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Style File: Day or Night

STYLE FILE: A Versatile Day or Night Outfit

A busy day only allows you to do so much with your time. I don’t know about you guys but surprisingly fashion is sometimes the last thing on my mind when I am trying to get all my day’s tasks accomplished. Trying to find a comfortable day outfit that I can also wear at night with the girls has almost become mission impossible. Let’s face it, the average person simply doesn’t have enough time in the day to put together a stylish outfit…let alone TWO!  I have found it A LOT easier to sometimes put my outfits down before bed. Being the indecisive Libra that I am, I usually mix and match a few things before I settle.  After years of trashing my room with clothing in search of the perfect outfit, I have sort of figured out what works and what doesn’t.

Keys to Daytime + Night Looks:
Wedges- The perfect balance. You won’t look too dressy in the day or too under dressed at night. (Wedges are comfortable too because of the chunky heel!)
Trousers- Trousers are the ultimate day + night time pant. For a stylish twist, look for funky patterns or bold colors.
Messenger Bags- These hand-free bags are so amazing. You can run your errands in the day or dance the night away without dealing with the extra baggage.
Bold Lipstick- Hot pink lips are fierce in the day or night. Not to mention, one of my new favorite accessories!
Loosen up- A loose-fitted top is comfortable in the day and ravishing at night! Have fun up top by choosing bright colors/ unique prints. (Remember, if your top is too tight…it ain’t right!)
Accessories- Totally optional but recommended! A bold ring at night or pair of sunglasses in the day can really top off your look.

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Spaz Fav: Louis Vuitton in Hot Pink..