How to Build a Charcuterie Board

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Stevie, call your friends, because tonight I’m having a Girls Night In! hehe
I wanted to spice up my most recent girls night by ditching the mundane snacks I always make and really challenging myself to build a killer charcuterie board. It’s summertime so color is key. I wanted to make staying in fun for the girls and just as exhilarating as going out. No need to pull out the heels when you can pull out the hummus and crackers and sit barefoot around the coffee table and girl talk all night.
The first step is learning how to actually say Charcuterie. I always butcher it (you guys know this about me) so in case you’re wondering it’s pronounced (shahr-cute-uh-ree) – it’s a French word for any smoked, dry-cured or cooked meat. 

How to Build a Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie, board, recipes, summer, at home, girls night, themes, how to make, how to build, build, cutting board, geary's, los angeles, healthy, fun, girls night ideas, game night,
1. Meat & Cheese – I stopped by a local deli to get some fresh meat. Try to mix up the flavors between mild and bold so that there’s something for every guest! You can’t go wrong with turkey slices, salami, and/or prosciutto .
2. Fruit – whatever your heart desires. If you want a summer themed board then go with colorful grapes, cantaloupe, and/or watermelon.
3. Jam/Preserves – this is always cute to have on the board (and yummy!). It helps break up the flavors of the meat and cheese. I like a rich apricot jam that you can get from the grocery store.
4. Crackers/Bread/Nuts – stick to simple flavors that will go well with the variety of flavors on your board. Include some gluten-free options incase one of the girls has an allergy!
5. Olives or pickles – because why not include something that’s tangy (again, to break up the flavors!) I love dicing up mini pickles and some yummy olives too if you’d like!
6. MORE SPREADS! – The more spreads the merrier. Hummus always wins everyone over. I also love the garlic and herbs cheese spread you can find in the grocery store deli. Oh and Trader Joes Garlic Mustard!… MMMMM
7. Wasabi peas – for an extra little crunch
8. Dark chocolate – dice it up into mini squares and/or include some dark chocolate covered almonds.
9. Alcohol – it’s a girl’s night so DUH! Red wine and/or beer is what I normally prefer to serve, but it’s great to have options like white wine or rosé! For the non-alcoholic drinkers you can include some sparkling water or a refreshing ice-tea.
Want something more for your board? Add it! Honestly, you can’t go wrong here. If you put out a variety of options your guests will LOVE YOU. Set it up on a wooden cutting board to really set the Charcuterie tone. Get creative and don’t forget to snap a pic of your masterpiece! Cheers to more Girls Nights!
What’s your favorite thing to include on a Charcuterie board?
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  1. Now I’ll just text or call my friends and can’t wait when they will come to try my version of Sazan’s charcuterie board 😀 Thanks, Saz! <3 It's gonna be epic 🙂

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