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A little bit about Kelly:
Kelly LeVeque of Be Well by Kelly is a holistic nutritionist, celebrity health coach and wellness expert and health coach based in Los Angeles, California.  Guided by a practical and always optimistic approach, Kelly helps clients improve their health, achieve their goals and develop sustainable habits to live a healthy and balanced life.  Working with well-known names such as Jessica Alba, Evan Peters, and Kate Walsh, Kelly is extremely passionate about the science of human nutrition and the desire to help clients achieve their personal health goals.
be well smoothie, kelly leveque, fab four, nutrition, lifestyle, health, wellness, blogger, sazan hendrix, recipes, easy, diy, avocado, flat lay, how to, eating, diet, the fab four
I met Kelly on a blogger “retreat” trip over a year ago and loved how passionate she was about health and wellness. I knew I eventually needed to re-connect with her for some much needed nutrition advice. As you may know, Steve and I have completely transformed our diet and workout plan over the past few months. I’ve been working closely with Kelly on my diet and can say I’m in great shape now because of it! I feel confident and inspired to share this journey with you. 
Today I’m excited to share this fun Q&A with my nutritionist. Consider it a mini consultation for you. Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom for a special surprise at the end… (Hint: It’s #FreebieFriday!)
FAQs About Nutrition and Health with Kelly LeVeque
1. Why is it so hard to achieve a flat tummy? Abs and flat tummy take two things, consistent blood sugar balance and strength training. Your muscles are your metabolism, so the more you lift the more they burnt the fat on your body. Cardio is a great way to lean out but if you want a flat tummy all year long you need to do strength training too!
be well smoothie, fab four, nutrition, lifestyle, health, wellness, blogger, sazan hendrix, recipes, easy, diy, avocado, flat lay, how to, eating, diet, the fab four
2. Tell them about the “fab four” diet plan: The Fab Four is what my clients eat at every meal; protein, fat, fiber and greens! It’s a light structure to help my clients feel satisfied, elongate their blood sugar curve and eat foods that are the most nourishing to support hormone production, micro-biome proliferation and healthy body composition. In combination the Fab Four works to turn off 8 hunger hormones in the body, it ensures you are getting the essential fatty and amino acids you need for cell regeneration and helps you build a complete meal that will keep you satisfied for 4-6 hours.
3. So fab four… Are you saying I can never eat bread?! Absolutely not! I just limit my clients to one car in a servings size per meal max unless they are choosing to indulge in a celebratory meal. First make sure you have the Fab Four on your plate, maybe its chicken, roasted veggies and a said salad. If you opt for garlic bread for example keep it to a single serving and ditch the alcohol and other starchy carb sides like rice or quinoa.

