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I’ll get straight to the point- for years I’ve been in the blogging/Youtubing industry, and you guys know (because of my many Instagram stories lol) how much STUFF comes through my door every day. It looks like a dream but it can quickly turn into a nightmare when I’m not keeping organized. I got to the point where I couldn’t do it by myself anymore, and I needed professional help (lol- but really). When your workspace/living space is clutter-free, guess what- so is your head! Your mind is able to think more clearly and you’re able to actually get creative. Container Store and Master Organizing came to my rescue a few weeks back and I’m finally getting around to posting the photos and all the amazing products they used!

Below is the complete list of systems/products used to organize my Youtube room, makeup closet, and clothing/accessories closet!

Inside My Makeup Closet

Elfa System
Elfa Over the Door System – mounted to the door of the closet
Accessory Hooks – hold accessories like bags on the right side of the closet
Linus 9″ Divided Turntable Clear – for nail polish and perfume bottles
Linus Divided Turntable Clear – for Hairspray and face lotions/masks
Linus Handled Bin Clear – 6 bins were used to hold materials based on brand on the Elfa Shelves
Like-It Large 6 Section Drawer Divider Clear – for small palette drawer
Linus In-Drawer Spice Rack – for foundation and lip glosses drawers
Luxe Long 2-Section Divided Insert Clear  – for blushes, foundation,  lip glosses, and lip stick drawers
Like It Small 2 Section Drawer Divider Clear – for lip glosses
Corner of My Youtube Room
Encore Narrow Bookshelf– inspiration corner 
Inside My Vanity Drawers
Pencil and Brush Tray Clear – for lipliner, eyeliner, drawers
Luxe Long 2-Section Divided Insert Clear  – for eyeliner and mascara drawers
Luxe 7 Section Divided Palette Insert Clear– big palette drawers
My Upstairs Closet

Large Premium Acrylic Paper Tray – for sunglasses
3 Compartment Acrylic Handbag Organizer Clear – for clutches
Supersize  41-Section Stackers White – for finer and smaller jewelry
Supersize Deep 11-Section Stackers White – for bulkier jewelry
Supersize Deep 7 Section Stackers White – for bulkier jewelry
2 Shelf Shoe Stacker White – for shoes underneath the drawers
Thank you to Container Store and Master Organizing for making over and organizing my space- I couldn’t have done it alone and it’s made my life so much easier!
If you’d like to contact Master to organize your space, see below for her details! She is SO sweet and gets the job done!
Master Cruz
(310) 615-0911

Until next time!

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