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Spaz Fav: Rihanna Best Dressed Grammys 2012


Rihanna looks stunning in her own Armani design at 2012 Grammys

The hair, makeup, jewelry, dress…..SIMPLY FIERCE. I couldn’t stop drooling. LOVE this¬† Rihanna style. Best dressed, for sure.




Who said bushy eyebrows were never in style??? Think again..

What’s one of summer’s hottest beauty trends?…BOLD & thick brows! Strong, boyish brows can actually make a woman more beautiful. From the streets to fashion runways, bold brows are being spotted everywhere. If you are in need of longer or thicker brows, let the hairs grow back and simply fill in any gaps with a brow kit…nobody will notice. Also, the rule, “your eyebrows HAVE to match your hair color,” that’s out. We’re seeing platinum blond chicks sport darker brows that look ultra fierce. If done correctly, bold brows can be a powerful statement to your wardrobe.

Remember: Do it right. Your eyebrows can be your wardrobe’s most noticeable accessory.

Perfect Tweeze: To achieve thick brows, only use a tweezer to clean up the middle and sides of your brow. Never pluck hair INSIDE the brow. This will thin it out and take forever to grow back!

Forget about painful plucking or other old-fashioned, costly ways to shape eyebrows…

Personal Fav: Eyebrow shapers ($5 at Sallys) are a great and painless way to tame those brows– still keeping them thick! These razors are designed to help you create the perfect brow without over-tweezing. Sometimes when my brows get extremely long, instead of using grooming scissors, I love to trim the hair inside of the brow with these shapers. The blade is very light and easy to use–great for all my travels!