4. What kind of eating schedule do you recommend? Because I’m a huge snacker, and I’ve always heard you should eat 5 small meals a day. Is that a myth?
We’ve been told by many a diet book, blog and trainer that we should eat every three to four hours. But why? Well, on average your blood sugar rises when you eat and falls three hours later. But this advice doesn’t take into account what you ate or how much, the time of day, where your blood sugar started, or your insulin and cortisol levels. What about glucagon, the hormone that releases stored blood sugar? Why would we have such a hormone if we’re never going to use it? Digestion is work for our bodies; it takes a lot of time and energy to break down food into molecules that we can then absorb and utilize. When we eat too frequently, we are taxing our body, filling it with excess insulin and asking it to re-start a process it has not yet even completed. Not only does this weigh us down in terms of energy depletion but also in pounds – when our body cannot absorb and utilize food, it stores it as, you guessed it, fat. But when you begin your day with a Be Well Fab Four or Be Well Smoothie, you give yourself the opportunity to start and stay in a balanced blood sugar state. Then, when you follow this breakfast with two other nutrient-rich meals, you can elongate your blood sugar curve in a normal range. What happens? You don’t get cravings, and you lose weight! You’re also re-teaching your body how to feel full and satisfied, so that between your meals you’re actually burning fat and losing weight instead of impatiently waiting for your next snack. If you do need to snack make it protein, fat and fiber packed like veggies and hummus or coconut milk ranch, a nut pack or a hard boiled egg.
5. How many times a week do you work out? I love to sweat! I workout 3-6 days a week depending on my schedule and I normally do classes at OTF (Bruce), Soulcycle (Lindsey), Maha Yoga (Ryan, Tom or Steve) or a private training session with my friend Mike Alexander of Madfit. I just do what fits in my schedule or what’s going to make me happy. It’s all about consistency and getting at least 1-2 day of strength or weights in! If I need to I will get in a quick Kayla workout too.
6. I notice when I eat clean and then have something bad – my stomach hurts or I regret it! How  do you enjoy a typical cheat day? Well, my husband calls Friday, “Fat Chris Friday” because we are really clean all week and Friday night he likes to unwind a bit. It works well because Saturday morning is always an easy time to get a good solid workout in. That way, if we have a little more food fun than normal we autocorrect. That might mean a glass of wine and avocado toast (yep, double down) or baked nachos with grass-fed beef and veggies. If we are grabbing something out it could mean we split a personal gluten free pizza or maybe a whole bottle of no sulfite added red wine. We still are cautious not to spike our blood sugar too crazy high but you gotta live a little. 😉
7. What do you think about counting calories? I think its antiquated, calorie counting is a big waste of time. Calories overlook the fact that each macronutrient is metabolized and used differently in in the body. Not to mention, each macronutrient will create a different hormonal and chemical cascade in the body depending on which macronutrients (protein, carbohydrate and fat) you eat. Calories counters eat less healthy fat on average and more low calorie packaged goods. My clients maintain their wellness but eating whole foods, fiber rich leafy greens, healthy fats and wild proteins.
8. What are 5 staples in Kelly’s kitchen? Its hard to only pick 5!
MCT or Coconut Oil – I can easily whip up a fatty tea or coffee, make my freezer fridge or cook with it.
Canned Wild Salmon – this is great for lunch if you are in a pinch, mix it with primal mayo and dijon.
Lemons – for water, dressing or roasted Fish or Chicken.
Frozen Spinach – a green smoothie base – no need to add ice.
Almonds – a quick snack or easy almond milk .
How amazing is Kel? She really knows her stuff. Wouldn’t you love to just sit with Kelly and ask her your own personal questions? Well….

This week’s Freebie Friday is EXTRA special! My nutritionist Kelly is going to gift one lucky reader with a 1-hour FREE consultation (via Skype). When Stevie and I consulted with Kelly, she gave us a ton of information that was specific to our lifestyle. It was unbelievably helpful.
Alright, you know the drill! Here’s How to Enter:
1. Subscribe to my blog’s newsletter HERE. If you’re doing this for the first time, check your email to confirm subscription. If you’re already subscribed from previous giveaways, you’re good to go!
2. Follow Kelly’s Instagram HERE (it’s really awesome and recipe-filled)
2. Comment below on this post & share one nutrition question you are dying to ask Kelly and why you really want to win this consultation. Please don’t forget to type in your email address in the comment. 🙂
Please follow all steps to be considered for this giveaway. Everyone can enter – including my international babes! The winner will be announced in my next newsletter blast on Tuesday, September 9th – so please be sure to check your inbox by 12PM PST. Make a note in your phone so it alerts you to check. 🙂
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  1. Love this post! My question is I am currently working two jobs and still in school…by the time I get home I am just so hungry and want to eat anything in sight. How can I maintain a healthy lifestyle while being gone all day? Any feedback is helpful. Thanks so much!



