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Spoiler alert: Do not scroll down to the end of this post just yet (please!)
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I don’t know what was more exciting – finding out I was pregnant or finding out the gender of my sweet little baby Hendrix. If you watched my first trimester VLOG, then I’m sure you hated me by the end of it when I left you HANGING on the gender! (the good old cliff hanger move!)
When my doctor told me I could find out the sex of our child as early as 12 weeks (Thanks to a little non-invasive test called NIPT) I was literally like, “Where do I sign up!” Stevie and I were both so excited to find out the gender of our baby. We knew it would make this experience feel even MORE real. After we found out, I instantly felt a stronger connection with our baby to be!
stevie and sazan, sazan pregnany, pregnancy, gender reveal, pinterest, ideas, style, fashion, beauty, baby, news, maternity, second trimester, blog, mommy bloggers, los angeles, kurdish
stevie and sazan, sazan pregnany, pregnancy, gender reveal, pinterest, ideas, style, fashion, beauty, baby, news, maternity, second trimester, blog, mommy bloggers, los angeles, kurdish
If you were tuning into my Instagram LIVE last Saturday then some of you may already know the news. (I accidentally spilled the BEANS and tried playing it cool. eeek! Another reason why you should always tune in because you never know what I’m going to do/say LOLOL) It’s official you guys. Stevie and I are having a…. BABY GIRL. ahh!!! *cue the screams* *cue the tears* *cue the credit card* (ha!)
Wow wow wow. It definitely feels real NOW. Funny story, everyone around me (including myself) originally thought that this baby was going to be a boy. I even had prophetic dreams about it! Plus, no morning sickness? Salty/sour cravings? Extreme exhaustion? The midwives tales were all pointing at boy. At our 16 week ultra sound it was confirmed that the NIPT was in fact very accurate. It’s definitely a girl. 🙂 OMG! I am so happy/excited for this! I can’t wait to see how Stevie is going to act around our sweet little girl. My heart is already melting just thinking about it. He told our friends he’s going to buy a shot gun and be her body guard for life. (He was joking right? lol)
stevie and sazan, sazan pregnany, pregnancy, gender reveal, pinterest, ideas, style, fashion, beauty, baby, news, maternity, second trimester, blog, mommy bloggers, los angeles, kurdish
stevie and sazan, sazan pregnany, pregnancy, gender reveal, pinterest, ideas, style, fashion, beauty, baby, news, maternity, second trimester, blog, mommy bloggers, los angeles, kurdish
If you’re wondering about the name – I have it. 🙂 I got to pick this one out! We’re going to wait until the day our sweet baby girl comes into this world to share publically! (ya know, in case I change my mind LOL) Thank you again for all of the incredible support and prayers surrounding this pregnancy. I’m officially 19 weeks and everyday that goes by is one day closer to meeting our sweet angel. I can’t wait!
stevie and sazan, sazan pregnany, pregnancy, gender reveal, pinterest, ideas, style, fashion, beauty, baby, news, maternity, second trimester, blog, mommy bloggers, los angeles, kurdish
stevie and sazan, sazan pregnany, pregnancy, gender reveal, pinterest, ideas, style, fashion, beauty, baby, news, maternity, second trimester, blog, mommy bloggers, los angeles, kurdish
Now the real question – Do you guys think she’ll look like me or her daddy Stevie? I’ll end this post on a hilarious note of me and the hubby when we were kids! LOLOL #throwback
& special thanks to our incredible/amazing friend Jon Volk for capturing the most stunning photos of us during this special season of life.

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  1. So excited for you guys! Praying for you to continue to have a happy and healthy pregnancy! I really thought you were having a boy, but after this weekend–I thought you might have spilled the beans and it was a girl! I know she’ll be precious! Can’t wait to continue to follow along with you on this journey! I know your baby girl will always be styling and I hope she gets your beautiful curly hair! God bless you all!

  2. Very exciting for you and Stevie! Congratulations ???? She’ll be gorgeous like you and have the great funny personalities of you and Stevie!

  3. Congratulations on having a girl! (Insert Pink emoji) You get to dress her up super cute, can’t wait to see that. You guys are going to be wonderful parents. May God bless you, Stevie and your baby girl.

    Xx, Caresse

  4. I knew it was a girl yay congrats guys !! Get ready for all the min solicited advice from everyone and their moms. Xo

  5. Saz, more likely your sweet baby girl would be looking more like Stevie ???? But honestly you guys are both so beautiful, this baby will be absolute beauty for sure!

  6. Ah why am I so excited for this? Idk but congrats on your blessing! A babygirl ????. She is going to be beautiful!!!! So happy for you guys!

