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Spotlight on: Devon Dyer

Meet fashion’s newest it girl..

“Devon is a fierce modern day 70’s Glam Queen”– Creator of Spaz, Sazan Barzani

Creator/Writer: Devon Rachel Blog
Website: www.devonrachel.blogspot.com
Twitter: @devrachel

Devon Dyer is a new face in the world of fashion blogging and styling. Her love for writing and fashion has conjoined to create Devon Rachel, her popular blog. Readers flock to her site that includes outfits she wears, where she purchases, fashion advice and opinions. With Devon Rachel, started in January 2011, the up and coming stylist has already been featured in magazines such as Hypeed.com, she was voted into the top 5% of fashion blogger styles on Chictopia.com, advertises for Modcloth.com and ShopNastygal.com, and blogs for Kiss FM in Lubbock, Texas. Her impeccable ability to pair unexpected pieces and colors have won the hearts of fashion lovers around the nation.

A fellow Libra and true fashionista, I have known Devon for years. Don’t let her young age fool you; Devon is no amateur when it comes to fashion. A class favorite, Devon always dressed like a pro throughout high school. Today, she is a beautiful and confident dresser– I am so proud of her many accomplishments thus far. Miss Devon Dyer continues to make her mark onto the fashion industry….so watch out!

What’s next for fashion’s future it girl?! We sat down with Devon and got the 4-11!

SPAZ: What can we expect to see when we visit your fashion blog: www.devonrachel.blogspot.com?

–Even though I am new at blogging and may not have as savvy of a page as the veteran bloggers, you can expect to see my heart and soul on Devon Rachel. For me, its not about the fancy graphic designs or amount of followers I have. Right now I focus on what a blessing it has been to be able to express myself and do what I love. Each day I share with my readers the outfit I picked out, where everything is from and a little tidbit about the pieces. Every once in a while I offer my personal advice and encouragement to try new trends or set them. Devon Rachel is always my favorite part of the day.

SPAZ: Tell us what sparked your interest in fashion & styling.

–As cliché as it sounds, my interest in fashion started at a young age. I was in private school from elementary to high school, stuck in what I thought was a dreadful uniform. I can remember begging my parents to put me in a school where I could dress how I pleased. I would spend hours in front of the mirror modeling outfits I had picked out from my closet, loving the way clothes let me express my personality. I did everything I could (without getting sent to detention) to jazz up my uniform: from fun socks and jewelry to hair accessories. I know I drove my parents crazy begging to get out of the monotony! I finally got the chance to go to a public high school and I had a blast picking out what to wear each day. Now that I’m in college, my love for putting clothes together has turned into a potential career. And believe it or not, I’m on a search to recover my old uniform for my current wardrobe!

SPAZ: Describe your sense of style. What role does creativity play in your style?

–I would have to say my sense of style is always changing, because I dress according to my mood. Some days I wake up feeling bohemian, others I wake up with an urge to throw on my favorite preppy plaid blazer. Whatever the mood, I tend to keep my style put together and neat. I love bright colors and jewelry, and you’ll rarely catch me in all black. Creativity plays a huge role in my style. I am constantly inspired by my surroundings and as a stylist, the last thing you want is to look like everyone else. Creativity allows us to be different but share our love for innovative fashion.

SPAZ: What do you hope to accomplish in this fashion industry?

–First and foremost, I want to style others. Styling is so much more than a job to me. I want to show the world that no matter your size, gender or paycheck, you can look fabulous. Helping others feel great about themselves through fashion is my ultimate goal. I hope to create a name for myself through my blog, and be a help to my readers each day. I’d also love to write a column of fashion advice for a magazine.

SPAZ: Who are some of your favorite celebrity and designer inspirations?

–Oh wow, where do I start? I’d have to say that my main celebrity inspiration would be Olivia Palermo. No matter the occasion, she looks polished and chic. I admire her impeccable ability to mix high and low price points. She also manages to look sexy without showing all her goodies, a phenomenon I wish more people understood. As far as designers go, I adore Marc Jacobs, Diane Von Furstenburg and Miu Miu. I love them all for their creative use of colors and patterns. I’m all about unique pieces that are unexpected.

SPAZ: What is one fashion or style tip that you can give our readers?

