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Recently, I went through a make-up-clean-up spree, and I noticed how many brushes I’ve collected over the years! oops 😉 As much as I love expanding my makeup collection, I always seem to stick to the same brushes. Once I find a fave, it becomes my go-to and I can’t finish my look without it! Unlike other beauty products, brushes are something I know from the first try if it’s a hit or a miss. Today I’m sharing my Makeup Brush Guide along with some other Saz-tips! Hope you enjoy 🙂

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Before we get into the specifics, I think it’s essential to go over how to maintain and clean your brushes. If you’ve ever washed more than a few makeup brushes, you know the process can be time-consuming but trust me, your skin -and makeup application- will thank you. Since brushes can hold onto a lot of bacteria, my favorite way to clean them is actually with a DIY I mix myself! This DIY brush cleanser is super easy, all you have to do is mix two parts antibacterial dish soap with one part olive oil! The soap will help cleanse and kill any bacteria that’s on your brush, and the oil will gently add moisture back to the bristles, so they don’t become brittle. I try to do this about once a week or sometimes once every two weeks if I’m too lazy!

Saz-tip: In a rush and need something quicker? I suggest using this daily brush cleaner instead.

Now onto the fun part, my must-have makeup brushes! As a general rule, if I am applying liquids or creams, I find brushes with synthetic bristles work the best- they don’t absorb any of the product and blend much more efficiently. For powder products, real hair fibers or synthetic work just about the same so it depends on your personal preference!

After experimenting with many different brands, my favorites brushes are all by Smashbox, Morphe, Beautyblender, and Artis. Although a Beautyblender isn’t technically a brush, it’s one of my favorite tools to apply my makeup with! Here is a breakdown on all of my must-have brushes, swipe left or right to shop!

-Shop Favorite Face Brushes Below-

-Shop Favorite Eye Brushes Below-

-Shop Favorite Makeup Brush Kits & Cleansers Below-

Those were all of my favorites; I hope you babes enjoyed my Makeup Brush Guide! Building a brush kit you thoroughly love is essential, so play around with different brands and find what works best for you! Do you have any brushes you can’t live without? I would love to try out your suggestions!

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  1. Great post! I really like that you have expensive and affOradble brush Favorites. So many options to choose from! Thanks for shaRing. 🙂

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