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Spaz Outfit: Aladdin

SOOTD [Spaz Outfit of the Day]

Photos by: SteakSauce Production

 Outfit Details: Grey Top: Society of Chic (shop) | Bottoms: Karmaloop (similar find) | Leather Vest: H&M (similar) | Studded Bag: Society of Chic (shop) | Shoes: ZARA (similar) | Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters (shop) | Ring: H&M

Real talk,  I didn’t realize how “Aladdin” my outfit was today until I posted this look! Aladdin was definitely my favorite Disney movie, so feel free to call me Aladdin’s edgy twin any day. I just love harem pants paired with a relaxed top. This heather grey fishtail from Society of Chic is seriously so comfortable- I could fall asleep in it! Not that I would do such a thing! ;)

Happy Cyber Monday! – Xo, Sazan

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Blog Credits: Photographs in this blog post were taken courtesy of SteakSauce Production for Spaz Magazine. If you’d like to work with our photographer, contact  andy@steaksauceproduction.com for rates. For image sharing use, contact sazan@spazmag.com. Please note, this blog post might be credited on our contributing sites including LuckyMag.com, Fidoo.com, Examiner.com, Chictopia.com, Lookbook.nu, and more.

SPAZ Outfit for Men: Urban Gentleman

SPAZ OUTFIT [Mens Edition]

Today’s SPAZ outfit for men is all about loose layering.

Tip: You don’t always have to ‘button up’ a button up shirt! It’s a great article of clothing for layering with a simple tee under. Again, it’s summer so enjoy color and patterns! At this point I’m pretty sure I sound like a broken record because I say that in every post.

I put Stevie in a pair of nicely fitted dark denim jeans from Gap. I love the small detail of rolling up the jeans on the bottom because it adds the simple touch of saying, “I am stylish but I’m keeping it casual today.”

Now ya’ll know I’m a fan of wearing eye glasses as an accessory. I think guys can get away with wearing these more often because your accessories/jewelry options are limited. Wear them responsibly though…..not with every outfit.

You can always wear a belt though…..

Stevie’s Outfit Details:
Button-up: Hugo Boss
V-neck: Gap
Denim Jeans: Gap
Leather Sneakers: Aldo for Men
Glasses: UrbanOutfitters
Belt: Perry Ellis

Are you SPAZZING over this look?

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Blog Credits: Photographs in this blog post were taken courtesy of SteakSauce Production for Spaz Magazine.  Stevie’s wardrobe was styled by Sazan Barzani for Spaz Magazine. For image sharing use, contact sazan@spazmag.com for more info. Also note, this blog post might be credited on our contributing sites including Fidoo.com, Examiner.com, StyleItSocial iphone app, Chictopia.com , and Lookbook.nu. Thanks for your cooperation!

Spaz Outfit: Dreams of Paradise

Note: This blog post might appear on my contributing sites inlcuding Fidoo.com, Examiner.com, StyleItSocial iphone app, Chictopia.com , and Lookbook.nu.

Copyright 2012 : Photographs below are courtesy of SteakSauce Production for Spaz Magazine. For image sharing use, contact me sazan@spazmag.com for more info.. Thanks!

Outfit Details
Neon Baseball Tee: BDG Urban Outfitters (Now $10!)
Polka Dot Shorts: Forever21 (similar find)
Ankle Boots: Forever21 (similar find at Tillys.com)
Necklace: H&M (USA)
Rings: Forever21 (silver); H&M (black & silver)
Silver Envelope Clutch: H&M (Stockholm)

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I had a blast today hanging out with one of my best friends who is one heck of a talented photographer in Dallas! Andy Nguyen of SteakSauce Production has collaborated with SPAZ on recent shoots (see our Neiman’s shoot) and I’ve been very pleased with our photos! Will we see more collaborations? I guess you’ll just have to wait and find out!!!! (P.S you will know sooner than later)

About this Look: I wanted to show my casually chic side today. I titled this outfit “Dreams of Paradise” because lately Coldplay’s ‘Paradise’ song has been on my repeat jams! Love it. Anyways, I took this really basic knitted neon baseball top (p.s baseball shirts are a hot trend right now!) and paired it with  my fun and flirty polka dot shorts from Forever21. OMG speaking of “forever”, it took me sooooo long to decide on the right accessories for this look. Does that ever happen to you?!

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Spaz Outfit: Countdown to Summer

Hey Spazzers! I hope you all are having a fabulous and relaxing Saturday afternoon. I am dedicating this outfit post to SUMMER, because I am counting down the days until it starts!!! Seriously, I am busier than the bees that are makin’ honey so I’m super ready! (Did I just say that?) Seriously though, what better way to kick off the countdown than by dressing the part. Who knows, maybe it will come quicker?

P.S This tribal necklace was such a random purchase but I absolutely love it. The seller set up his booth near campus, so I had to stop and take a look at his stuff before class! His daughter handmade this necklace! I know I am a little shopaholic everywhere I manage to go but I’m considering this a smart purchase. Tribal + neon= two hot trends in one.

White sweater; H&M (get one size up for a loose fit)
Red Skinnies; Gina Tricot
Camel Wedges; Steve Madden
Tribal Necklace; Street vendor (UNT campus)
Purse; H&M
Cat Eye Sunglasses; Urban Outfitters
Lip stick: Rouge Pur YSL
Turquoise ring: YSL

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LOOK FOR LESS: Nicole Richie

Nicole “Always Fabulous” Richie..

Nicole Richie‘s sense of style has really transformed over the years. The 29-year-old  busy mom & fashion designer knows how to make a trendy statement without trying too hard. (key!!!) We are spazzing over one of Nicole Richie’s hot street wear looks.  Whether it’s a new hairstyle or an eye-catching accessory–you always find a unique way to make us drool, Nic! xo

Did you know: Richie is wearing a $640 scarf (YSL)!

Steal Her Look: