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SPAZ Outfit: Pretty in Pink

Featuring SadeFinds Vintage Chain Links

Happy Monday, everyone! I recently received a stellar gold necklace from The Netherlands! I’m spazzing over it! SadeFinds is a really cool brand on Etsy that sells vintage jewelry, accessories and clothing! Their pieces are one of a kind, so I totally recommend you check them out! You can like them on FB if you want to learn more. :)

Outfit Details:
Fishtail Skirt & Sequin Top: Forever21
Shoes: Ecote from UrbanOutfitters
Studded Handbag: Betsey Johnson
Chain Link Necklace: Sade Finds–shop here
Spaz Necklace- Custom made from nnmluxe.com
Black/Gold Necklace: House of Harlow
Rings: Turquoise is YSL; Black is Nordstrom


SPAZ Outfit: Hipster Chic Day in March

Good afternoon fierce people of the world! I hope everyone has been enjoying this spring weather as much as I have. I was in a casual slash lazy mood yesterday. I decided to leave my hair natural, skip the makeup foundation and bare all in my nerdy glasses. I’m quite obsessed with my bright neon satchel that I purchased at……you won’t believe this. TARGET! Seriously, I embarrassed myself because I was shopping at Forever21 when I freaked SPAZZED OUT after seeing someone rock this bag in the checkout lane. I was soooo shocked when she said it was from Target. Of course, I raced there that same day to grab one for myself. I’ve been wanting a Cambridge satchel for a while now, so I’m glad I found a look-alike for way cheap. It was only 27 bucks….smartest purchase ever.

Like this Look? Here’s where I purchased these items:
Button-up Blouse: Forever21 (purchased recently)
Denim Jacket: H&M
Neon Satchel: Target $27
Shoes: Forever21 (purchased recently)
Zipper Leggings: Nordstrom Rack
Glasses: H&M

Rihanna and Britney Spears Collaborate!

Britney + Rihanna

image via defpenradio.com

What do you guys think about the collaboration between Rihanna and Britney?! The pop stars teamed up to sing a remix version of Rihanna’s S&M.

The song debuted today on Z-100 radio station in New York. According to the latimesblogs, Rihanna uncovered the exclusives Z-100.

“At first, we didn’t know what the song was going to do because of the lyrics, but it became really big on radio and it’s No. 1 at Pop this week. In order to do a remix, it had to be major,” she told the station. “I asked my fans last week who they wanted me to collaborate with, and Britney was one of the most popular names.”

“It’s very strange because Britney never does features. It was really amazing that she really wanted to be part of this song. She really liked the song to begin with, but it was a different story when she had to sing it, and she really wanted to be a part of it. So it made it really, really special, because you never see two pop female artists doing songs together anymore,” she said. “Just call us ‘R&B.’ “

You be the judge. Listen to their new mix here!

SHOCKER: Pia Toscano Eliminated on American Idol

Idol judges, contestants, audience, and EVEN Ryan Seacrest…. in utter shock!

This is definitely an idol first. Don’t underestimate the amount of surprises that this new idol season can bring! American Idol said goodbye to one of its best tonight. Pia Toscano,  a contestant viewed as one of the best singers in the competition, left in tears. When Seacrest announced Toscano’s elimination, the audience fought back with loud boos. This meant Stefano Langone was safe… again.  Unsurprisingly, the audience weren’t the only ones noticeably upset..

The judges visibly expressed their anger, reported reuters.

“I have no idea what just happened here,” said idol judge Jennifer Lopez. “I’m shocked, I’m angry, I don’t even know what to say.”

Fellow judge Randy Jackson agreed with Lopez, and added, “I’m never really mad on this show, but this makes me mad.”

Snooki agrees! The reality star took to her twitter to say,  “Pia should have won the whole thing! I’m not watchin Idol anuymore. I’m with JLO on this one…”

image via okmagazine.com

It’s unfortunate the judges used their wildcard to save another contestant early in the competition. This would have been the perfect save….

Pia Toscano’s performance was flawless lastnight, how did this happen? Obviously, she didn’t get enough votes from America. But, why? Many people are starting to question the legitimacy of the show. Perhaps some voters felt confident enough not to vote because her performance was that good.  If this is the case, that’s unfortunate. Seacrest stressed to the audience how crucial voting each week really is. This just goes to show..

What are your thoughts on the elimination?


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