–The best tip I can give readers is to never tell yourself, “I can’t pull this off!” My answer to this is: nonsense! Always take a step out of your comfort zone and try new things. Dare to be different in fashion, and never pass up a piece you love in fear of what people will say. I don’t think any of our favorite designers or fashion icons would be so successful if they cared what others thought.

GOOD ANSWERS! How fab is Devon? Such a fun interview. Make sure you guys keep up with Devon’s latest style blogs on www.devonrachel.blogspot.com XO !

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Spotlight on: NEMO NISI MORS

image via nnmluxe.com shopping

Meet NNM’s visionaries.

Creators: Sayran (right) & Leila (left)
Website: www.nnmluxe.com
Twitter: NNMLUXE
Facebook: “Like” the NNM facebook fanpage!

We sat down with the creators of Nemo Nisi Mors and uncovered the must-know facts about these creative gals, their inspirations, and an exciting NNMLUXE giveaway! They’ve got lots of surprises up their sleeves so make sure you read all about them! We are so inspired by these two talented besties who have worked together to create the ultimate shopping website.

SPAZ: Tell us where the title Nemo Nisi Mors originated from and exactly what it means?
It is a Latin saying, meaning “nothing except death will do us part.” Its kind of morbid but Marc Jacobs came out with a leather bracelet with this saying years ago, and we each got one and have since been wearing it everyday. It has double meaning because it’s relatable to fashion and our friendship.

SPAZ: What can we expect to see when we visit www.nnmluxe.com?
We like to think that it’s a complete representation of what we are passionate about, fashion. Our goal is to make it easy for you to find not only things that you want to buy but also things that you can afford. Of course, there are some higher end items on the website but if we post them, we feel that they are well worth the price. We also feel that we have a personal aspect that sets us apart from the rest, when you shop with us, you are not shopping with a corporation doing market research on what you SHOULD like. We are real girls who are doing this because its what we love and we want to share it with you.

SPAZ: Are there any exclusive shopping offers or giveaways we should know about on Nemo Nisi Mors?
Yes! Our first giveaway of many is this week. It’s a bracelet from a designer we absolutely adore, Sarah Aghili.

SPAZ: You gals have been friends for over ten years. Not very many people can say that! What sets your friendship apart from others, making it special?
Since we met, our friendship has grown very organically. We probably know each other a little too well but having that basis makes what we do fun and we know not to ever take things too seriously. Also, our styles have always been very complimentary and we feel like that is what makes our website really work and stand apart from the rest. It’s that Pisces/Capricorn combination, you can’t really go wrong with that.

SPAZ: Are there any future plans or projects you hope to accomplish in the fashion industry?
Shopping online can be overwhelming and people don’t always have time to keep up with the latest trends. Our goal for NNM is to simplify your shopping experience and make it fun. You can always rely on us to be an oasis in this fashion desert. We also plan to add a mens section as well as a feature that will allow you to use us as your own personal shopping search engine. Stay tuned, we definitely have a few things up our sleeves.

SPAZ: What is one piece of fashion advice that you can give our readers?
Wear what you want as long as it fits well. Never wear anything just because it’s trendy & remember to stay true to your own personal style and have fun with it!

Make sure you guys check out NEMO NISI MORS. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

Angela Rozas Saiz

Meet: Angela Rozas Saiz from Madrid, Spain.

From head to toe, we are obsessing over this young fashionista’s wardrobe! We discovered ANGELA ROZAS SAIZ better known as Rozaschic via her Chictopia style blog and simply can not get enough. Roza really knows how to rock the hottest trends without going overboard on accessories. I would wear every single one of her looks.

What an inspiration.. F I E R CE.

I will definitely be keeping up with her style! xo

images via Chictopia

Style File: Tribal Ready to Wear


Tribal print fashion is being seen everywhere this season. Missoni showcased this trend in their spring 2011 runway collection. Here’s a fun and easy way to wear this runway inspired trend.

Product Details:

Weekly Wants: Shop with Spaz

Think: Fierce

There are way too many hot trends and styles out right now. My rule: It’s okay to splurge every now and then…you deserve it! However, make sure you invest your money into timeless things that can be worn more than once. Great buys should be unique, eye-catching, and FIERCE!

Here are some of my weekly wants. If I shared everything, my computer would probably crash.

Happy shopping xo

Get it girlssss!