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Simply Stylist LA: Networking, Shopping and Fun

Last weekend’s fun at the Simply Stylist event in LA!

Sarah Pollack Boyd of Simply Stylist does it again. It was quite an eventful day at the Simply Stylist event at Siren Studios in sunny Los Angeles on Saturday. The day was filled with plenty of networking, learning and of course-, shopping. From celebrity fashion bloggers to A- list stylists and designers, the Simply Stylist panel consisted of the industry’s leading tastemakers in fashion and entertainment. Hosted by E! News anchor, Catt Sadler, the fashion panel included blogger- Aimee Song, celeb stylist- Brad Goreski, style expert- Louise Roe, Designer- Whitney port and fashion editor- Melissa Magsasay.

My Experience: Being a fashion blogger and host, this event was great in the sense that it gave so many young gals and even guys that extra confidence to keep pushing strong in their desired fields. LA is known for its competition, so the highlight for me was hearing the stars personal stories and journeys in reaching success. Fashion Star host and Style Expert Louise Roe said it best quote, “When I first moved to LA there were times when I wanted to give up! It seemed natural. I was a girl coming from the UK, so I felt the competition and it was hard. I didn’t give-up though. You can’t give up!”
Celebrity Stylist Brad Goreski also said, “You can do anything you want to do and I really mean that. If you are doing what you are supposed to be doing and working hard, success will come.” Cat Sadler joked, “Amen! We’ve got a preacher in the house.”

Here are some more pics from the event! Enjoy!!!

I even got to do a little shopping of my own! Love my new evil eye and claw rings from DipInLA!photo via my Instagram

Photo Credit- Vivien Killilea


Spring Essentials: The Modern Backpack


Celebs Who Love Their Backpacks..

And even…

Here’s how SPAZ is rockin’ this trend

My Spaz Model Stevie Hendrix in Unisex Jesslyn Blake backpack

Let’s admit, a backpack can really add that extra touch of swag to your outfit. From backpack veterans like Kanye West to teenie bop sensations like Justin Bieber, we’re seeing Hollywood favorites welcoming this spring trend. I recently received a really great Jesslyn Blake uni-sex bag that looks almost identical to some of the spring backpacks I’ve been seeing on the runway. I love that this backpack is casual so you can wear it in the day to simply carry some of your books around for school. Another perk? The fabric of this bag allows you to pop it in the washer if it gets a little over-used.  


Tip One: When you are shopping for your spring backpack, pay close attention to the details on the bag. The biggest complaint people will have are issues with the zipper. Make sure that if you are struggling with the zipper, you either get another bag or fix the stitching underneath to make it smoother. Also check the fabric! If you are planning to use your bag often you need to make sure the fabric is washer-friendly and easy to clean.

Tip Two: When you are shopping for a backpack style, consider your personal wardrobe as a guide. Is your style casual, loud, or in between? If your style is more relaxed, go for a casual J-Crew style or Ralph Lauren backpack. If you are someone who enjoys making a statement try leather or a fun leopard backpack.

I look forward to hopefully seeing some of you guys wearing stylish backpacks for spring! Send me your pictures to sazan@spazmag.com so I can potentially feature them on our social media pages! Be sure to include your handles so SpazMag can give you credit!

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Spaz Outfit: Casual Petite

Details/Shop this Look: White Skinny Jeans: Mango (Get exact pair here) | Leather jacket: Forever21 (similar buy) | Stripe Tee: NM Luxury Essentials (similar crush) | Ring: H&M (similar) | Bag: H&M (similar) | Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters (similar ASOS) | Flats: Jellypop Shoes (get them here) | Coin Necklace: Bought it in Kurdistan (similar coin-inspired)

Why hello there! Okay so I  have a (sort of) confession to make. I am a girl who loves my high heels- especially becauseI am only 5’2! Mmm hmm. Funny story, I’ve met some awesome Spaz followers who have told me, “Wow you’re so tiny in person!” First, I think it’s really cool and weird at the same time being approached by my followers (people actually read this thing?) Second, I wonder…does that make me a dinosaur in my pictures? Kidding. ha.  Regardless, I always take the petite remarks as a compliment! Like Oprah and Tyra always say, embrace your body ladies and know that no matter what size you are- YOU are fierce! Being petite definitely has its perks, but it also has its challenges-like trying to find the perfect pair of jeans.

Today I am embracing my shortness and confidently wearing these pretty flats from JellyPop! I also brought out my new white skinny jeans which are perfect for this cool LA weather. As you can see, I like to roll up the bottom of most of my pants. I feel like it adds a more relaxed edge- and of course, it’s because sometimes (most of the time) the jeans are a little too long for my frame! hehe.

Fist pumping party for all the other shorties out there! Wow. I am trying to be all kinds of funny today. I’ll end it on that note.

Have a stylish day ya’ll!

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Spaz Outfit: Classy As Can Be

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”-Coco Chanel

Photography: JerSean Golatt

Skirt: LOVE (shop here) | Shirt: Melrose Flea Market | Heels: Christian Louboutin (similar) | Necklace: Forever21 | Bag: ASOS (similar crush)

Coco Chanel said it best. The most powerful accessory a woman can own is her class. Sometimes the way we dress can give off the wrong signals and impressions. For me personally, I like to leave a lil’ somethin-somethin for the imagination. This flirty skirt I’m wearing today shows off my legs, but everything else is pretty subtle.

Tip: Try not to show off more than one asset at a time.

In conclusion, there is always a classier way to go about pretty much anything. When it comes to the subject of dressing your body, show off your best assets in a way that will not only compliment your figure but will also show off your class.

Have a wonderful and classy day!

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Spaz Outfit: Feeling Peachy

Pictures taken courtesy of Lo B for Spaz Magazine

OUTFIT DETAILS: Skinnies: BDG (shop similar) | Sweater, Vest, Bag : H&M (1, 2, 3 similar) | Heels: Christian Louboutin (shop here) | Sunglasses: Forever21 (get them here)

Hey guys! I hope you are having a fabulous Tuesday afternoon, and thanks for stopping by my blog! One of the most challenging things about being a fashion blogger is having to constantly update your closet for content. I am someone who will rarely wear the same outfit twice, but I try to re-work certain pieces into every season. I love fashion, but I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on clothing when new trends are happening everyday!

One of these trends that I found for WAY less recently are my fierce green aviator sunglasses from Forever21! They totally replicate Ray Ban’s version of these sunglasses, and I approve!

In conclusion! Style isn’t all about the labels, instead, it’s about the creativity that you put into your outfits. It’s alright to invest in a guilty pleasure item (ie. like these Louboutins), but make the most of your investment by purchasing something that you can wear more than once.

Hope you guys enjoy my everyday styles for fashionistas on a budget! Have a stylishly fierce day!

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