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Introducing BE WILD, an adventure series that starts in California. We hope this will move you, inspire you and captivate your hearts. Watch below and continue reading after..

As many of you saw, we recently went on a California road trip adventure to Joshua Tree, Big Sur, San Franciso, Lake Tahoe and Yosemite National Park. I’ve shared tons of travel vlogs with you before, so what’s the big deal? This was a passion project Stevie and I wanted to artistically capture. Chills and all. Stevie knew we couldn’t do this one alone, so we brought in a team of people who we knew, love and trusted with our vision.

Meet The Team

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Stevie Hendrix (Producer, VO, Sexy hubby) When I asked God to bring the perfect man into my life, DANG. I can really say hashtag BLESSED. I am so proud to call Stevie my husband, best friend and creative partner. He gets all the credit for this one – not me. What you didn’t see in the video is this was Steve’s incredible idea he came up with at our dinner table and immediately started planning this thing in less than a month! When we were in the RV trekking for a week, I noticed not one time did Stevie complain or have a bad attitude. That’s literally the type of person he is. Whatever he touches is gold. You brought this vision to life baby!!! Mark my words when I say 2017 is YOUR year.
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Raphael Rogers (Director & Editor of Be Wild) We are so lucky to know Raphael.. and call him family. (Stevie’s uncle too ha!) He’s the type of creator who can literally do anything from epic travel stuff to sci-fi thrillers and everything in between. He can shoot, edit and create MAGIC! We’ve always admired Raphael’s work. He’s so talented that whatever you see his name on – you know it’s going to be good. We knew we needed somebody like that for this passion project. If you love watching Be Wild, then you will goosebump over his recent Norway video. (I shared it on my social earlier this year, it is epic!). Him and Stevie also did a project together back in the day.. check it out here! Can you tell I’m one of Raph’s biggest fans? haha!

We couldn’t have done this project without Andy Patch, our Director of Photography. I’ll never forget the day we were hiking in Big Sur and he was sweating his butt off thanks to the 30 pound Alexa Mini on his shoulders. Like a champ, he found so many amazing shots in the moment. As your heart flutters when you watch this video, know that we couldn’t have captured the magic without Andy!

Another special thanks to Max Fuerst, our BTS videographer and one of our oldest college buddies slash closest pals. We brought him on board to help us capture some epic behind the scenes footage and #StevieandSazan moments… mission accomplished. We might be breaking it down into webisodes so stay tuned. That’s coming soon! 😉 Max is an awesome videographer and editor who we’re excited to work more with in 2017. He came with us on our Canada trip several months ago and mastered the story of Bless! We love you Trickkkkkyyyy!

We also can’t forget to thank our Production Assistant (and Sazan LLC MVP) Brittany Hendrix. She cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner for us every day in a crammed RV, kept the schedule organized, and went out of her way (in classic Brit fashion) to make sure everyone was a happy camper. 😉 Britt is the queen of keeping  projects smooth and successful so cheers to this queen slaying behind the scenes.

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Big thanks to Jon Volk, our digital photographer and one of the most amazing human beings I’ve ever met. He kept my blog and Instagram feed ON FLEEK this trip. ha! He is known for his natural light photography – I mean we can literally knock out a shoot in under 5 minutes. I don’t know how he does it but can we talk about my wedding photos again?! Jon is seriously one of my best friends in the entire world and I am lucky (even though we pick on each other hehe) to work alongside him. He not only brings my vision to life, but he always brings something new and innovating to the table. His photos on this trip speak volumes – he always gets my good side. ha! Lots more of #JonAndSazan to come… hahah

san francisco, outdoors,blogger, california, what to do, yosemite, adventure, team, hiking, best places to visit, how to, style, sazan hendrix, lake tahoe, big sur, yosemite, joshua tree, friends, 2016

A BIG thanks to YOU, my loyal subscribers and readers who continue to support Stevie and I every single day. What fun would this project have been if we couldn’t share it with you? The goal was to inspire and reach people so I feel very grateful to have an amazing platform that allows me to do that. You guys rock. I LOVE YOU!!!!

I hope you’ll watch this video 30 times (like I have in the past 2 days) and share it with all of your friends! We shot it in 4K so I highly recommend you watch it on your TV. Please let us know what your favorite part was and where you want us to film our next #BeWild adventure! 🙂

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  1. I watched this video and I’m still in awe. As I mentioned on your Instagram, this is one of the best videos I have ever watched and the quality is top notch so once again, a huge congrats to the whole team because it’s not easy to make ideas turn into reality and if you don’t have the right team, it’s hard to accomplish the vision.
    It’s a beautiful video and shows LA in a complete different perspective and more so makes you fall in love with everything it has to offer.
    I can’t wait to watch more of these

  2. Love the video, awesome!! That said, it seems a little off-brand for you… from your curated posts/social media, I see someone who’s obsessed with indoor workouts (spinning, etc.), brunch, and lives in LA. As a reader living in Durango, CO, this seems a teensy bit inauthentic. That said, I don’t know you in real life, so if you’re more outdoorsy than you’ve portrayed, show us more of that part of your every day life! XO

  3. I loved the video very different and special! You guys are awesome ???? definetly using the platform God gave you to inspire people that follow you.

  4. Loved it !! ???? so, so creative and cool. Way to go Stevie, Sazan and the whole team!!

  5. Sazan,

    What a beautiful and meaningful project. Thank you for sharing this, I can only imagine all the hard work you (and everyone mentioned) put into making this happen. The message was so inspirational. I look up to you (as one of my role models). I wish the New Year brings you and Stevie tons of joy, success and good health.
    Again, I want to emphasize how remarkable this video is.


  6. Sooooo impressed!! Your blog has been my absolute favorite from the beginning but this tops everything i’ve ever seen! Sounds like you had such amazing people behind you. Your creative vision is amazing! Thanks for this one, you guys are so very awesome and inspire me with each and every post.

  7. Wow – your video is amazing; powerful in a sense. I found myself becoming emotional! haha. Your friends and family are quite talented! I think I’ll watch it again : ) Congrats to you all for a successful project. I hope to see a part 2!

  8. I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I too am an aspiring blog writer but I’m still new to the whole thing. Do you have any helpful hints for newbie blog writers? I’d certainly appreciate it.

  9. amazing blog.
    the title suits the blog.
    i have seen many videos and blogs about california, but never like this one.
    scenes and views in video, being a photographer i liked the video very much.
    thank you for sharing your view of california with us.

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