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Stevie surprised me this past Monday with a two day getaway to Catalina Island for our one year anniversary. It was such a fun trip – I enjoyed waking up on both mornings and not having an agenda or crazy itinerary. Those trips are always my favorite. 🙂

This was a trip I never want forget, Stevie was so thoughtful in planning the entire getaway without me finding out! I hope you’ll check out the VLOG from my channel below if you haven’t already!


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  1. I cannot fully explain how much I love your relationship with Stevie. Your relationship with Stevie is the type of relationship I wish and long to have with my partner. You two are so silly together, I love it. Let me just say that I find Stevie so hilarious, especially in his Rodrigo character. Also, I love your sense of fashion Sazan.

  2. Sazan, is the email on the contact page the one you mentioned in the video? Are readers allowed to email you here!
    Could the next giveaway be a FaceTime conference/ bible study email talk? That would be so fun!

  3. Hi Guys, God bless you both. Quick question, what are you views on sex until marriage. I was excited to hear that you are Christians and would love to see a young couple like you give your input on this topic.

  4. Sazan!
    I haven’t even watched the end yet ???? it’s too good!
    Please just record trips to the supermarket I’m sure they would be just as funny! Oh my goodness, I have to stop before I start describing how funny I found each part!
    You guys are the best!

  5. Catalina Island is now on my list of places to go! Will there be a post soon about your outfits?! I am so excited!

  6. When Stevie does the Mexican impersonation with the cactuses….I literally choked on my gum because I was laughing so hard. ????

  7. I think everyone would love a tutorial on the brown, smokey-eye look you had on for dinner! Love the vlogs, girl <333333

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