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My Baby Registry Checklist & Guide


  I can’t believe I am just 6 weeks away from having this baby girl! I’m officially 34 weeks pregnant this week and feeling so anxious/excited/ready to meet her. I started working on my registry at about 25 weeks or so (when I finally had the energy) and have been adding things and editing it ever since.

The Baby Shower of My Dreams!


It hasn’t even been a week and I still can’t stop day dreaming about the baby shower of my dreams that was thrown for Baby Hendrix! It was all thanks to our close friends Jane, Basilica, Sarah & Brittany who planned it to a T! Let me just say, I walked into the shower on Sunday

My Pregnancy Skincare Routine


Hi babes! This post is all about my current pregnancy skincare routine, although the products I’ll be mentioning are great for non-pregnant women too. 🙂 Soon after I found out I was pregnant I quickly learned that what I put in my body can affect the well-being of my growing baby, and what I put on my body can affect me and the baby,

What Being Kurdish Means to Me


Note: Before you read this post, I kindly ask that you refrain from political comments about the referendum. This is my personal blog where I can openly share my most intimate thoughts and experiences with my readers. What you choose to take away from this article is at your discretion but please respect that we

My Second Trimester | BABY HENDRIX


It’s true what they say. The second trimester has left me feeling my absolute best. I’m 25 weeks and it’s so crazy to think that this little jelly bean is growing FAST inside of me. She weighs 1.5 pounds and is the size of an Oscars statue! It’s no wonder why she’s already my little

My First Trimester | BABY HENDRIX


Thank you guys again for the incredible love and support last week when I announced Baby Hendrix is on the way! I told you guys that I was going to share more on my pregnancy and a first trimester update. I’m 17 weeks and feeling great so here’s a little flashback…     FIRST TRIMESTER   April

Exciting News PART 2!! (I Think You Know)


If you caught yesterday’s surprise IG post, then you’ve probably already heard the news. It feels really surreal finally getting to share what I’m about to type. EXCITING NEWS PART 2.     If you read the part 1 post then you probably know the story of the new home and how that came about. There’s