  2. My question for Kelly is this: what’s your best advice for someone living with people (family) that don’t have the same goals as you health-wise? I just moved back home after living in LA for 6 years and I find the foods lying around to a.) be less than appealing and b.) super unhealthy. I need to separate my food from theirs since I love nutrition and am working on my own goals, but find that their food is an easier, quicker go-to. What are some quick, but tasty snacks I should have around to combat reaching for the junk food?
    I would LOVE to win this consultation because it’s the right pick-me-up after leaving the big city. I’ve found it very hard to shop like I used to because there doesn’t seem to be as many options. I’m combating unhealthy eating habits and a new city. I don’t want to resort back to my old ways!
    Thanks for the blog post!! They are always super inspiring! ❤️

    1. I love how you shared all of this because I’m on a new health kick including starting cross fit. What is your suggestion on how to maintain a healthy and sustainable diet. Meal planning doesn’t really seem to work for me. It’s hard for me to stay on track especially since my husband is a vegetarian and I try not to make 2 dinners, 2 lunches, etc,

      I would love to have a consultation and even considered it when I saw Sazan’slast blog, but I couldn’t afford it. Anokhi.shah23@gmail.comm

  3. Hi Kelly. I found your tips to be very helpful, thank you! My question is whether there are any special recommendations for your clients who are putting on weight when they reach middle age. I always used to be able to eat whatever I wanted – but once I turned 40 I gained 10 lbs in 5 years. Does metabolism slow down, or is that a myth? Thanks again! Ggallagher71@yahoo.com

  4. Hi Saz and Kelly! This is so awesome I totally loved this post (: so here’s my question! I recently lost 30 pounds and I want to lose another 20 but I feel like I have plateaued I have been stuck at the same weight for a month now and I was wondering what tips and tricks you have to break through and keep the weight loss going!


  5. My question for Kelly would be ” how to eat healthy as a family?” I have a toddler and a husband who like food, that’s not exactly healthy. I would like to cook something nutritious and have everyone e enjoy it.

  6. Love this – super informative! What type of foods would you recommend eating to avoid the 2pm “slump”? Thanks so much!

  7. My question for Kelly is… How do I determine how much to eat when not counting calories? I am currently working out 5-6 days a week (hoping to continue) and I am much hungrier than when I was working out less. Should I eat a little more or somehow ignore the extra hunger I now face? My husband would love for this to be answered as I am more of a ‘hangry’ type of person, ha.

    1. It’s normal to get hungrier once you start a workout plan. don’t ignore the hunger, but I would suggest eating healthier options when you’re hungry just to satisfy it.. If you continue keeping yourself hungry, you’ll end up wanting to indulge in something not so healthy. Another tip is to eat a high protein based breakfast- this will keep you full for longer so you won’t be as hungry

  8. My question for Kelly is related to something that has been a challenge for my husband and I for years now… Everyone says that becoming healthy, truly healthy, is a mindset that you must encompass. A lifestyle change. So my question is, how do you break through your boundaries, habits and excuses to finally allow yourself to make this much needed lifestyle change? How do you become strong enough pass on the late night ice cream runs, the food truck events, the calorie filled happy hour and dinner at that amazing new restaurant downtown? Better yet, how do you get to the point where you don’t feel you need these things and are missing out if you don’t have them? How do you master this type of self control and still have fun doing it? Thank you for reading!

  9. I could talk for hours about nutrition and fitness but one question that sticks out the most is: Why do I always find myself “dieting”? I can never find a balanced meal plan to satisfy my appetite without feeling like I’m dieting. I can eat healthy and work out for 2 or 3 weeks and then one weekend, I will binge and ruin everything I worked so hard for. It takes me 2 months to lose 5 pounds and 1 week to gain it all back.

    I want to win this consultation because I am very interested in fitness and nutrition. Although I work out everyday and am always researching information about a healthy lifestyle, I can’t seem to find answers and solutions to the problems that arise in my life personally. I would love to talk to Kelly so that she can help me become a better me 🙂

    Thank you so much for the opportunity!! Sazan, you’re awesome!

  10. My question for Kelly is.. how do you keep up with healthy eating and working out? I have never been able to go longer than a week without having to go back to eating a lot of rice, pasta, boba (so bad, but so delish), etc. As for working out, I’ll go to the gym and do cardio for 3x a week, and then after that, it becomes 2x a week, and eventually, I’ll slowly stop going. Is there a way to make this lifestyle ‘fun’?

