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Beauty On-The-Go | Simple Skincare Micellar Wipes

Beauty | August 24, 2015

It’s no secret that I’ve been a fan of blogging about beauty and skincare for the past 3-plus years now. Having a blog seriously gives you the perfect excuse to get out of the house, splurge on some new products (without feeling guilty) and discover if it’s an obsazzion worth sharing. Can I get a oh yes girrrl?

I’ve been living out of a suitcase traveling so much lately that I’ve been eyeing products that are easy to take with me to help ease my travel stress. I can’t live without my beauty and skincare products. As many of you …

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Day to Night Makeup | Buxom Beauty

Beauty | June 24, 2015

A big problem I run into every time I’m packing for a trip is narrowing down the amount of makeup products I can take with me. The struggle is real! I’m always getting new eyeshadow palettes but I can never take them with me because 1.) they take up too much space, and 2.) I only really use two colors in the 50 piece set. Oops. Regardless, I hate not having options to take with me.

Good news. There’s a solution. I recently learned that one of my favorite makeup brands Buxom has launched their new eyeshadow bar letting you …

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How I Take My Makeup Off

Beauty | May 21, 2015

Nine years ago my mom told me that for every night I forgot to remove my makeup, my skin would age 9 days. ahhhh! Whether that myth was true or not, I’ve made it a priority since I was a teen to take my makeup off at night (no matter how tired I was). Fast forward to now. The older I’m getting, the more I’m noticing the same routine that worked for me when I was 16 isn’t so peachy anymore. I’ve compared my skin to a car before. It’s like when you’re young, it’s in the new smelling car …

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Everyday Natural Makeup – NO FOUNDATION!

Beauty | May 18, 2015

Natural Makeup Tutorial

Happy Monday! I’m baaaaack! After taking a couple weeks off to enjoy my marriage and honeymoon with the hubby, I’m back in action! Let me just say – Cancun was the perfect getaway and we can’t wait to go back. I’m excited to share more details about our wedding with you very soon.

I realized I hadn’t uploaded this video to my channel which I created 2 weeks ago. I guess in the crazy wedding planning process I totally forgot. Oops! Good thing it’s never too late to share a natural everyday makeup routine. The twist is …

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Spring Makeup Tutorial (Youtube)

Beauty | March 30, 2015

Spring is calling! I just uploaded a new video to my channel and wanted to share it with you guys! It’s all about the colorful eye-liner for spring and summer this season, so I went ahead and gave this trend a try. I think wearing brighter shades on your lids is totally fine as long as it’s done tastefully in a fun way – nothing too crazy.

I decided to trade in my black cat-eye for a bold pink look and matching lip. It’s a really easy tutorial to create. See for yourself! Be sure to comment below your fave …

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How to Conceal Dark Circles and Puffy Bags (Video)

Beauty | March 16, 2015

HIDE YO BAGS, HIDE YO CIRCLES!!! Happy lovers! Today on my Youtube channel I’m addressing a very serious face matter – Dark circle and puffy bags. UGHHHHH! I know I’m not alone when I say this: Concealing dark circles and heavy bags is probably the hardest part when it comes to mastering the art of makeup. Some of you might disagree, but you must be the few percentage in the population that has zero bags! Today I’m showing you how to conceal the issue.. with makeup! 🙂 I am no makeup artist, just a gal who has been researching and …

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My Thick Eye Brows Routine! (Video)

Beauty | March 3, 2015

Thick eye brows are in. Thin eyebrows are..well, when were they ever in?

Happy Tuesday loves! Today on my Youtube channel, I’m showing you how easy it is to create natural thick eye brows without it looking overdone. Funny story – This video is actually an updated version to an old one I did on my channel. The quality is way better, plus I’ve completely changed up the routine. I’ve been using a new product now for my brows that has saved me a lot of time and energy in the bathroom. I hope this video helps you if you’re …

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2-in-1 Beyond Beauty Hacks | Clinique (Video)

Beauty | February 26, 2015

I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it! Today I’m sharing one of my most exciting beauty collaborations yet! But first… is it just me or is life getting a little crazy busy? I’ve recently become a fan of hacks, quick and easy short-cuts for getting things done. Especially in the beauty department.  My beauty life got a little easier after I recently joined Byrdie’s Beyond Beauty Hacks to create two fun and easy tutorials using Clinique’s Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer. Is it a foundation or a concealer? It’s BOTH! I freaked out a little bit from excitement …

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My White Shirt Dress Style

Style | February 9, 2015

(Outfit Details) Shirt Dress: Daily Look // Bag: Zara (old, shop similar) // Sunglasses: Karen Walker // Heels: Shoedazzle (old, shop similar faves here + here)

This is officially the longest slash coolest button-up shirt dress OF ALLLLLL TIMEEEE. (Sorry, the Grammy’s were on yesterday and I still die for the classic Kanye quote. HA) Anywhoooo, I feel like the length of this dress sits perfectly on my 5’2” frame. It’s not easy being a shorty yawl!!!! I love how it has a tie around the waist which helps create shape around the waist area.

I’m heading to …

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How to Contour Your Face (Video)

Beauty | February 5, 2015

Hey cutiesssss! Is it Friday yet!? hehe Today I’m sharing this fun little video (per everyone’s request!) on how I contour my face. I recently received Stila’s new contour palette and it’s definitely a keeper. I was so excited about it that I knew I just had to share the experience with you guys on my channel. My favorite part of the “getting ready” makeup process is contouring. I’m getting better and better the more I practice!


(Shop the products used) Contour Palette- Stila // Beauty blender  // Blush: Sephora // Foundation & Powder: Laura Mercier…

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