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Style Diary: Casual in San Francisco


During our West Coast adventure, we stopped in San Francisco to explore and take pictures for the day! If you’re a subscriber to my newsletter, then you saw yesterday’s talking about the crazy weather and blooper moments we had. When I finally found the perfect little spot to hang out and snap some pictures, I was too nervous

Travel Diary: My San Francisco Adventure


Hey guys! I finally have a chance to sit down and look through all my San Francisco pictures from last week. This was a last minute spontaneous weekend trip I decided to take because I’ve never been to San Francisco! The truth is, California is so so big. Every city is unique and totally different from

San Francisco Day 1 Outfit


I spent the past three days exploring a city I’ve always dreamed of visiting- San Francisco. All I’ve got to say is WOW. I basically want to change my name to Saz Francisco now. #DontWorryIWont Anyways, the city is absolutely breathtaking from the historical attractions to the amazing food and people who make up the