happening. We prayed. Took her to the hospital and the doctors were trying to keep her alive. The machine beeped showing no sign of life. We had surrounded the bed holding hands praying hard . She sat up very weakly and said “the is a God” 3 times. Me being young I asked her mum did u see Jesus she smiled saying “yes” 2 times in English and 3rd in Albanian. Doctor was left in amazement and said “30 years in this profession and ever have I seen that in my life”
    We took her home, her face was shining. She passed away. It’s been 15 years however feels like yday.
    This experience always kept me close to God. No one can tell me He doesn’t exist, when Iv seen his presence in my life.

    Love grace xxx

    1. Wow. Chills! It’s Amazing heAring stories like this becausr what you said is exactly right… “no one can tell me he doesnt exist, when ive seen his presence in my life.” GOd bless you babe and ur sweet mother’s soul. Xo

  71. I am so glad god blessed you the way he did!!!! You deserve This hAPPINESS and family you have now! Xoxo

  72. I‘m at a time in my life where i truly feel lost. i am about to finish high school and for the past few months all i could think about was why everything turned out the way it did and what kind of purpose it could have served or will serve in my life. I am a 17 year old kurdish girl, who is or i guess was in love with an 18 year old turkish boy. eventhough i knew how much my parents would hate me if i chose to be with someone that wasn‘t a kurd from iraq i tried to be brave and took you as my example because of how much i respect and idolize you. god decided to turn my life into a different direction though because i felt the distance i put between myself and this boy without quite understanding why i was doind so. this boy was perfect, he did everything i could have asked for and more. he was the kind of person i wanted to keep in my life forever but after we broke up he became this completely different person, he did everything humanly possible to hurt me and befriended all the wrong people. he eve befriended

    1. he even befriended some girls he knew i would be extremely hurt about, e.g. my ex best friend who had hurt me immensely became his closest friend. i have pushed my life in a different direction, i pray to god every day i try to understand why it has happened and what kind of purpose it serves. i know i am still extremely young but why did he change so immensely? and what is maybe god‘s way of showing me I was never supposed to go down that path with this boy in the future?

  73. This is so encouraging to other Christians! I love how you use your influence and social media to tell others about your faith and about Gods love

  74. LOVE this so much!! Praise God!! Thanks for sharing..this is the best news yOu could ever share. ❤️ Much love to you and your family!

  75. THANK you so much for using your platform to share the truth of God’s goodness and love! It’s so encouraging to hear your testimony and how God brought you through it all. ❤

  76. Sazan,
    For moNths now i’Ve been living thiS dark life where there is no happiNess. I’ve been stressed and depressed and have felt like i’ve had no one to go to. Thank you for sharing your story. Deep down i’ve known thaT i need to chase back to god but i’ve ignored all the signs. This one could not be more clear. I’ve never once read your blogs, i love you on instagran and always like your posts (especially the valentina ones) but today something drew me To this onE and i am thankful that i read it. You are so a beautiful bright light in a world that can be so dark. Truly thank you sazan this is what i needed.

  77. Its not easy being a christian the bible says many will be persecuted and our faith will be tested. Im so inspired by you and how you open up about your faith. Keep it up dont be discouraged by anything or anyone. The holy spirit is On your side and thats all you need. Pray for those with negative comments and i will pray for them as well. Jesus Christ will soon return for us and the world needs to know about him and his unconditional love ❤️

  78. Thanks for Sharing, girl! Love how God is using you to proclaim his goodness. And you said it so well when you said god doubles Our blessings when we put our faith in him. Xoxo

  79. I love this! Thank you for sharing your heart. You are such an encouragement to me. You have no idea! Happy belated easter to you and your adorable family!

  80. What a beautiful testimony. Youre incredible, sazan! Youre shining your light so brightly in aN inDustry that is so despepare for it. Thank you for Letting god Use you beautifully. I had no idea you were a believer when i first started following you and now it makes sense, the same light you Recognize in stevie, so many people recognize in you! Keep doing your thing! Praying For even more blessings from jesus over your life! Much love! ????????????????

  81. this is a very refreshing and positive message. I’ve been feeling down lately so it’s nice to be encouraged that god is still there for me and all of us.. we have so much to be grateful for that wouldn’t be possible without him!

