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GET THE FACE: Eva Mendes

Think: Natural..

Eva Mendes‘ natural glow proves that you don’t need foundation to be flawless. Why conceal your sexiest features? Eva couldn’t agree more because she loves showing off her sexy signature beauty mark..(I don’t blame her, I love mine too!) The art of makeup is to look like you don’t have any on, right? So, why go overboard? The less makeup you use, the more youthful you will appear. I know what you are probably asking. What about my dark eye circles? And blemishes? Answer: Waterproof concealers. Find good ones that are rich in texture (Makeup Forever is AMAZE! Sephora $30.) This will get the job done—no foundation necessary.

If you do wear foundation, please stay away from purchasing at drug stores! The best foundations don’t come cheap but it’s worth the investment.  Bare Minerals– great if you love powder foundation ($60 for the kit). I currently use Laura Mercier’s oil-free liquid foundation ($48) and setting powder ($34) which lasts all day and gives you super natural coverage.  I probably wear foundation 1-2 times a week (if I have to) and so should you!

Blush: Eccentuate your cheekbones with pretty pinks. There are tricks and techniques to get the perfect cheekbone, but I’ll save that for another beauty post. :) Whatever you do, don’t go 80’s and over do it.

Steal her look:

(Sephora: Tarte $30)

(Sephora: Makeup Forever Concealer $30)

(Clinique $15)

(Drugstores: L’oreal $8)

Men Only: Shopping With Spaz

Shop the latest trends..

There’s nothing more attractive than a sexy man who knows how to shop. Typically, guys shy away from shopping malls and leave it to their ladies to dress/style them. That needs to change…today!

Fellas, get to your know your fashionable side by  trying on a variety of stylish pieces. Even if certain clothes aren’t in your price range, you should still try them on to see if you like the style. If so, there are hundreds of other brands with similar fits that are in your price range.

Here are some stylish products for spring/summer 2011. Shop some of of our favorites below! xo