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Summer Savings: Beauty Must Haves


Shop UNDER $20!!!!

Summer is right around the corner which means new trends, more deals, and extra precautions. Before we get crazy and soak up the sun all summer long, it is essential that SPF is added to your daily skin regimens. A lot of people think sun screen prevents a bronze glow…WRONG! Sun screen is a shield to help protect your skin against excessive sun exposure. SPF will help prevent redness and irritation on your skin. Let’s not forget it also prevents fast aging. :) Add an SPF lotion onto your skin before applying any tanning oils, lotions..etc. Take care of your lips as well. The sun will dry them out so make sure you try EOS lip balm (so cute!) which has an SPF of 15 in it to help protect your lips! If you want to work up a quick tan, try Jergens sunless tanning lotion.  If you are laying out by a pool or beach this summer, one of my all time favorite and cheap tanning enhancers is Banana Boat’s dark tanning oil spray. Go easy on the makeup, ladies. The great thing about having a nice summer glow is you won’t need to go heavy on bronzers and foundations. If you do, Rimmel has a great natural bronzer that will help highlight your summer glow.

Let’s not forget that bright summer shades are another huge must have this season. Whether you are rocking a hot pink lip or one of Essie’s bright summer nail polishes, make sure you keep your colors neat. (ie. don’t over do it)

Here are some affordable beauty products you might want to add into your summer bags!


Rimmel London Natural Bronzer $4 (Drugstores)

Jergens Natural Glow $7 (Drugstores)

Banana Boat Dark Tanning Oil $5 (Drugstores)

Tahiti Sweetie Bath & Body Works Lotion $10-15 (Bath & Body Works)

EOS SPF 15 Lip Balm $3 (Drugstores)

MAC lipstick $15 (Nordstrom)

Essie Nail Polish $4 (Drugstores)

Dove Scented Body Spray $4 (Drugstores)

Bath & Body Works Zodiac Sanitizers $1.50 ea (Bath & Body Works)


Style 4-11: Pretty Petites

It was recently asked in my Q&A’s why I haven’t written a helpful style-411  for petite women! As a 5’2 tiny myself, I instantly  asked myself the same question. (I should have done this sooner!) Well, here it is! These are some simple shopping rules for the elite–petite! :)  I try to follow these rules, but never limit myself to what I am “allowed” to wear. Whether it’s a hit or miss, you’ll never really know what works for you until you TAKE RISKS! xo

FYI: Typically, you are classified as ‘petite’ if you are between  5’0-5’4..

HOPE THIS HELPS!!!!! We are fabulous.