Mukbang Pizza Party! (UGLY SWEATERS)


Happy Friday! I am ending the week with this mukbang pizza party I had with my husband! Ugly sweaters sold separately (lol). Did I seriously just write MUKBANG on my channel? Serious confession: I’m slightly obsessed with watching mukbang videos on Youtube. For those who aren’t familiar mukbang videos have become a genre in this community where people just talk and eat! lol. My husband and I love to eat (it’s our favorite sport) so I had to ask him to join the carb party and chat with you guys about our ugly sweater Christmas party we’re hosting, favorite Christmas movies, and more! Do you guys want me to do more Mukbang videos? I always crave pizza and a soda extra during the holidays and I’m blaming Home Alone for this. What’s your favorite cozy meal?

Special appearance by teeny. I may or may not have eaten her for dessert. Have a great weekend fam!

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