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Spaz Giveaway: It's Dress Season with Diva NY!

I am a sucker for dresses, and so is my closet. I love my spring maxis, bodycons, playful minis and galore. For me, dresses are the easiest piece of clothing to style. I simply look for a great print and flattering cut and then I’ll add some jewelry slash a stellar pair of heels and I’m ready to go! Some dresses- like this comfortable and playful one from Diva NY, doesn’t even need accessories. Right now Diva NY has so many cheap sexy dresses that I’m totally loving for spring.

All dresses aside,  I featured a pair of their edgy leggings in my “Rock Diva” outfit post a couple of weeks ago. If you liked these cut out leggings wait until you see the other fun styles I’m spazzing over! Mesh or tribal any one?



Get ready! I’m so excited that Diva NY and SpazMag are partnering up to bring you an exclusive giveaway! (ends on April 25th)
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Touch of Turquoise (plus giveaway!)


Photography: Matthew Torres x Spaz Magazine

My Outfit Details:
Top, Skirt: Forever 21 | Bag: H&M | Heels: Mango (similar crush) | Necklace: The Chiq Jewelry | Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters (Similar ASOS pair)

Happy Sunday! I am heading on a plane soon to Houston, but I just thought I would sneak in a little outfit love before I go. Today I am showing you how a pop of color can bless your chic outfit. Spring is in the air so keep color in mind when you are shopping on a budget! If your region hasn’t warmed up like LA quite yet- try incorporating colorful scarves or sweaters into your wardrobe so that you don’t fall behind!  This outfit I’m wearing is pretty simple, but I like how my necklace from The Chiq Jewelry adds the perfect amount of pop, just what my outfit needs! With that being said, girls you needs at least one turquoise piece in your jewelry box (or ten). You can pair turquoise up against pretty much any color in the rainbow! I know I have.

I’ve got a surprise giveaway from The Chic Jewelry! It’s a little box filled with some of their goodies. Guess you’ll have to enter and win to find out what’s inside! :)

How to Enter:
1. “Like” The Chiq Jewlery’s FB FAN PAGE.
2. “Like” Spaz Magazine on FB
3. Write on the Spaz wall that you are entering to win The Chiq Jewelry giveaway!

**Additional Entries:
1. Follow @TheChiqJewelry on Instagram
2. Follow @SazanBarzani on Instagram
3. Hashtag #TheChiqJewelryGiveaway on one of your stylish pictures and we’ll be sure to see it! :)

Contest ends on April 12th! Good luck!!

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Spotlight On: Makeup By Shannon Marie

MEET: Makeup Artist Shannon Marie

This month we are shining our Spaz Spotlight on a very talented and creative gal from Austin, Texas.  Shannon Marie is a young and hardworking makeup artist who lets her creative work speak for itself. Don’t let me forget to mention she is only 19 years old!!  I sat down with Shannon and learned more about her passion, the inspiration behind her work,  her advice for other aspiring makeup artists and plenty more. Plus, she also reveals some of her personal beauty secrets in our spotlight feature. Look out for Shannon Marie!

From GLAM…

1. SPAZ: First, tell us how you got started and what inspired your passion in becoming a makeup artist?

SHANNON: Well, it’s interesting, because I never wore makeup in high school. After I graduated, I became really sick and was stuck in bed for a few months. Bored out of my mind, I picked up my laptop and found my way to YouTube. It was love at first watch! I saw a makeup tutorial and instantly wanted to try it. I had a private blog with some friends from high school and I started posting photos of my makeup creations. They not only encouraged me to keep creating but also gave me new ideas with “requests.” When I was feeling better, I moved to Massachusetts for an internship program and had a 6-month apprenticeship at Top Shop Salon & Day Spa and met the most wonderful, inspiring ladies. I came back to Austin, went to Esthetics school and have been going ever since!

2. SPAZ: What has been one of the craziest or most memorable makeup shoots that you’ve done?

SHANNON: I’ve found this business to be pretty unpredictable. It’s all about timing. I’ve been called to do makeup on a shoot literally 2 hours before it started because the first makeup artist canceled. Everyone expects the makeup artist to have everything… I’ve been asked for nail clippers, sunscreen, bobby pins, even socks! But as far as the craziness? What happens in the makeup chair… stays in the makeup chair! :)

3. SPAZ: You’ve created more than just a pretty face.  In fact, you’ve created some ugly faces as well. By ugly, we’re talking horrific and bloody. First, how long does that take? Second, it can’t be easy. What kind of makeup/tools does it take to create that kind of horror?

SHANNON: SFX makeup is so much fun! It depends on the project, if I build up a wound from the skin it takes longer than attaching a prosthetic and doing makeup to blend it. My MUST HAVE product is liquid latex just because you do anything with it. You can make a bald cap, put it directly on the skin or even use it to make a mold of something. I also love Ben Nye’s bruising wheel. The key is less is more, except when it comes to fake blood! I love Fresh Scratch blood from Kryolan; it’s the perfect color and texture!

4. SPAZ: What are some of your personal makeup/beauty secrets that you can share with our readers?

SHANNON: Well, makeup is a very personal thing. By going to aesthetics school I learned that everyday makeup and skincare go hand in hand. There are certain foundations that work better for different skin types. My best advice is to know your own skin. Sometimes it’s not the makeup that causes a break out, it’s the cleanser/products you’re using. For example, if you have oily skin, using a cream moisturizer could clog your pores! Try a moisturizing serum. Also, any mineral that you use has Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide (protection from the sun) so everyone should keep a mineral translucent powder in their handbag. The SPF in your foundation only lasts for a few hours and we’re getting UV rays from our computers! You should reload your SPF at lunch.  I love BrushOnBlock because it’s so convenient. It’s important to protect your skin. Sunburns aren’t attractive on anyone and you don’t always see the damage your skin is getting from the sun until much later. You can buy it here. It layers perfectly over any foundation and is a physical sunscreen so it doesn’t take 20 minutes to start working! It’s like an instant sunshade!

