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Couples Costumes: Cookies and Milk DIY


Hey everybody and happy almost Halloween!!       I have a little confession to make. Stevie and I have been together for YEARS and we have never done a couple’s Halloween costume. How lame is that?! So this year I decided we needed to start the tradition here on my blog. I decided to

DIY Style: Two Chokers Made From Leggings (video)


  Realization of the day: the 90s’ inspired chokers are hotter now than they were in the 90s’. Mmm hmm. Personally, I’m hooked on this trend and thought it would be fun to DIY my fabric chokers. All you need is a pair of leggings that you don’t wear anymore. Grab your scissors ladies and Let’s Do

DIY Ripped Jeans and Studs How-to (Video)


  It’s about to get real DIY up in here with ripped jeans and studs. With the help of a few materials, I’m going to show you an easy DIY for distressing your own jeans and adding studs to denim. I always wondered how manufacturing companies distress and add cute bling to their denim. YMI Jeans is the best for letting