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Looking Back on 4 Years of Love

Lifestyle Relationships Style | May 3, 2015

Happy Sunday you guys! I am literally counting down the days until I marry Stevie Friday May 8th. #Yeeeeeeeee I want the day to hurry up and arrive already! I decided to distract my impatient self by looking through hundreds of photos of us on this beautiful Sunday!

4 Years Strong

When they say a picture speaks a thousand words – now I know why. As I’m looking back at some of these pictures from 4 years ago, I can’t help but tear up thinking of all the memories that have led us here today. A lot of these photos …

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Mother’s Day Gift Idea (Part 1)

Lifestyle Style | April 27, 2015

Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift idea? Here’s what I’m thinking..

One of the many perks I’m looking forward to after saying “I Do” is the extended family I’m going to gain from my marriage. Ironically, my wedding will be on Mother’s Day weekend this year, so I’ll get to share the celebration day with my new mom! The older I get, the more respect I have for a mother’s unconditional love for her family. I seriously dream about the day I become a mom and it gives me goosebumps (the excited kind). I am blessed to already have …

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I’ve Got a Secret

Lifestyle Relationships | April 13, 2015

Today I am excited, nervous, and thrilled to share a secret I’ve been keeping from my digital world for the past few months. I’m ENGAGED! ahhh

I’ve been going back and forth for months on whether or not I should share the personal news. There are a number of reasons I’ve been keeping it a secret. But after months of hiding my beautiful engagement ring, I needed to be honest and open about it. Love is such a beautiful thing, but sometimes when you put your personal life out there it gives people an excuse to have an opinion about …

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