  82. Sazan, God is always going to bless you for sharing you faith. He Told told us in the scriptures to go out into all the world and preach the gospel. mark 16-15. God bLess you and your family and may the blessings of god chase you down all your life. God Is amazing. The way god called you! Praise god!

  83. He has risen indeed! What a glorious testimony & jesus is so gracious the way he calls us out of darkNess & into his marvelous ligHt!
    Thank you for giving god tHe glory in all you do…

    I want to encourage you as a woman of God.
    1 corinthains 15:58
    “Therefore, my dear brothers & sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give YOURSELves fully to the work of the lord, because you know that your labor is not in vain.”
    Saz, I will conTinue to pray for you & your beautiful famIly. as we need each other & are all facIng the same tYpe of tRIals all over the world!
    MaY You coNtinue to fall in love with Jesus each new day! Amen

  84. Hey saz! I’d love to see you make a youtube video about this. And i’d like to see you answer a few questions thats people have asked on this blog post.

  85. Loved hearing about this but how come you didnt know anythinb about Islam as your relegion. Because islam itself is a very deep relegion.

  86. Hi Sazan, thank you so much for sharing your testimony it is beautiful to see how much God loves us all. It’s encouraging to me as well since it’s been exactly 5 yrs this month that I have been serving Christ. Jesus is the way the truth and the life no one comes to the Father except through Jesus. God bless you & your family. May God’s perfect will be done in your life. And keep posting your taste for fashion I Love it & enjoy it! ????????

  87. I loved this post so very much!! Your story is so inspiring and thank God you trusted in Him to lead you into the incredible life you have now! God bless you and family!

  88. Sazan, thank you so much for sharing. As a Jewish follower of Yeshua (Jesus), nobody told me that He was real. I had to find out for myself. I was introduced to the Jewish Messiah of Israel at age 18. I was smoking while in college (a filthy habit). One Saturday morning, I heard a Voice clear as day ask me, “Do you want to wind up like your father?” (my dad was a chain smoker). I answered no, no sir and quit cold turkey when I got bacck to New York. I vowed to find out Who that Voice belonged to; even if it took the rest of my life. Spring of 1982, I repented, accepted Yeshua into my life. A year later, I was baptized March 19, 1983.

    I found out what He requires of us: an intimate LOVE relationship (Micah), not religion. He wants complete control over our lives. When we do that, everything becomes easier. He is indeed very real and wants each of us to be totally sold out to Him. With Him as my Anchor, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    1. I fogot: according to the Jewish reckoning of time, Yeshua was crucified on the 4th day (Wednesday), fulfilling Scripture for 3 full days & nights. He was risen on Shabbat (Saturday) just as Jonah was in the belly of the fish for that same time. By the 1st day (Sunday), He had already risen since the first person He saw was Miriam of Magdala. I am so happy for you in your relationship with Messiah, your husband Stevie, your daughter Valentina and Sweetie. Keep up the great work and stay close to Him!
      Shalom Aleichem.

  89. God sure knows when to send sign. I have always been interested in starting a blog but haven’t looked into it in a while. The first night I start looking into it again I come across someone who has a post on coming to God. Exactly the kind of thing I LOVE to see and read about. He is so good! You officially have a new follower. So happy to see someone doing so well, giving it all to God and telling the world about it. Thank you!

    Keep doing what you’re doing. It’s beautiful.

  90. Awesome Testimony ! My daughter in law Chena Smith has shared your testimony with me. God is so awesome and I’m so glad you found him and his son Jesus ! Life today can be hard but without Christ its even harder.
    I have known him for 50 years and I can’t do life without him.
    God bless you for being bold,
    Gail Smith ❤️

  91. Thanks for this testimony! I’m going through the same thing and your story gave me courage, My parents are hindus and I came to know Jesus when I met my boyfriend 6 years. This year I told my parents the truth and since then, I have been going through rough times. But I know that by the grace of God, everything will be alright!

  92. Hello Mrs. Sazan…(Hendrix) What a beautify share you just posted. Thank you for being so transparent. I was doing my research as I am wanting to start nay blog. But I am also very new with the entire digital world concept. So in short, I have watched at least 5-6 of you videos, saved a few for later and have viewed your pages, blogs and such to better learn how your process went.
    But you completely captivated me. I kept thinking, “I can not possibly be as good as this young thing” you are very inspiring to say the least.
    But now you out did yourself. NOW I understand what it was that got my attention….our Lord and saviors light in you. Now I understand why I could not stop watching you youtube channel. Thank you for the info and the encouraging words. I am praying for my sons everyday and I know God will also reveal His love to them very soon. God bless you beautiful young lady and your adorable family. Blessing over you in all you do. Keep trusting God.

