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Do you really want to know what we fight about? Time for some married life confessions. Real talk, just like any and every couple, it’s normal to disagree and argue. To be honest our fights are pretty stupid (actually hilarious) but in the moment when we’re upset it’s like the most serious conflict in our marriage ever? Regardless, every healthy relationship has its fair share of conflicts and arguments and that’s OK. In our marriage we have learned better ways to address our problems and through those rough times, we’ve seen our marriage grow in a mature way. Arguments force us to step up sometimes and deal with our problems as a team. Working together as a team is really the key phrase. Then comes the exercise of communication which requires practice and well – exercise. I always say there’s two “i”‘s in “Relationship” for a reason. It’s about TWO people coming together as one to win for their relationship. So what do we typically bicker about? Keep watching and below please share your recent silly fight stories if you’d like!.


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