  11. Hi Kelly and Sazan,

    Thanks for creating this #freebiefriday! It’s a great way to encourage people to consider their health habits, whether or not they win the freebie. My question for Kelly is – what are your thoughts on intuitive eating, i.e., there are no “bad” foods, eat only when hungry, forget “diet mentality.” I fluctuate between dieting principles such as calorie counting and about a year ago, I stumbled upon an intuitive eating training program that I blew over $1,000 on. (Safely said, I will not be doing that again, but I felt desperate.) Parts of the training were interesting, but I can’t seem to get behind “being okay with whatever weight,” especially when that weight is unhealthy.

    Thanks again for creating the post and for being great role models to women around the world!

    xoxo Toni

  12. Love both your instagrams and blogs! My question for Kelly is what do you recommend as a diet for a college student? I am gone from sun up to sun down trying to work and go to a school. I am often overwhelmed and never have enough money to eat as healthy as I would like. Or I guess, the more general question, what do you diet adjustments do you recommend for a busy busy life?

  13. Love the post! I struggle with eating healthy and most often all the conflicting information discourages me. I would love to sit with someone to be educated and most of all to be motivated. Kelly I eat pretty healthy and exercise about twice a week but in the last 4 years I have consistently gained weight. Is it my age? I am in my mid forties. Lunaluna212@outlook.com

  14. What is your biggest motivation for the diet? I really want to live a healthier lifestyle but I really like the sweet stuff and it’s hard for me to stay away from it:)

  15. Love this article- I have been told several times to eat 5 small meals a day, but I have been struggling to lose by last 5-8 pounds. I think I will switch to the 3 well rounded meals approach, with maybe a snack in between lunch and dinner until I get my body used to the new routine! My question is about carbs after 3PM. I have also been told several times that you should eliminate carbs after 3PM. What if I want some pasta? Does it really matter if I have it for lunch VS dinner?
    Thanks again- great tips here!

  16. Love this article- I have been told several times to eat 5 small meals a day, but I have been struggling to lose by last 5-8 pounds. I think I will switch to the 3 well rounded meals approach, with maybe a snack in between lunch and dinner until I get my body used to the new routine! My question is about carbs after 3PM. I have also been told several times that you should eliminate carbs after 3PM. What if I want some pasta? Does it really matter if I have it for lunch VS dinner?
    Thanks again- great tips here!
    Posting again because I forgot my email- sorry! jenny.trupka@gmail.com

  17. Hi Kelly,
    I’m a flight attendant and I find that it is difficult to meal prep for work. Mostly because I fly to international destinations that will not allow fresh fruit and vegetables to come in. Without breaking the bank what kind of healthy meals and snacks do you recommend?

  18. My question for Kelly is what should I eat for breakfast? I work out in the early morning, so I am fairly hungry. I don’t feel a smoothie is enough to last me until lunch most days. Could you provide some ideas? Thanks so much.

  19. Hi Sazan & Kelly!
    I am a new mom to a little 6mo adorable boy, Grant 🙂 He has brought more joy to my life then I ever could have imagined. I have exclusively breastfed him and it’s been an amazing journey. I have lost a good amount of the post partum weight, however I still have some work to do. I feel sluggish, tired, soft, and just not my usual fit and healthy, pre pregnancy self!I know a lot of these feels have to do with my sub par diet. I would love to know how much extra food a breastfeeding mom really needs to consume, and would appreciate the help to get back on track!Nothing would make me happier then to know I was making the best health choices for not only myself, but my baby. I’d love more energy for days on the go with my boy as the nice fall weather approaches 🙂

  20. I feel like my metabolism is broken. I work out HARD 5-6 days a week; a combo of weights and HIIT and steady cardio. I’ve been counting calories and constantly am under my “caloric goal” for the day and yet I lose zero fat/lbs/inches. I feel frustrated that I can’t crack the code to my goal of fat loss.

  21. Hello! So funny that this would post today, I was laying in bed this morning thinking about how I should start making healthier decisions. Okay, I do that every morning, but never follow through… I am a college student and spend alot of time running around stressed out and eating whatever I can afford at the time. I also struggle with excema which I know is a direct reflection of my diet. I would really love to learn more about how I can make food choices to detoxify my body constantly and stay away from processed foods. Thanks for posting!

