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SPAZ Man: Circle-Five Go Getter

Featuring Circle-Five Skywalk Sneakers

Today’s SPAZ outfit for men features an excellent menswear shoe line that I recommend all the fellas check out.

Circle-Five is a luxury
 lifestyle brand
 that offers individually handcrafted footwear exemplifying design, quality and innovation with the use of premium leathers and eco-friendly synthetics. The brand was 
founded back in 2010 
with bases 
 Kong and Dallas.

Outfit Details:
Shoes: Circle-Five Skywalk (Shop here) | Jeans: LEVIS | Hat: Vans | Cardigan: UrbanOutfitters

COOL FACT: The name originates from raison d’etre of any “Go Getter”. Their slogan, “The Future is Yours”- “Take it” meaning everything is possible; you just have to go out and get it. Be active & take initiative. 

What ever your style, the brand offers an array of unique styles and colors to compliment your personal taste. Check out the full collection at circle-five.com.

Let’s Hang Out!

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Blog Credits: Photographs in this blog post were taken courtesy of SteakSauce Production for Spaz Magazine. If you’d like to work with our photographer, contact steaksauceandy@gmail.com for rates. For image sharing use, contact sazan@spazmag.com. Please note, this blog post might be credited on our contributing sites including Fidoo.com, Examiner.com, StyleItSocial iphone app, Chictopia.com, and Lookbook.nu. Thank you!

Spaz Outfit Spread: Flashing Lights


Pia Gladys Perey’s Carmela Dress

Today’s outfit features a mens + womens collaboration. I teamed up with my male model Stevie and decided to do a fun outfit spread featuring this gorgeous gown sent to me by Pia Gladys Perey. It’s an elegant form-fitting gown with plenty of playful loose fabric. This is the perfect dress for a fancy event or romantic night out. See for yourself!


Womens (styled by Sazan):
One-Shoulder Dress: Pia Gladys Perey | Shoes: Christian Louboutin | Clutch: Gina Tricot | Arm Cuff: H&M

Tip for the Ladies: Add your personal touch ALWAYS! I love a glamorous look, but I try not to lose myself in it.  No one dresses for the red carpet everyday. Who has that kind of time?  I decided to go with messy hair and add this gold arm cuff to show my edgy side. I couldn’t resist!

Mens (styled by Stevie):
Yellow Shirt: Ralph Lauren | Blazer: Michael Kors | Skinny Tie: Calvin Klein | Belt: Perry Ellis | Dark Denim: Gap | Dress shoes: Steve Madden | Watch: Kenneth Cole

Tip for the fellas (via Stevie): You should almost never pay full price for a tie. You don’t have to go big name stores to buy a great tie. Places like TJ MAXX, Marshalls and Ross are affordable alternatives with great selections in designer belts and ties. I found this Calvin Klein tie for a third of its orginal price! Talk about smart shopping.

Are you spazzing over this shoot?

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Blog Credits: Photographs in this blog post were taken courtesy of SteakSauce Production for Spaz Magazine.  For image sharing use, contact sazan@spazmag.com for more info. Also note, this blog post might be credited on our contributing sites including Fidoo.com, Examiner.com, StyleItSocial iphone app, Chictopia.com , and Lookbook.nu.

My Photo Shoot at Neiman Marcus!

Everything but Basic

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I had an extremely busy yesterday!! I was so flattered when Neiman Marcus invited me to cover one of their brands, NM Luxury Essentials. My photog Andy and I had a blast meeting some of the sweet consultants who gave us the 4-11 on this brand. NM Luxury Essentials is everything but basic when it comes to the fabric that makes up this unique brand. Every piece is made from the highest-quality, including silk, linen and cotton blends. (Shirts start at$85.)


Above: 100% Viscose Scoop Neck Tee (white)

Above: Linen blue Silk tank in Aqua

Above: Stripe 100% Linen Boat Neck

Above: Soft Touch Coral long tunic

Special thanks to Neiman Marcus and all of the NM Luxury Essentials consultants who made our visit a memorable one! xo

Photography Copyright 2012 : Courtesy of SteakSauce Production for Spaz Magazine.

For image use, contact sazan@spazmag.com for more info. Thanks!

Hot or Not?


Celebrity Disney Dream Photos!?

Annie Leibovitz photos places famous celebrities into fairy tale scenes from Walt Disney’s classic films. This  photo shoot included a wide variety of stars: Jessica Biel, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Whoopi Goldberg, Gisele Bundchen, Mikhail Baryshnikov, and Tina Fey.

How many of these classic disney tales can you name?