  93. Dear Sister in Christ,

    please inform yourself about easter. It’s a pagan feast and our God is a jealous God.

    Our Lord and Savior Jesus is risen while the feast of unleavened bread.


  94. Wow I just read this post and totally love this!!
    So amazing to read another persons experience of His ALL consuming love!!

    Blessings to you and your family!! Xx

  95. I love your faith! I’m Armenian and am Christian but not only birth but by choice!
    I agree with Gods timing for sure, everything happens for a reason!
    Gods purpose is far beyond our limited understanding!
    I love you and God bless you

  96. Hi Sazan, I am getting to this blog a little later in the year, but I wanted to say how amazing your faith is! Thank you for sharing with us!

  97. Hi Sazan!!

    I just want to thank you for inspiring me to finally remove my damaging tape-in extensions, cut of all my dead ends and embrace my short curly hair. I know it’s a little late, but I just recently saw your post of your beautiful short curly hair (featured in a FB post about styling a curly bob) and I made the same leap! I used your hair style to inspire my new look. Growing up as a Middle Eastern American too, it has taken me till the age of 27 to finally accept my natural hair. Seeing your blog and Instagram has given me a whole new confidence to stop the damage and let my hair be its natural curly self !! So thank you so much !! And turns out my husband LOVES my short curly hair !! Lol which is always a plus !

    Thank you again! You are an
    inspiration to all Middle Eastern American girls!

    Ps: this blog post about your love for God and Christ was so beautiful and it’s wonderful that you were able to find comfort in His love <3

    God bless you and your beautiful family!


  98. this is an amazing testimony and brought tears to my eyes as I was reading this. if only more people shared openly and honestly like you do – what an impact it could bring. thank you for sharing your life with so many – you have such a beautiful light in you – definitely want to start looking at life the way you do and how God intended for us to!! keep up the great work sazan!!!

  99. Hey Sazan I love your posts and words of wisdom I really look up to you iv tried reaching out on Instagram but I’m not sure if youv received it I just wanted to know what bible do you use? I love the post/verses you highlight in your bible in your posts I am very interested in buying it for myself please let me know as soon as you can thankyou ! Love you and your family ♥️

  100. Thank God I have found a blogger that I would encourage my daughters to follow. May God use you to speak to many. Be blessed.

  101. Hello Sazan. I follow you on Instagram. You are so beautiful and Valentina she melts my heart she is so precious. She is a month older than my daughter. I just read your post about your family disowning you and you having faith in god I am Muslim I do believe in Allah and his prophets. I got married to a guy who is the same religion as me but his skin color is not the same and my parents call him a gypsy. They play games off being ok with us and then two ..three months later after my 3 kids adjust to them they pull the plug and disown me again. They can not stand the sight of my husband. I tried to go over there without him all they do is talk bad about him and downsize him. Or tell me to go back to my ex. My 13 year old I let her go over there they fill her head to hate him and to avoid what he says (he’s not her biological father but he is for me because he has been there since she has been one and does not look at the other two any different than my 13 year old. He loves her as much as these two). She comes home she’s crying her eyes out because they tell her that she needs to love them over me and my husband and that whatever she wants and needs they will get her I didn’t want my child with a cellphone at the age of 8..9…10..11..12. We just got her one now because of bad things happening in school. They ignored my wishes and got her a phone at the age of 8 so I returned it and they kicked me out. It seems the more I try to be with them the worse they get. They dishonor my wishes and they don’t want to accept my marriage to my husband or my happiness besides the fact of getting me back with my ex who beat me and my daughter. I am sorry for being so long but you been through something similar with being disowned and I just wanted some input if I should keep fighting for them or just let it go because they will never accept my husband nor stop the comments and stories. You’re making and I am so happy for you xoxoxo

  102. You Speak truth, sister! Amazing testimony of how God turned your life around. May you use your platform to praise Him and glorify Him. ❤️

  103. Found this so many years later and it’s still a blessing. What a beautiful testimony, praise Him!

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