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Behind the Blog: How to Negotiate

Lifestyle | October 14, 2014

Happy Tuesday! Let’s get the week going with an advice post shall we? Today I want to open up the backstage conversation on some basic principles of negotiation aka how to negotiate. Over the years, I’ve definitely been a victim to selling myself short one too many times. Negotiating is a big part of what I do, but all blogging aside it’s in everything we do. It could be anything from disputing a monthly cell phone bill, asking your boss for a raise, haggling in street markets to paying off school loans and credit card debt…..The list goes on! The …

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Behind the Blog: Finding Balance

Lifestyle | September 16, 2014

Hey loves! Today I’m sharing another Behind the Blog post which uncovers a topic that I’ve had a roller coaster relationship with. Finding balance. I always joke about being a Libra but constantly struggling to find balance. It seems easy though, right? Well not so much for a full-time blogger that gets about 200 emails a day and is constantly being pulled in 6 directions at one time.

I’ll admit I’m a workaholic but sometimes I forget it’s work because I love what I do. I have two managers and a business partner now but that hasn’t made things any …

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Behind the Blog: FAQS About Blogging

Lifestyle | July 10, 2014

{My daily essentials that help bring my blog posts to life!}

I’ve been asked tons of questions about blogging over the past few months so I decided I’m going to start an Ask Sazan series where I’ll share behind the scenes posts with you about blogging. There’s so much you guys don’t get to see, and if you think blogging is simply posting pretty pictures – believe me there’s a lot more to it. Many of you who follow my blog are aspiring bloggers yourself and/or trying to blog! I think this will be a fun little way for me …

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The Mix : Episode 3 (Video)

Lifestyle Relationships Style | January 24, 2014

Happy Friday! What better way to end a busy work week than with a little laughter and fun to kick off the weekend!? Today’s episode of The Mix I produced with Grasie & Taye is all about dating/relationships! Love is in the air! Are you in a relationship with your work? Do you believe in love at first sight? Our FAB-U-LOUS guests this week are Leah and Mary from A Fab Life and they’re not holding back any secrets. We also have a fun game in story for them! Check it out and play the game by sounding off in …

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