What I’m Eating to Lose Baby Weight! | HIGHLY REQUESTED!


Here’s what I’m eating to lose my baby weight after pregnancy! This was highly requested from my subscribers! If you haven’t subscribed please do because I’m always taking requests in the community. Here are my top favorite things always stocked in my kitchen. These items are actually good and have SAVED me on the days when I want to cheat. The key for me has been balance. 80/20 rule! I like to eat out less during the week and pay really close attention to what I’m putting in my body. I love that I don’t have to deprive myself though and can still indulge my cravings on the weekends!
I gained 55 pounds with my daughter and am seven months postpartum when I filmed this video. I am working hard to get those last few pounds off but I’m really happy with where I am. For those asking, I stopped breastfeeding at 4.5 months and didn’t start getting into my strict routine until after that. Diet has always been the hardest part for me to stay committed to but I’ve been doing grain-free and dairy free with low sugar and sodium and feel amazing. My issues with bloating have gotten a lot better and I have more energy believe it or not! lol! I’m only seeing the progress continue by cutting out a few things and swapping it with healthier alternatives friendly to my diet plan.
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This video is really just an intro to my diet and what I’m eating to lose my baby weight. My health coach and friend @BeWellbyKelly (Kelly LeVeque) has really helped me over the years understand our bodies and how to feed it what it needs. She has an awesome Fab4 Diet plan I HIGHLY suggest you check out if you’re someone who has absolutely no clue where to start! Her book is so helpful and she really breaks everything down (and you don’t have to cut out grains and dairy!). Check her out!
I am going to upload another video about my fitness routine because a lot of you guys have requested that and like I said losing weight and getting toned requires eating right AND working out. I’m going to share what I’ve been doing for working out more in depth because a lot of you have questions about BBG etc. Comment below and let me know if you have any specific diet or workout questions you want me to answer in my next video and I’ll take note.
I hope you will subscribe to my channel if you aren’t already! Basically it lets me know that you guys love this community I’m trying to build and it encourages me to keep doing these type of videos for you! So please subscribe!!!! xo
THE ENDING*** Totally got corrupted somehow – forgive me!!!! Basically I was saying for me it’s an 80/20 rule. I try not to deprive myself and live life one day at a time! That’s all you missed there and of course the outro kiss! Lol
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