  22. My question is “how do you determine when to much is to much?” I often feel like I am eating healthy and then catch myself asking if I should be eating this much? I’m not good at keeping track of calories because I am constantly busy but I also feel like I over eat and never know when it’s time to say no.

    I would love to win this consultation because I need help. Plain and simple. Last year I lost 30lbs doing a diet called “Ideal Protien”. Although it is an unrealistic diet for long term I committed myself to it for 3 months for my up coming wedding. I lost all this weight and had been feeling amazing. It was a strick low carb low sugar diet which often didn’t feel like enough food which also gave the advice NOT TO EXERCISE! I stuck with it and by my wedding was 30lbs lighter and feeling amazing. Now, a year later I am back up the 30lbs and struggling with my weight to get back where I would like to be. All my life I have had no education with healthy foods or the steps in making healthy choices. So for me, this consultation could be a life changer.

    Thank you so much!

  23. Omg I can’t lose 8 vanity lbs. I’m eating healthy and exercising but I’ve hit a plateau- I need pro advice! I’m a cancer survivor and I’m trying to do what I need to do buts discouraging when I’m not seeing progress.

  24. LOVED this post Saz! I am NOT a good cook. I typically do a lot of eating out for meals. Is there a way to follow your Fab Four motto while eating out? Or do I need to buckle down on grocery shopping and work on cooking? I have struggled with my weight my whole life. I’ve constantly looked for a program or system to maintain a healthy lifestyle and just can’t find the perfect fit for me or the motivation to do it. I need a mind, body and spirit transformation. Help me Saz & Kelly!

  25. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    LOVED this post Saz! I am NOT a good cook. I typically do a lot of eating out for meals. Is there a way to follow your Fab Four motto while eating out? Or do I need to buckle down on grocery shopping and work on cooking? I have struggled with my weight my whole life. I’ve constantly looked for a program or system to maintain a healthy lifestyle and just can’t find the perfect fit for me or the motivation to do it. I need a mind, body and spirit transformation. Help me Saz & Kelly!

    Forgot my email! hannahasmith89@gmail.com

  26. Hi Kelley! Thank you for answering some of these questions! There is always different information out there that it becomes overwhelming! ???? My question for you would be, how do you stay on tasks with eating better and adapting to a healthy lifestyle? Do you use a calendar to prepare your month?

    I would love to be the winner of this giveaway. I feel I have come to a point in my life where I need to have self care. For different reasons my family leans a lot on me and I tend to forget I need to take care of myself and my future plans. I would love to hear your thoughts. If I’m not chosen at least I can follow you via IG and work on it through there!

    Thank you!!

  27. My question for Kelly is…how can I finally be over my eating disorder? I began calorie counting in December in efforts to lose weight and it worked at first until I let it get to my head and turned to more drastic measures. I started working out two to three times a day, not eating and restricting myself to about 800 calories which I would then burn off at the gym. I then started to purge. I went from 150 to 118…my systems began shutting down and my doctors put me on medicine that made me gain weight again. Now I am still trying to recover the thoughts of my disorder but still have an obsession over Shat calories come in and out, basically orthorexia. Overall my question is, how can I lose weight healthily and efficiently in my effort to bounce back from my disorder? My email is pamelagonzalez1995@gmail.com. Thanks for hearing me out!

  28. Such a great post- funny how things happen just when you need them! I own a fitness studio which focuses on Reformer Pilates and HIIT training. I am constantly preaching the same ideas to my fitness clients, but I too have my own struggles. I have very low body fat, but eat a nutrient dense, well balanced diet. I am trying to get my cycle back on track and balance my hormones. Do you have any tips and/or recommendations to balancing hormones? I would love to a consult with Kelly!

