My RUNNING LATE Makeup Routine!


We all have those running late days when there’s literally no time to get super glammed up. Being a new mom and busy bee, I’ve found that even when I’m running late I can still look put together. As a result, I feel good and instantly more productive! All the easy products I used for this tutorial are listed below. Happy Monday!

By the way, Insta-story fam knows this but this is my first official “new meets old Sazan” video. I’m going back to my channel’s roots this year – meaning less voiceover slash perfected videos and more ME videos. I think since having the baby and taking time off I was really able to re-charge and re-focus. In the coming weeks you will see a fresh cleanup on my channel and re-organization of the categories. This is all part of my simplifying goal for 2018 and de-cluttering so I can share more real and inspiring content. For my makeup and hair tutorials I want to try new things and take risks but I also want to be practical. I’m a new mom and right now I’d be lying if I legit did a full face glammed makeup look. You feel me? This is a big and exciting step for me and I really want to get your thoughts and opinions throughout the process. Comment below and let me know if this style video is what you prefer for my tutorials – more chatty, real and raw. 🙂

Please subscribe to my channel if this tutorial inspired you in anyway! I appreciate the support and love that you guys allow me to do this as a career. Love you fam!


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