  7. I agree…baby girl will look like Stevie but I hope she has your hair. Congratulations. I’m a mother of 2 girls ????

  8. So excited for you guys:) I have 2 little boys 5 and 3 yrs old and they both were born in December around Christmas time almost lol. They are so much fun. Your life will change completely in a good way of course 🙂 enjoy your pregnancy Sazan 🙂

  9. Totally thought you were having a boy I even made my bets on it before I continued reading! Congrats to you and Stevie I can’t wait till she’s born to see all the stylish outfits ???? Meanwhile I’ll enjoy the pregnancy photos while the bun is cooking up best wishes to you and Stevie on this new journey !

  10. God bless you! Hope that your baby angel will be healthy! That’s all that matters. Good luck with your pregnancy 🙂

  11. Yay! Girl is what I guessed 🙂 I am 20 weeks and also having a baby girl! No morning sickness for me either and everyone also thought I was having a boy. So much coincidence! Good luck to you guys and can’t wait to follow along. We’re halfway there!


  12. So excited for you dear Sazan! I was so happy for you when you told us about the big news. And when you said that the date is december 11 – I was beyond happy because on that day I was born.
    May this journey be the best one for you two. God bless you!

    Lots of love,

  13. Yaaaaaay! I have a 3 month old girl and I thought she was gonna be a boy (the old wives tales got me too girl lol). People say girls resemble their daddies, but everyone’s telling me my girl is looking more like me! Either way she’ll be beautiful! ???? So happy for you both

  14. I don’t think the world is prepared for how gorgeous this baby girl is going to be ???????? xo xo

  15. Aaaahhhhhhh! Omgggg so exciting!! Sazan I’m so happy for you. And thank you for sharing your journey with us.
    Sending you lots of love from Toronto xoxo

  16. Hi Sazan & Steve, God has Blessed you both for having each other and now a baby girl is in the making. God always has a plan and I believe we make our destiny in this life. Hubby and I are truly blessed, we are best friends and after ten years of dating/marriage we were blessed with a girl that turns three this November now we are blessed again with baby girl number two due in November as well. I believe girls are very responsible and are caregivers in nature so you will not be disappointed. We went through a rough journey trying to keep a pregnancy till full term, but that’s in the past and now we are so happy and girls are everything for my husband. He’s great with our two in half old and myself. Your and Steve’s journey will shift to a more passionate love for one another. I love you Sazan, keep up this positive journey your both creating that we are so admiring. God Bless your growing family.
    Love Sandy????

  17. I knew it! I had a strong feeling your baby was going to be a girl! Congratulations again to you and Stevie and God bless you all! Sending love from Texas 🙂

  18. You threw everyone off with those baby boy emojis!! Haha…I knew it. Usually a mixed baby takes the dominant traits of the parent-the darker genes. I’m sure she will look like a mini Saz, carbon copy of you!

  19. Baby Girl, how wonderful and so exciting!! I’m not a mama yet, the hubby and I would like to start trying in 2 years. But I listen to this amazing podcast called Super mamás it’s two sisters sharing their journey of motherhood, it’s so informative, hilarious, inspiring and just a great go-to for all ladies, mamas or not. I absolutely love it, they recently interviewed a doula which made me totally think of you. BTW they are from the LA area what a great match… Lol
    Congrats to you and Stevie, that you are continually showered with love and blessings!!

    1. I think your baby will have your coloring (dark hair and dark eyes). I have very similar coloring to you (although I am nowhere near as beautiful as you) and my husband’s coloring is very, very similar to Stevie’s (skin tone, hair, and eyes). Our baby has a tan complexion and dark brown eyes, and his hair is just now starting to lighten up. Of course, your baby may end up looking up just like Stevie from the start! Either way, she will be beautiful and I can’t wait for pics 🙂

  20. So happy for you !! The pregnancy makes you more and more cute and beautiful. You look gorgeous with this little “bump” and for sure the baby girl will have so much fun with Steve ????

    Kisses from Romania haha. Far awaaay.

  21. Woooww!! Congratsssss!!! I really thought it would be a Boy, but I am even more excited for you guys now. Being pregnant suits you sooo well and I think she will look more likely like you, well I wish she will have those dark kinky curls like her mamasita does. XOXO

  22. Congratulations! I’m 19 weeks too and having a girl as well! Everyone also thought it was going to be a baby boy 😀

  23. I knew it…I looked exactly like you when I was pregnant of my baby girl, round and gorgeous…
    Congratulations Hendrix family (this includes Sweetie, of course). This baby girl is already so blessed and I’m sure she’ll bring even more happiness and joy to this already amazing family.
    Loads of love from Brazil ????????