  29. Hello Sazan and Kelly! I loved this post! Thank you so much for giving your time to inform us all about creating a healthier lifestyle. Recently I’ve been having a lot of anxiety and have seemed really low on energy (not motivated to work out) mainly due to some recent weight gain (not a lot, just a few pounds). How can I manage a healthy routine if my husband isn’t motivated to do the same? I’ve been struggling to find a happy medium so that I can go back to loving my body and feeling good about the food that I eat.

  30. Hi Kelly, Saz and Stevie! I’d love to win the hour consultation via Skype. I adhere to a strict gluten-free diet so my question pertains directly to blood sugar, and how to better control mine on a gluten-free diet? I struggle with this a lot, and on top of this I know I also have higher cortisol levels, meaning I bloat like you wouldn’t believe. I’d love to hear some advice from you! – Allison

    Thanks for the awesome post!

  31. My question for Kelly, how do I keep from getting “bored” with healthy eating and really making healthy choices a “lifestyle” rather than something I do for a few weeks? I would love to win this consult because my husband and I seem to have given most healthy eating suggestions a “try” but I find we get really bored and we have yo-yo’d a lot with our weight. Another huge reason is there have been so many people in my family the last few years that have been diagnosed with cancer. I feel like the time is now to start gaining knowledge and techniques that keep me focused on health and wellness. There is so much information out there and being able to talk to you would be a huge blessing. daniela.labbe7@gmail.com

  32. Wow this blog post is so informative!! My question for Kelly is: How can I go about eating healthy and working out regularly as a busy college student? My classes are all at very different times throughout the day and are also really rigorous, so when it comes to food I just go for an easy quick fix (mostly frozen microwaveables). I am on a premedical tract and so I honor and value the importance of health, and I try to watch what I eat but with my crazy class schedule and extracurriculars I find it hard to find the extra time to workout or cook a healthy meal… Not to mention living on a college student budget!! I want to win this post because I am very interested in holistic health, and thinking of minoring in it. I also really want to put good into my body and really see the results. Thank you!!

    Email: abhavsar@mail.usciences.edu

  33. You don’t how excited I am about this! I’ve been in desperate need of a nutritionist. I have very specific dietary needs due to health issues. So one question I would ask Kelly is: what can I do to improve my digestive system? I cut out wheat and meat and try my best to eat all organic. Is there something else I need to be doing?

    It’d mean the world to me if I won this giveaway. All the giveaways before were things that I wanted, but this something that I really do need to benefit my health. I’ve met with so many doctors but I never met with a nutritionist and I think Kelly could really save me here.

    Thanks again, Sazan! <3

  34. What are your thoughts and in whole wheat bread? Gluten has been so much in the media lately and if you don’t have a problem with gluten is it really that bad?

  35. Sorry forgot to add I really would like to win this to get a holistic nutritionists perspective on my diet. Thanks

  36. This blog post was so helpful and inspirational! My question is kind of personal, but I would love to get some feedback. How can I take care of my body without being obsessive about what I am eating, and also do you need to cut out carbs to lose weight?

    Winning this giveaway would be such a huge blessing. I have constantly struggled with dieting and always seeing my weight fluctuate. I have been wanting to find a new lifestyle where I am taking care of my body instead of just caring about loosing weight. I would love to be directed on how to accomplish that and be shown what foods I should be eating to take of myself from the inside out. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

    Email: madelinewolf7@gmail.com

  37. Hi! My question is how much should you eat when you are training hard? And without counting calories:) I workout 5 days a week & would like to lose weight, but I fear I ride the line with not eating enough with my workouts and/or eating too much to lose weight…. Help!

  38. My question is to Kelly: what kind of food do you recommend to stay away from when you were diagnose with fibroids? I’m 33 years old and last year I found out I had a huge fibrosis. My doctor said it will come back again. I had it removed.