5. SPAZ: You come from a very creative background/family. What role does art play in your life/work?

SHANNON: I remember when I was in sick in bed Skype-ing with my sister, Coralee. I was telling her all about this new “makeup world” I had found… she responded with, “cool, so are you going to be a makeup artist now?” And I was in shock. It hadn’t even occurred to me that I could do this for a living! So I ordered some makeup catalogs from various schools and sat down with my parents and told them the news. They couldn’t have been more supportive! Growing up my mom put me and my sister into all of these different art classes. It was SO not my thing! I would get bored drawing a flower pot or painting. I wanted to get my hands dirty and do something unique. My mom showed me that art doesn’t have to just be on paper. There are so many different forms of it! I haven’t always been “artistic” but I’ve always been creative!   

6. SPAZ: What advice can you give to someone who wants to kick start a career in the makeup field?

SHANNON: My dad gave me some awesome advice. He said, “A turtle gets nowhere, unless it sticks it’s neck out.” It’s easier now with social media outlets to get your work noticed and word of mouth is HUGE! Don’t be afraid to work! Apply and do every job that you’re interested in: paid, non-paid. Model Mayhem, Craigslist, student films, friends, neighbors…anything! Unfortunately, it’s a lot of trial and error. But just pick up the brush and change it! You can’t be afraid to make mistakes, because it’s going to happen. Sometimes the best work starts with a mistake, because they make you look at things differently!

7. SPAZ: Do you have a Youtube page and/or website/ or Facebook fan page we can share with our readers to learn more?

SHANNON: Yes! You can “like” me on Facebook and follow my new youtube channel that I just launched!

8. SPAZ: What does perseverance mean to you at this stage in your career?

SHANNON: It means everything to me. It’s the difference between having a job and not having one. I’m constantly looking for “gigs” online. Checking Craigslist, Model Mayhem, etc… I send out my resume and website information between 3-6 times a day. I’m updating my facebook page with pictures of what I’m doing. When I’m not on a job, I’m sitting at my makeup station practicing on myself, watching tutorials, reading magazines and reference books for trends and techniques. I’m living at home, working a steady part-time cosmetic job, saving money and freelancing. It’s makeup all the time!

9. SPAZ: Any current projects? Plans for the future?

SHANNON: My favorite thing about this industry is the variety of projects! In the past month alone I’ve been able to do makeup for a music video, a wedding, a photo shoot, a short film, a musical theater performance and a commercial… all of that came right along side dozens of rejections and non-responses from potential clients too. But honestly, I’m so happy doing makeup. It would be cool to eventually be a part of the Makeup Artist Union and do film/SFX work, even win an Oscar! But right now, I’m just enjoying the journey and am the happiest I’ve ever been!

SPAZ MAGAZINE Behind the Scenes with Makeup By Shannon Marie..

Shannon & I teamed up over the weekend and did a fun makeover! I stylized and she beauty glamorized!

Model: Stephanie Thomason

How fab is Makeup By Shannon Marie? Adore her! Special thanks to Shannon Marie Trigger and her supportive family/team for allowing us into Shannon’s world of makeup! Make sure to check out more of her colorful and creative looks on her fb fan page! xoxo!

What’s your story? Every month, SpazMag showcases new and inspring talent in our Spaz Spotlight section. If you think you have what it takes, don’t shy away from contacting me at sazan@spazmag.com. A new and inspiring story every month..so why not you? xoxoxoxox

Spaz Outfit: Lovely Breeze + INPINK Ring Giveaway!



Happy Monday, everyone! It’s time for another fierce giveaway!!! I am so excited to feature this fabulous INPINK ring in today’s SPAZ outfit post. I absolutely love this line and their unique designs. One lucky SPAZ reader is going to win their own INPINK ring so follow the simple steps below to enter the giveaway!!!

1. Become a fan by liking INPINK on Facebook.

2. Write on SPAZ Magazine’s FB wall that you are entering the giveaway.

**Winner will be chosen at random and will be announced on Friday April 20th! BUT WAIT—I will be doing another fresh INPINK giveaway in my next Spaz outfit post, so stay tuned for that new item as well!!!

As for the rest of my outfit, I am wearing..

Top & Belt: Forever21
Floral Pants: Vintage
Eye Wear: H&M
Booties: Forever21
Metallic Clutch: H&M
Ring: INPINK (Buy here)

The rights of these images belong to www.spazmag.com. For use, contact sazan@spazmag.com. Thanks!

Style Inspiration: William & Kate's Royal Wedding

The entire world awaits Prince William & Kate Middleton’s televised wedding ceremony tomorrow. The wedding will be broadcasted live on many networks including E! at 4 am eastern time. Are any of you going to pull an all nighter and tune in to this historical event?

I created this fun royal wedding inspired outfit. Midnight blue is a great color for this inspiration. We saw everyone spaz over Kate Middleton’s dark blue Issa London engagement dress.  I found a girlier version that I absolutely love. This flirty one-shoulder dress will make any girl feel like a chic princess!

Steal this Look:

Ariella Collection Blue Stone & Cubic Zirconia Oval Ring
$38 – nordstrom.com

Women’s KORS Michael Kors Rebecca Cuffed Sandal, Black
$137 – michaelkors.com

Buy John Lewis Double Quill Loops Asymmetrical Occasion Hat
$83 - johnlewis.com

Cuff Detail Dress by Love
$92 – topshop.com

Black Mesh Clutch
$23 – windsorstore.com

Shop more great steals!