  24. Ohhh a Girl ❤️❤️ So Happy for you guys. Lots of love and blessings to you both. I love curls, and Think it is SO cute (don’t have any :,(….) hope she gets your curls <3

  25. Oh my god ! I knew it ! Congratulations !! ???? she will look like both of you guys ! A stunning little princess ???? God bless you guys xoxo

  26. Hi Sazan!
    I’ve been a long time follower felt compelled to send you a note of congratulations. Like you and Steve, my husband and I are expecting our first child and have just reached week 20. We found our last Friday that we are expecting a baby girl and couldn’t be happier! The news came as a shock at our gender reveal get-together as I was 110% sure we were having a boy – I had never really experienced the old midwives tales of expecting a girl! Anyways, I really enjoy reading your updates as I can completely relate to the day to day experiences of a first pregnancy. Wishing you and Steve all the very best and look forward to sharing the experience along with you!


  27. Same thing happened to me! I thought for sure it was a boy and so did everyone one else. All signs pointed to boy. But I am 23 weeks and having a girl!!

  28. Omg Saz!! A girl! Wow I’m so excited for you guys. And super happy ???? You’re going to be the greatest parents this baby girl could’ve dream.

  29. Lol sazan i actually saw your instagram live and u remember you were talking about that deje need to get used to your lives and not yours to hers and then you said and then Stevie come and said something like “let’s keep it easy” and a few minutes later he come and said to you what happened and you tried to played cool ????

  30. Wow! Im so excited like im the mom! Omg! Please post more pics daily about you and what you’re up to! Im a fan since 2012! Love you sazan from Philippines ????????????

  31. Congrats Sazan! May God bless you and Stevie in this new journey of parenthood!❤
    I hope the little angel brings a ton of happiness and joys in you life!????????
    Stay happy and keep smiling XOXO

  32. Ohh little Sazan on the way! What a lovely and wonderful blessing. Please pick a name with “S” like us.????????????

  33. So exciting – I bet she will be your mini me!!! Congratulations and wishing you a healthy pregnancy journey and healthy baby girl ???? Thank you for letting us be apart of your journey.

  34. I can’t wait to see her omg!!! Congrats again both of you.. I’m 30 weeks and this is my second pregnancy having a girl.. I couldn’t believe it too cz I thought I’m gonna have another boy cz I have the same same symptoms lol but I guess u can have same symptoms and have a girl it doesn’t matter ha ha.. Good luck ????????

  35. Oh how wonderful. I have not had any morning sickness with my baby girlfriend either.
    She is 22 now and was everithy the Lord said she would be. A gift. 🙂

    Praying for the most amazing birth and delivery.
    All the love to you and yours. 🙂

  36. Omg Sazan ahhhh ???? she will be the most beautiful girl just like her mama ( I mean Steve is good looking too but u know ????) I wish you all the best and I wish you a very easy pregnancy journey and I hope your baby girl will be a healthy and happy baby ???? Thanks for sharing this with us xx

  37. I’m so happy for you guys! It takes me back to when I was pregnant with my son a year ago. Your due date is EXACTLY the same as mine was. My boy was due 11th of December 2016, but born the 10th, so he is now 7 months. It is the greatest thing in life to become a mommy. I wish you the best of luck in this journey of pregnancy and further into the life as a family.

    The best greetings from a Kurd in Denmark ????

  38. I’m so thrilled for you guys! I feel emotionally invested in your marriage haha so this is an exciting step and I was SO emotional when I found out!

    A little girl is really exciting! I secretly (but not so secret anymore) want a girl first but at the end of the day, as long as the baby is healthy, that’s what matters.

    Side note – where is your DRESS from??

  39. I swear I am your best friend or something lol. I literally was waiting all morning yesterday to see what the gender was and you should of seen my bf’s face when he saw how excited I was that you’re having a girl. I have a list of baby girl IG shops you need to check out! 🙂 congrats Sazan so happy for you and Stevie! PS please do a Dallas meetup soon.

    -Southern Adoornments
    -Alice and Ames
    -Xaria and Co.

  40. I am so happy for you two! Since I’ve read that you were expecting a baby I was cheering to be a baby girl! God blessed you and your family with this baby and I wish hapiness and peace to you all.


  41. OMG!!!! a GIRL!! how exciting and great!!! Wow I can not wait to meet your little bundle of joy and lol at what Stevie told his friends haha. Can’t wait to see how Stevie is going to be as a daddy and can’t wait to hear more of his thoughts on having a girl lol. Also, with your gorgeous looks and Stevie’s handsome looks your daughter will be absolutely beautiful. I can just imagine how protective Stevie will be of her.

  42. Congrats to you and Stevie
    So so…..much happy for you my beautiful kurdi-girl!!!!!
    Love you so much from Sulaymaniyah Kurdistan ❤️????????

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