  39. When looking to lose weight, what “healthy” foods are absolute no’S and which foods are a yes?

  40. Hi Kelly!
    I’m 26 and try and exercise 4-5 times a week and do my best to eat healthy. Typically I eat super healthy during the week and indulge on the weekends! I’m at my ideal weight but am having trouble toning up, especially my stomach!! I would love some tips on how to get my tummy toned 🙂

  41. Hey Kelly!
    I have a million questions for you…but here is one I deal with on a daily basis..
    I am hungry all the time! I try to eat healthy butIi never feel full when I know I’m eating right.
    I also work as a nanny so I’m constantly surrounded by food (not always healthy).
    Do you know of any meals or snacks that are good for curving appetite or for keeping you full and energized?
    Am I the only one thats hungry all the time?!?!
    Thank you!!!

  42. Hi there!
    My question for Kelly is about managing the time for eating healthy or working out. For my husband and I, the schedule is crazy and not up to us (medical residents) – so being balanced is sometimes hard.
    I’d love to get to talk to Kelly because it has been many years that I’ve try to be more healthy and loose weight but I have not found yet the perfect plan for me.
    Thanks for the blog post! Awesome as always, Saz! ❤️
    (Sorry for any mistakes in english, not my first language)

  43. My question for Kelly is how to develop a healthy relationship with food. I am in the middle stages of recovering from an eating disorder and would like advice or guidance on how to transition to a more flexible way of eating, which is very different than how I have eaten in the past.

  44. Hi Sazan and Kelly! I’ve been following Kelly on Instagram for almost a year now and love her posts! They’re so encouraging! Sazan I’m new to your site but I loved your rap! My question for Kelly would be very specific: I have PCOS and am wondering what her tips would be to help me manage my condition. Thanks and I hope I’m not too late to win!

  45. I travel every week for work, so it is difficult to find a healthy balance and routine on the road. I would love to also understand more of how food effects our cortisol levels because it has been something I have also been trying to balance!

  46. Hello Sweets! Just came across your blog and am absolutely in LOVE! My question for Kelly would be: what portion sizes do you recommend for different foods?/meals? I just came back from a Europe trip, ate a bunch of gluten/carbs and somehow lost weight! What’s up?? I have a hunch it’s about portions but I’d love to hear from Kelly! haha thanks! xo

  47. Hi Kelly,

    Now that I’m in my 30’s I feel like my metabolism has slowed, before I could eat healthy and workout for a few weeks and lose weight, now I could do the same and I barely see a difference on the scale or measurements, which then makes me lose focus and give up…what should I be doing different now that I’m in my 30’s?

  48. I have such a sweet tooth! Especially at night! What are some treats I could eat that aren’t horrible for me but still taste good??

  49. I recently became a vegetarian. I have been feeling crummy lately, and I don’t think I’m getting the appropriate amount of protein. How can I be sure I’m eating a balanced diet while still cutting out meat? I don’t want to rely on soy-based meat substitutes.

    Thank you!! 🙂

  50. I live in Italy and as you know the temptation to pig out on carbs, aka pasta and pizza, plus gelaterias on every corner is extremely HARD! What can I do to not eat like a tourist everyday-meals to order at restaurants, recipes to cook at home? The supermarkets here are very limited on what they carry so it is hard to make a variety of food that I would like to eat when I don’t have the ingredients for it. HELP! estrella@lacasabloga.com

  51. As a new breastfeeding mom and a historically healthy eater… How do you get back on track when you are so hungry most of the day. My lack of sleep also seems to be hindering my will power! Help!

    And I would LOVE to win this!

  52. I am a type 1 diabetic and have been to numerous nutritionist but still don’t feel like I have a meal plan that works for me. I would love to pick Kelly’s brain because it sounds like she is focused on controlling one’s blood sugar levels.

  53. Hi ladies!!! I’ve been following Kelly since I found her through Marianna Hewitt’s instagram and have fell in LOVE with her page. I’ve always felt that I eat pretty “clean” but I still find myself in a slump come 3pm..everyone recommends coffee and I absolutely hate coffee (weird I know) so I’m just looking for some specific food items that I can have for breakfast lunch or even a snack that’ll keep me energized throughout the day. I get home from work at 4:30 pm so I literally have to struggle through my 45 min-1 hour workout and then make dinner. I’ve been wanting to contact Kelly and book a consultation for quite some time now but there is always something that doesn’t allow me to go forward (school, work, life in gerneral lol). Now would be the perfect time for me to have a consultation with school starting back up again I’ll be back to full days (school and work ). I hope I’m not too late entering now!!

