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Hey fam! Today’s post is in partnership with Olay skincare, a brand that I’ve loved since I was a youngling in high-school. I’m taking part in their “Glow Up” campaign to shine light on a subject in my life that I feel empowered to share. So here it goes. 

It’s something so simple. In fact, some of you may read this and wonder, why in the world is that such a struggle? 

Since I became a digital influencer, doing everything from social media, blogging, Youtubing, and everything in between for a living- I’ve noticed a split between my “internet life” and “real life”. There was a low point in my “real life” journey when I felt like I was giving more of myself to this Internet world than I was to reality. I struggled with completely being 100% present in moments with my family and friends. It didn’t feel quite right but there were sacrifices I had to make at the time.  I was quietly battling a little anxiety too while trying to balance it all. I wanted to be the perfect wife and business woman, and then I found out I was pregnant. 

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When I found out I was pregnant in March of 2017, I knew I needed to work on the areas of my life in which I wanted to see change before being a role model for the baby in my tummy. I rediscovered myself in a way that allowed me to give up on the fear of failing and live life in the moment- spending less time on my phone and soaking up the date nights and spontaneous trips. I quit strategically planning every move, every trip and every Instagram post. For me, I saw how relaxation and rest were a form of productivity. I took some much needed time off to unplug after I had Valentina and it has re-charged my soul in a way I cannot put into words. I have this newfound excitement to go out there and live life again.
It doesn’t end there. I have also changed my mindset about the products I am tied to, and I’m not afraid to try new things in my routine. Whether it’s trying a new workout class for fun or swapping out an old skincare fave for a new one, this girl is trying new things in 2018. I’m taking on challenges. I’m excited to explore new cities, try new foods and teach my daughter that you can have more than one favorite face moisturizer. Lol. 
olay, skincare, infusions, sazan, sazan Hendrix, skincare routine, advice, tips, blogger, cleansing infusions, life advice, my glow up story, influencer, beauty blogger, glow up campaign, crushed ginger body wash, how to get glowy skin, best body wash
Speaking of skincare, I’m loving the new Olay Cleansing Infusions! This is Olay’s first cleansing line for both the face and the body. They gently exfoliate in a way that doesn’t strip your skin and leaves it looking glowy 🙂 My fave right now is the Crushed Ginger body wash. It’s the perfect thing to hydrate my skin and leave me feeling glowy after a late night or early morning with Valentina (and there are a lot of those!). Trying new skincare is one of the ways I’m letting go and Glowing Up this year, and it’s a freeing feeling!

I’m glad I had the guts to share this with you today! What’s something in your life that you’ve grown through? Share your Glow Up story with me in the comments below! Have an amazing day wherever you are!

Special thanks to OLAY for sponsoring this post. Xo!

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  1. Love this! I love alllll of your post but this Is a fave! I love that you cling to your faith and god when you are Feeling inadequate, thats something i struggle with. Im working on Being more patient and just praying To god before i react Out of Flesh. Oh and drinking more water lol! Ps youLl always be my favorite blogger ????

  2. Hey Sazan, this post is so amazing. Thanks for being so open and honest it really does take guts and courage to do that. Thanks for always giving amazing conTent that is a Mix of quality/really funny at times and I love that. Id say my Glow uP struggle has been not comparing myself as a blogger and realisIng that what I have to offer is different to everyone else and it doesnt matter how maNy INSTAGRAM followers I have I can still make a difference.

  3. Thank you for sharing! I Found myself Called to stArt a blog – so i did…and wow is it neRve wracking! Fighting the perfectionism And feElings of Inadequacy one post at a time! (ChristIan momma blogger :))

  4. Olay has been used by my grandmother and mother too. I know the products work well, because they had such nice skin. I started using Olay products later in life, when the kids got older. Now I can spend more time pampering my skin! And nothing else works better for me than Olay.

  5. Not having enough time to apply makeup is my excuse but I”ve got 15 minutes to spare. Seeing more and more reviews on this latest Olay product and I may just have to pick some up.

  6. Thank you sazan for all your beautiful advices. you are so inspiring for me.
    greetings from switzerland.
    god bless you !

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