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Versace for H&M…Mark Your Calendars!

V E R S A C E  x  H&M

I am sooo anticipating to get my hands on some of the affordable Versace for H&M collaboration collection that is scheduled to arrive in select stateside stores on November 17th!!  (including Dallas’ NorthPark Center location) We can assume that crowds will begin gathering very early that morning – if not the night before. Plan accordingly. The price range is set as low as $30-300. Iconic are the bright prints and the classic Greek key motif. I personally love all the women’s dresses…very unique prints! Don’t worry fellas, there is a collection for you too!!! (Scroll down)

 Prepare to drool.

Silk Dresses, $199

Silk Dress, $149; Dress, $129

Silk Dress, $149; Dress, $129

Silk Dresses, $149

Silk Set, $199; Silk Dress, $199

Dress, $70; Leather Dress, $299

Jacket, $70

Leather Jacket, $299

Faux Fur Vest, $70

Silk Top, $80

Silk Bustier, $129

Silk Skirt, $70

Silk Skirt, $129

Pants, $70; Leggings, $30

Scarves, $30


Bag, $199

Leather Shoes, $129 (Also comes in black)

Leather Shoes, $149


Dress Shirts, $50

Tank, $35


Pink Blazer, $149 (Also comes in black)

Silk Blazer, $199


Black pants, $70

Colored Pant, $60

Left pant $70; right studded $299


Leather Boots, $70

Leather Shoes, $99 (Also comes in black)

Hat, $25

Mens Beanies, $35

Scarf, $50

Leather Belt, $60

Briefs, $18 (comes in another print)