  54. Hello Kelly, my question is how to jump start my weight loss journey (30lbs) once and for all. I’ve tried weight watchers, nutrionists and personal trainers yet put it back on! Despite my wish to reach a certain goal my main objective is to feel healthier. I lack energy and feel sluggish all day long. I would love to gain a healthy relationship with food once and for all! Thank you- Amanda.mandel18@gmail.com

  55. Love this post!! Would love to win! I’ve always been up and down with exercising and maintaining healthy/happy lifestyle since i graduated college 2 years ago. I realize the importance of how this impacts health especially in old age, so i really need to be motivated to maintain healthy life. So my question is, how do you break through your boundaries, habits and excuses to finally allow yourself to make this much needed lifestyle change? How can i make changes to diet to see results that work for me/my body type? I find it hard to use mainstream things because everyone’s body/life/eating habits are different!

  56. Love this!! My question for Kelly is twofold: first, what would a basic day timeline of meals and food look like for you? I make a shake every morning, then eat a pretty healthy lunch and dinner, but struggle to find the 4 food groups mentioned above in each meal. Second, I am a thin body type and workout 6 times a week, but cannot seem to get rid of that last layer of “flab” on my stomach” so that my abs can show through! I can feel them, my stomach is strong, but I cannot seem to eliminate that last layer of flab so many women have and wanted some advice! 🙂 Laura W– lw2157@gmail.com

  57. Also, one more question!! What vanilla protein powder would you recommend? Your smoothie recipes often use vanilla protein powder and I have done a lot of research and I am just wondering which one you like best! lw2157@gmail.com

  58. Hi! I would love to know is gluten bad for you even if you’re not a celiac? Should we eliminate it from our diet? Also losing the last 10 pounds after baby why it’s so hard.

    Thank you!!!

  59. At the beginning of this year I tried some different food restrictions to see if it would help with some skin problems I have been having. But it was really hard because I started traveling and have travelled almost every month this year. After losing weight at the beginning of the year, I gained it all back, plus more!I have been frustrated with my weight. I want to know how to still eat clean & healthy while traveling, and if avoiding certain foods might help my skin!

    Thanks so much! jgaribay93@gmail.com

  60. Really interesting the “fab four” diet plan! Currently, I’m having a hard time figuring out the best pre and post workout meals. I work out early in the morning (usually weight training and some cardio), so I want to fuel my body properly and help it recover after the weights so I don’t lose muscle, just burn fat. Thank you! My email is eugeniastj@gmail.com

  61. I have this constant back-and-forth struggle with my workout. I enjoy strength training more than cardio and I have read that more strength training will allow the fat to burn off. I try to do 3-4 days of training, sometimes mixed in with 20-30mins of cardio. I’ve been following this workout plan along with eating clean and healthy for months now but I can’t seem to burn off the fat. What would you suggest, Kelly?
    Email: veenamay@gmail.com

  62. These are this kind of as spinach, cauliflower,
    lettuce, ladys finger, cabbage, broccoli, kale,
    mustard, turnip, greens and bitter gourd or what is normally known as bitter melon. All the remedies
    women know and trust plus hundreds of new ones. 100
    grams to tablespoons sugar

  63. Great stuff! It would be very interesting to see a “What I ate in a Day” post to get an even better idea of what a typical healthy/normal day might look like.

  64. Love the book and have read it from cover to cover but I have so many questions to ask her!! Im 52 and going through “the change” and wondering if there is any suggestions to help me with the hot flashes, mood swings and weight gain that seems to go along with the aging process. I love he Fab Four plan and following it daily ! Just hoping she has a few ideas to help with hormonal changes!

  65. My question would be what she recommends for a vegan diet. I’ve been vegan for a couple of years but struggle with what to eat to be healthy inside and out. I struggle with protein consumption because everything with high protein (beans, fake meats) either has high carb or high fats.

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