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Jennifer Lopez Parties in Vegas—Too Soon?


Newly single Jennifer Lopez definitely knows how to ‘dance the night away’ at PURE in Las Vegas. Some critics wonder, is it too soon after her July divorce from Skeletor Marc Anthony¬† to be stepping out into the party scene? I’ve got a better question, who besides JLo can still go to nightclubs at the age of 42 and look FIERCE AS HELL? Thought so.

Shut up, Let’s talk fashion:¬† I love this dress. It’s flirty and has “I’m single bitch!” written all over it. Still classy, which is always a nice thing to embrace when you go out ladies!

By the looks of this pic, you can totally see she came out to spend time with her fans through this paid public appearance. Duh.

Props/Credits: Images are courtesy of tmz.com.